Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
795 Overseeing the Rising Stellar Peaks! I
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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795 Overseeing the Rising Stellar Peaks! I

Chapter 795 - Overseeing the Rising Stellar Peaks! I

The Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter was bustling with activity as many powerful figures were moved here and there.

From the Holy Emperor, Noah found out he would be heading to a region of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter known as Rising Stellar Peaks, an area where the outline of three uniquely shaped Galaxies created the form of three stellar peaks!

Within this region, he would be accompanied by Old Man Khan as this was the Entity assigned to protect this area.

Through the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, numerous regions existed where enemies could enter through, and tight-nit defense and communication lines, as well as numerous sensing apparatuses were laid out to expand over thousands of light years as they monitored the boundary of the huge cl.u.s.ter of Galaxies that made up this Ancient Power.

An Entity had to only protect a single Command Region, this being a location where the input and communications that covered thousands of light years would come through! If any enemies crossed a certain area, an Entity would know as it would only take him seconds to appear in that location and defend it.

Old Man Khan and various other Entities connected to the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter were overseeing this role, with Noah joining the camp of Old Man Khan as he was the one Entity he had come in contact with before, and also a powerful one! Within days after meeting with the Holy Emperor, Noah was led by Anastasia herself along with Anna towards the so called Rising Stellar Peaks, a jolly Blue Slime and a curvaceous Tiamat following closely.

They passed through the chaotic void as they went away from the draconic shaped Holy Land at the center of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter and went to the fringes of it, passing through a few Galaxies as Noah soon laid his awareness on the mystical Rising Stellar Peaks!

Three Galaxies with their millions of stars formed into a far reaching peak that tore through the void of space! A very special environment was in front of Noahs eyes in the periphery of these galaxies, he noticed how the chaotic void was littered with small figures of humans and dragonoids.

Among these humans and Dragonoids, the unique figures of beasts of all shapes and sizes could be seen near them, the sight of millions of Animus Summons filling Noahs eyes!

Many of the summons were trained to Grand Completion as it seemed like miniature galaxies were constantly revolving around the chaotic void. The sheer sight made it seem like a profound sense of power enveloped them, Noahs aura catching the essence of the calm looking Old Man Khan at the very forefront who had a Starry Tarragon Behemoth and three other gigantic Animus Summons floating a few meters away.

The figures of Noah, Anna, and Anastasia were like streaks of light as they passed through the hundreds of thousands of experts floating in the chaotic void that made up the so called Defensive Line, going to the very center of it where Noah could now clearly see the figures of Old Man Khan and even the Holy Prince Rudolf himself who had a stern look at their arrival, Anastasia nodding towards them as the Entity that defended this region turned his eyes towards Noah.

"Do you know why an Entity is selected to protect each region?"

A question was thrown out the second they arrived as Noah merely shook his head while glancing at the vast chaotic expanse around them. The dreadfulness of the void that seemed endless paired with the millions of defenders of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter behind him was truly a sight to behold, the many rotating galaxies signifying grand completion bringing some ease to those nearby.

"Its because in wars against Ancient Powers, it is the Entities that are targeted first, being the first bastions in any attack as if they fall, everything falls."


"The opposing Ancient Power uses a variety of means to gather intelligence on which Entity is overseeing which region, making calculations on who to attack based on what they believe the strength of that Entity to be. You...were put in my region as I am the most powerful after the Holy Emperor, my presence here being known as this Rising Stellar Peaks would only be attacked at the latter stages of the war when the two sides are in the final battles."

The words of the calm Old Man Khan rang in the minds of many as their hearts lifted, looking at this old man and his walking stick with shining eyes as his strength seemed to be boundless!

"I see, I shall provide some more defenders to bolster the ranks." Noah nodded to the fearsome Entity as he moved forward from the cl.u.s.ter of beings on the defensive line, his hands producing a barely noticeable shimmering Galaxy that pulsed with light, spatial essence rising from it as multiple beings were teleported out!


Thereafter, multiple figures were warped in- Barbatos, the Imperial Adjudicator, Kazuhiko, Elena, Athena, the Kraken...all the powerful beings from Noahs Infinite Galaxy were making their appearance in the grander playing field for the first time!

For all of them appearing...their levels were all in the Low Tier GALAXY Realm after spending the past few days in the Primal Holy Land and hunting down Animus Summons for their cores.

Since they had no worries about achieving Grand Completion, rising through the stages with cores was relatively easy for them!

Even Anna had finally stepped into Low Tier GALAXY after being power leveled with cores the past few days, her eyes filled with strength as she stood near Noah.

A few others like the Imperial Phoenix had not been able to obtain enough GALAXY Cores as they remained in the QUASAR Realm so for the sake of safety, Noah told them they could not participate in a Grand scale war like this for the time being.

"Haha, we can finally fight on the same battlefield!"

Kazuhikos voice of boisterous as he looked towards Noah, his body shimmering with essence as he released three Animus Summons- 2 Rare and one Ultra Rare!

Many eyes honed in on Kazuhiko and the other inhabitants of the Infinite Galaxy as at this moment it wasnt just him- all the others had begun summoning wondrous summons that were a notch higher in quality compared to the geniuses of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, the sight in front of them beginning to be filled with Rare and Ultra Rare Summons!


Shock and envy was the only thing spreading out as Noah brought out his subordinates, each of them with their own unique Traits and summons as they would begin to become known from the coming battles!


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