Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
740 Fuse With Nexus!
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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740 Fuse With Nexus!

Chapter 740 - Fuse With Nexus!

Noahs eyes honed in on the newly unlocked features as grand thoughts crossed through his mind!

[Assimilation] :: Existences of similar nature can be assimilated into the Infinite Galaxy as the bounds of its expansion are only limited to the capabilities of its master. As long as the other party is willing, assimilation is as easy as can be.

[Trait Blessing] :: The Master of the Infinite Galaxy can choose to awaken the Traits of the beings dwelling within. Traits are specific to the beings themselves and the tier cannot be chosen by the Master of the Infinite Galaxy, this concept remaining fairly random with higher chances for greater tiers being attributed to the fate of the being. As Traits require the very essence of a galaxy and this Infinite Galaxy has a Master, the mana of this Master will be exchanged for the required galactic essence needed to awaken and develop Traits. Use sparingly as if too many Traits are granted at once, the user can face mana depletion as their core dries out and dissipates.

The features were stupendous, to say the least. [Assimilation] was very straightforward as Noah only gave it a few glances, but it was [Trait Blessing] that made his eyes shine with splendor!

Such an ability seemed to come just in time when it came to elevating the strength of all the beings in the Infinite Galaxy, where if he wanted them to be comparable to beings that had been living in the domains of Ancient Powers...mass strengthening them all with Traits was definitely a way to go about it.

He glanced over the details as he felt the only way to truly satisfy his heart was to see its effect right away, bringing his palm up as he let the miniaturized Infinite Galaxy float in the chaotic void.

His eyes then honed into the Central Realm of the Infinite Galaxy- the one that used to be known as Infinite Realm where his home and most of his people were located!

Just a test, he focused on all the remaining Harbingers of Sin that had not unlocked their Traits yet, as well as the high tier Beasts of the Infinite Galaxy.


He then cast the [Trait Blessing] ability as his eyes observed a curious sight! All the beings he selected had begun to shine with a dense blue-silver light, each of them looking blankly in space a moment later as they most likely saw a notification pop up on their skill panel about a Trait!

Such a scene would have left anyone with shock, yet Noah had done it so nonchalantly as he merely nodded while seeing the happiness spread on the faces of the beings he chose.

These Traits would greatly enhance their strength, and Noah as the Infinite Galaxy Master could freely awaken the Traits of the beings dwelling within what prevented him from putting out that classification that he wanted to awaken the Traits of all beings within the Galaxy right away?

He had the Mana to do it, so why not?!

This grand thought entered his mind briefly before his shining eyes had to look away from the miniaturized Infinite Galaxy and stare towards the Nexus Galaxy.

At this moment, he looked over to this galaxy as in its Central Realm, Alexander had finished discussing with the core of the Galaxy as things went as expected- this logical entity went with the path of being assimilated into his Infinite Galaxy!

With a knowledgeable nod, Noah floated towards the Boundary of the Nexus Galaxy as he floated only a mile away from it. He then took the Infinite Galaxy in his hands as he let it freely float in the chaotic void.

If he wanted to be showy, he could have expanded the size of the Galaxy back to its light-years distance before he proceeded with the fusing of another Galaxy, but even while miniaturized the fusion would occur without any issues!

In the effort to also hide from prying eyes and the shining EXPANSIVE character floating in the chaotic void, the body of Alexander in the Central Realm of the Nexus Galaxy breathed out as he clasped his hands, casting some not so recently utilized [Blood World] and [World Veil]!

If one recalls, these were abilities stemming from the Vampyre Progenitor Bloodline that created a huge circular barrier and cast a veil on a world where nobody could see nor feel what was happening inside even when spreading out their aura.

Such skills were normally employed at the level of worlds, or even just a few meters of miles to just surround an enemy. Yet Noah was using them now to hide the happenings of entire Galaxies!


Essence surged silently with the casting of the covert skills, very little fluctuations resounded out as from the body of Alexander, a transparent red circular tinge that smelled of tangy metallic odor erupted out.

It covered the Central Realm in less than a second as it spread out even further, enormous amounts of mana pumped into it as it was covering millions of miles instantly!

The sheer grandness of this could not be expressed more as very soon the barrier and veil covered a light-years worth of distance, and in a matter of minutes went on to cover the entirety of the Nexus Galaxys thousands of Light Years size as it simply expanded a little more to cover the body of Noah and the miniaturized Infinite Galaxy outside the boundary.

With the spread of these skills, of course the powerful beings of the Nexus Galaxy felt it- but the core of this galaxy itself sent the Imperial Adjudicator a message to make all Imperials stand down as they prepared to enter into a brand new age, an age where they were joining hands with powerful beings that were doing things which should not have even been possible!

With the proper skills in place and all the pieces together, the fusing of galaxies would take place as enormous amounts of mana were utilized, never again powerful Entities being able to pick up signals of Noah using horrendous reserves of mana unless he wished for them to.

Such was the stage where we have arrived! Fusing actual galaxies as the being in question could even cause it to miniaturize and hold a Galaxy in the palm of his hand.

After this fusing of the Nexus Galaxy and carrying out discussions with the natives to bring order, Noah still had many things to do on his plate as he was already on his way to reducing his workload and make his way towards the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter!

This would of course be achieved by the hundreds of thousands of skill points that had spilled past a million after his siege, as well as his skill trees...


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