Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
780 A Legacy of a Great Sage! II
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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780 A Legacy of a Great Sage! II

Chapter 780 - A Legacy of a Great Sage! II

Appearing grandly, the Great Sage Aoin Tower came with the illusory figure of the Great Sage himself- a being that was actually of the Dragonoid race!

His piercing horn split apart the clouds as his illusory face glanced around the realm, the expression on the face gradually seeing some changes as one could see a sense of sadness within them.

The illusory body then shone splendrously after announcing the opening on the Legacy to those destined, disappearing into particles of light that washed into the Tower!

Noah watched this scene with a slight smile as his head soon turned, his eyes catching the figures of 20 Holy Descendants from the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter appearing in this location.

Their gazes were ecstatic as they looked towards Noah and Anna.

"Holy Princess, you were actually able to bring forth the Legacy of our Forefather!"

The voice of a Dragonoid Holy Descendant came out as each of the geniuses looked towards the tower with shining eyes.

Anna only smiled as she didnt bother correcting them, simply staying behind Noah as the 20 GALAXY experts looked towards the Tower with expectant gazes. The leading Middle Tier GALAXY Realm Holy Descendant stepped forward with respect while speaking.

"Holy Princess, please be the first…"

The expression on his face was fawning as Noah laughed inside when looking at this, observing the ridiculous acts people would do when facing those above them in status.

He didnt pay the experts any more heed as his legs were the first to move, Anna following him close behind as the Holy Descendant were left in a stupor before they followed. His three Animus Pets were taken back into his Origin as he made his way towards the Tower.

Their steps were light, but each one felt extremely heavy as they neared the Tower, which had a grand golden door of light they had to pass through at the very lowest floor!

Noah and Anna were the first to step through as they felt the changes right away, feeling like they had stepped into a brand new spatial area as the surroundings around them...was a blank room the size of 10 football fields!


Their entrance wasnt without a show of essence as the moment they stepped in, a golden light flashed as Noah observed a necklace to appear around his neck and Annas. The one on him was labeled 1 while Annas had the number 2! All that behind them also had a similar phenomenon as they each got a numbered necklace.

On top of this, streaks of light shot into each of their bodies the moment they entered as they were given a dense amount of information on exactly what the Great Sage Aoin Tower was and everything to do with the Legacy!

Noah focused on the necklace that appeared around each of them first as he organized the dense information coming in.

[Luminous Star Pendant] :: A unique storage artifact formed by the Great Sage Aoin. Capable of containing a myriad of things from the established Great Sage Aoin Tower...

A unique storage artifact that was tied to the Tower they were in, its uses becoming clear as the information flowing into their minds showed the wondrous dream that the Great Sage Aoin had for this Tower!

This Inheritance Ground was created by him a long time ago before the perishing of the Sages and Great Sages, something that Aoin had planned to leave behind to his people! The Tower was the core of this, where he wanted talented Dragonoids and Humans who were proficient in the Dao that he first mastered to try their destiny at obtaining the treasures he left behind.

As for the treasures he left behind…


Even before Noah could finish going through the information that explained the rules of the tower, the expanding white room they were in lit up with lights as in the air above them, huge blocks of illusory screens appeared as they listed a number of things going from 1 and all the way to 10,000!

The 10,000 listed things...were all treasures that the Great Sage left behind!


Some of the Low Tier GALAXY Holy Descendants plopped to the ground as their gazes landed on the names of the treasures listed on the illusory screens in front of them.

The range was truly vast as from 5000-1000, every single item was a weapon or armor of the highest quality as well as accessories, items that were elevated to great degrees as they were termed Half Dao Weapons!

These were weapons that were drenched in a specific Dao as they were being created, obtaining a hint of the Dao within them as each strike carried out by these weapons was extremely deadly.

They were still termed Half Dao Weapons though because they werent True Dao Weapons- weapons of such caliber being very hard to create and find!

The numbers of 2000-4999 on the illusory screens were even more colorful, each of them listing unique and rare materials that one could find if they traveled the Dark Universe for tens of thousands of years. Many of the materials had their own unique uses, but the one defining feature for the ones listed on the screens was the fact that they were pristine materials to raise the strength of Animus Summons faster!

As for the slots listed 1-1999, they all had the small images and names of...Animus Summons.

Animus Summons along with their Rarity and Realm!

It wasnt just the Holy Descendants that were falling on the floor in shock, even Noah nearly felt his legs buckle as he looked at the list of nearly 2000 Animus Summons that actually did not have a single creature lower than the level of GALAXY.

1500 of them were in the Low Tier GALAXY Realm!

479 were in the Middle Tier GALAXY Realm, while the remaining 20...were Animus Summons at the Peak Tier GALAXY Realm!

This Legacy that the Great Sage left behind...actually had Animus Summons up to the Peak Tier GALAXY as the prizes one could obtain…



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