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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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Chapter 808 - ENTITY! I

A variety of scenes were taking place at this time as many beings moved with their own ideals.

A few hours had passed since the battle at the Rising Stellar Peaks as the consequences were dealt with by the forces of the Primal Winged Expanse and the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter!

In the Rising Stellar Peaks region, the defense line found itself returning to position as very few of them had lost their lives, Old Man Khan reshuffling the forces as he stood guard over the region once more.

This powerful Entity didnt know what to think as he stared at Anastasia, the one who had brought them to have a connection with the mysterious being that now commanded a powerful Animus Entity!

"You can look at me all you want, but I wont have any answers."

Anastasia spoke out calmly while looking at Old Man Khan and Prince Rudolf who had a lost look by the side.


Yet in the next second, a surprising event occurred as they felt a powerful aura near them, but this aura came from the place they called home and was extremely familiar as they calmed down and looked toward a certain direction, the image of the magisterial Holy Emperor materializing in front of their eyes as he spoke quickly.

"Where is that domineering little Entity?"

He spoke with a jovial smile as all he got was a head shake from Old Man Khan and Prince Rudolf, Anastasia being the one to speak as she stared out into the vast chaotic void.

"He disappeared some time back to take care of something, he should return in a bit."

"Hmm? Good! We must prepare a grand celebration!"

In the Primal Winged Expanse, the Primal Emperor was speaking to a Peak Tier GALAXY expert that had a solemn expression on their face.

"Take a few of your brothers and head towards the other Ancient Powers. Let it be known that the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter has unearthed their Sagess Legacy...and that they have a Ruination Core!"


Shocking commands came out from the Primal Emperor as the expert he was speaking to nodded sternly, his figure flashing away a second later.

The only one who remained was the Primal Emperor himself as his wings shimmered mystically, the Aura of the Dao of Withering on his body being extremely condensed as he was the single being within his Ancient Power that was the closest to fully assimilating this law.

Yet he could never take that last step and enter into the status of a Sage as like many Entities, he found that he could not so easily fully assimilate a Dao!

One had to find outside help and unique resources to do so, and unique treasures like the Tools of Ruination were at the forefront of things sought after by all Entities.

The Primal Emperor...would do all that he could to make sure that he got his hands on the treasures of the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, even if he had to muddle the playing field and throw out bait to see if any other parties would bite!


This essence revolved around him as in his hands, a wondrous looking GALAXY core that shone with the light of stars was reducing by size every second as he absorbed more and more of it.

It went from something the size of a head and became a mere grain of sand in minutes as all the essence within it was s.u.c.k.e.d out entirely!


Noah sighed out in contentment as every single part of his body seemed to be vibrating with energy, his manifested GALAXY ever so close to remaining at Grand Completion before he could advance into the Peak Tier stage.

He had actually finished absorbing all of the Middle Tier GALAXY Cores as he was now on his 5th Peak Tier Core, and he finally felt the feeling of being full as the hundreds of billions of stars that formed in his illusory galaxy moved in a wondrous symphony of power and regality!


He began absorbing the next Peak Tier Core as this feeling came even closer, going on to finish this and another three more before he felt entirely full, a cracking sound tingling out thereafter as it felt like a dam had broken loose and surging waters were sundering down!


The atmospheric essence and law essence all around him resonated as he became the center of a huge mana storm, his GALAXY expanding on contracting constantly as it released wondrous waves of power.

He would be in this stage for some time to come as what he would focus on from now on would entirely shift to laws and Daos, where unlocking the next path of power lied in fully comprehending and assimilating Daos as he would then rise into the title of a Sage!


The raging essence around him slowed down as his figure became clear.

One could see the devilishly charming face carved from the traits of the Vampyre Progenitor. His hair was all sorts of colors at this point after he let it freely be influenced by the universal law essences flowing through his body, but his Manifested GALAXY was the most eye catching as it represented him standing among the ranks of true experts in the Dark Universe!

The Realm of Peak Tier GALAXY!


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