Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
802 Merely an Entity! II
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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802 Merely an Entity! II

Chapter 802 - Merely an Entity! II

There very rarely comes an instance when a single person can be made speechless, and its even rare to make an entire group of people speechless.

Yet what had just occurred...made millions look forward stupidly as they didnt even know what to do with themselves!

Those on the battlefield and those watching from their lofty thrones...each of them was looking at a shocking scene in a profound stupor!

Those on the battlefield experienced it most closely as they felt the horrendous aura of multiple grand daos erupt at once, and watched as a glimmering blue slime went on to devour an Entity in two gulps.

Yes, the Entity was being besieged by another Entity and even a terrifying Queen Dowager.

Yes, he was held down with two supremely powerful attacks as his upper half of a remaining body was swallowed. But...still!

He was an Entity! The Entity Vast! Known throughout the starry stars as a vile criminal proficient in a grand dao, and yet he...ah it was simply frustrating to even think about!

In the heart of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, the Holy Emperors throne was cracked in the middle as he had inadvertently put too much strength when he watched the scene playing out, his entire body trembling as his eyes shook while observing the scene.

"How is this possible…"

Only a muttering came out as the Holy Generals around him were silenced!

Far off in the Primal Winged Expanse, the expression of the Primal Emperor was ashen as he and the other Entities looked at the scene where one of the more powerful Entities from their side had fallen in a matter of seconds.

At this moment as they looked at the glimmering blue body of the slime, they saw this creature as some ancient Entity that the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter had hidden away, and that was the only way it could have done what it just did to Vast!

The entire sequence of the fall of the Entity Vast was pure majesty, every chained attack and execution of skills being something out of pure timed fantasy. If one thing had not occurred the way it did, the powerful Entity might have even survived.

Yet he was taken down by a terrifying slime!

Never in their wildest dreams would they have believed that the Blue Slime was merely at the Peak Tier GALAXY without fully comprehending any Daos yet when it did this, but even this was about to change as a shocking scene played out soon after.

Those on the battlefield and those watching from afar honed in on the figure of the enormous burping slime as they saw its body beginning to oscillate rapidly, a unique power beginning to coalesce from it!

Those familiar with this power became even more shaken as they realized it was the formation of an Aura of a fully comprehended Dao- the aura of what was commonly known as an Entity.



Throughout the tumultuous essence, Noahs body calmly warped above the enormous body of the blue slime as his figure came into focus on all those watching. Some seemed to have remembered that before the battle began, there was a small blue slime in this beings hands as they now realized it was one and the same.

Their shaken minds became even more tumultuous as their brains worked hard to connect everything together, but Noah would not even give them time as while staring at the Blue Slime with shining eyes, he looked around the two armies that had come to a halt as his resonant voice rang out for all to hear.

"That was the Entity everyone was making a big deal about? The Entity that the puny Primal Winged Expanse decided to send out first?"


Shocking words reverberated out as the eyes of watching beings nearly bulged out when they saw the expression of disappointment on Noahs face!

They really saw disappointment as they tried to grasp the incredulousness occurring at this moment, but his voice continued to ring out domineeringly.

"Not even a trace of him remains from just two gulps of my pet, Ah!"

"He was only so-so, Merely an Entity!"


The Holy Descendants and Ailerons nearly fell from the chaotic void at these domineering words, the far away powerful Entities from the Primal Winged Expanse adopting extremely solemn looks.

As Noah domineeringly floated in the chaotic void, the slime below him was releasing an ever increasing aura as its body began to go down in size. The increase in aura was of course the effect of <<Universal Devouring>>!

<<Universal Devouring>> :: Any life form that is devoured will be fully assimilated seamlessly as their abilities, Realm, Law Comprehensions, Dao Comprehensions, and anything else within their existence will be obtained. This is an ability unique to the Universal Emperor Slimes.

An ability unique to the Universal Emperor Slimes.

An ability that Noah saw would make him his first Entity, and it was exactly what was happening right now!

After having devoured Vast, the Blue Slime had gained the complete comprehension of the Grand Dao of Vastness as it now became a genuine Entity!


This was the same unique essence that beings associated with Entities! The same overpowering essence that would make any of those not in this realm feel overwhelming pressure!

This was the essence of a Grand Controller of a Dao, something even more unique and greater than laws as at this moment, the powerful essence of Vastness formed around the body of the Blue Slime like a natural Domain.

A domain of Dao Essence naturally and ever so present on its body!


Through the contract he shared with the slime, Noah was able to see its stat panel as he observed something new appearing within it.

{Aura of the Grand Controller of Vastness} :: A passive aura that only appears around those who have fully comprehended the Grand Dao of Vastness. It grants +5,000% Extra Damage, Increases the Mana Pool by 1,000%, and allows the Grand Controller of Vastness to utilize this Dao in unique ways...

A shimmering blue aura that Noah had seen as a film layer of light on the body of Vast now formed on his Animus Summon, the passive +5,000% damage of such an aura being the reason why Entities were so dreadful- not to mention the unique qualities of what a respective dao would provide!


Noah reached out as he grasped onto the now small blue slime with excitment, its eyes having turned innocent once more as they blinked happily towards him.

Yet he had a wide smile appearing on his lips, a smile that caused others to be terrified as they observed Noah turning his head towards the Aileron Army while uttering horrendous words.

"Now then, why dont we start farming loot?"



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