Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
711 Bearing a Heavy Toll!
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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711 Bearing a Heavy Toll!

Chapter 711 - Bearing a Heavy Toll!

Throughout life, one can sometimes hear about treasures piling up as high as a mountain, or learn about treasure troves that would even make the greediest Dragons be filled with jealousy.

Yet all the treasure troves one could imagine...could not even enter Noahs sight at this moment as he stared at the resplendent Cores and Skill Books that he had collected as Loot from the Fiends!

The shimmering cores were piled up together as they formed an enormous mountain, and this was especially so for the GALAXY Rank Cores that were much different than any other past cores.

These cores were as large as his own head as they shimmered with a mystical light, each of them showing a multitude of stellar Stars rotating within the core as it seemed Noah was holding on to a small Galaxy within his hands!


Can one even imagine this? Close your eyes as you try and picture the image of your palm outstretched, and on top of your palm there lies a large circular crystal that contains within it a small galaxy…

It was truly a majestic sight to behold as Noah could not wait to see just what these GALAXY-ranked cores could elevate him to!

Other treasures that he chose to take for himself from this Galaxy was the Vital Life Water present in each Domain, taking this treasure created by an Entity proficient in the Dao of Vitality for himself as he planned to personally use it as well as hand it to his people.

Both he and them needed many resources to elevate their realms higher, and this was especially so for him who wanted to keep his Realm at Grand Completion continuing forward!

After obtaining a Manifested Black Hole Realm, if he wanted to stay on this ancient path he had to make sure that he reached Grand Completion in all his future Realms, which meant absorbing as much essence from Cores or treasures until his very Origin could no longer take it.

After that, he could breakthrough as through his Realm, he would obtain battle power that was multiple times greater than the same beings on his Realm.

Of course when it came to him, he already had horrific Traits and abilities that made him unrivaled in the same stage as many others!

This could already be seen from how at the Realm of Black Hole, he was already capable of taking down Low Tier GALAXY Realm experts! Of course it was only because of his Summons, but at this moment he considered his pets a part of his strength- they were one and the same.

They raged through the Burning Domains Galaxy as numerous planets were destroyed and multiple Realms ruined, Noah continuing to move forward with his goals even though he was very well aware of his actions!

In his mind, he was erasing the problem of Fiends that had waged war first against multiple other Galaxies. When they invaded other Galaxies and carried out these attacks, they didnt feel any remorse for the lives they took or what damage they dealt. So in his perspective, he was simply taking care of an enemy force! All was fair when one was at war!

But he also understood that from the minds of the Fiends, they experienced an unknown Invader coming to their Galaxy as he laid waste to their powerful combatants and destroyed multiple places that many of them called home.

It was extremely hard to look at these events without a strong mind, especially when you were the one carrying them out! So every time that Noah moved and reaped the lives of more Fiends, his heart only became calmer and calmer as he forged his will and made became even firmer in the belief of his goals.

As long as there were enemies, they had to be taken care of! Sooner or later, it would be either the Fiends and this Entity as the victor as the Nexus Galaxy and many others were laid to waste, or it would be the Fiends experiencing great loss like they did today.

His mindset was such at this moment!

Who was to say whether it was correct? How far would the line be blurred from what he did and what his enemies did? By the end of it all, it purely came down to survival! It was kill or be killed, and there were Predators and Prey. And Noah...never wanted to be a scared little prey ever again.


With a steeled heart, his one hour of [Plot Armor] was used as efficiently as possible as multiple Domains of the Burning Domain Galaxy were besieged, many Fiends falling as he collected a multitude of loot.

After he used the strength of the merged Animus Summons and killed his 3rd Low Tier GALAXY Fiend, the Entity moved with a cold face as she collected the remaining 2 Elder Fiends that were trembling with anger and shame!

They actually had to be protected by their Master from an enemy they could not counter, an enemy that had such shocking defenses that nothing went through him.

He wasnt able to get his hands on the other 2 Elder Fiends as they were kept by the side of the Entity thereafter, casting him to search across the Galaxy and finish off any remaining QUASAR ranked experts and below. It was truly a heavy day as he faced the experts of an entire Galaxy!

His subordinates in the Novus Galaxy would have never believed he was doing something like this, and even the powerful beings in the Nexus Galaxy had no idea that the powerful force of Fiends they knew to be great in number was actually taken care of alone by the new Imperial Ruler they knew as Alexander.

The only threat that would remain at this moment was always the biggest one...and that was the terrifying Entity that traversed in the Dao of Vitality!

As Noah finished the most powerful experts of the Burning Domains Galaxy and saw less than 15 minutes remaining in his stage of [Invulnerability], he was content with the abundant amount of loot as he looked towards the position where the wrathful Entity that could do nothing to him had remained.

This Entity stayed at this location while protecting the last two Elder Fiends, her heart continuing to breed immense hate towards the unknown creatures that even she could not take care of.

The eyes of Noahs Summons all now looked towards this Entity as before his [Plot Armor] ended, he actually wanted to check out the power of this Entity some more as he prepared for the future!


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