Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
824 One by One, They Shall Fall! I
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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824 One by One, They Shall Fall! I

Chapter 824 - One by One, They Shall Fall! I

Sister Gold was watching a curious scene play out in the border of the Ancient Power that was known as the Primal Winged Expanse.

She knew all there was to know about the Entities connected to this Power, the prowess of the Spirit Race being something very few beings could imagine!

She was very knowledgeable about the forces of this Ancient she was all the more surprised when she observed them taking a beating from a single being that was utilizing the Dao of Summoning and Withering!

As a being that was working to assimilate the Daos of Alacrity, Vastness, Frost, and Destruction, as well as being a unique existence from the Spirit Race- she had a very keen eye when it came to quantifying the battle power of others and understanding their might.

At this moment, she was working to analyze the combatants fighting in the Illusory Unbreakable Realm as her figure melded into the chaotic void a few miles away.

The strength of the Entities coming from the Primal Winged Expanse...she understood.

Many of them were proficient in the Dao of Withering and had already begun assimilating it, with quite a decent amount of them increasing their +2500% Extra Damage of this Dao into the ranges of +3000-4000%.

Especially the Primal Emperor himself, this being should have been at a shocking 4800% boost as he was in the upper percentages when it came to fully assimilating the Dao of Withering!

When she looked at these Entities, her unique abilities could quantify and understand the output of their power. Yet when it came to the enemy they faced...she actually could not make any headway!

"It is improbable…"

She uttered out calmly as her mind observed the shocking battle that was occurring at high speeds.

"That alone should have been very unlikely, if not impossible."

But even this point she placed aside as she focused on what this being was currently doing now.

From the 100 Peak Tier GALAXY Aileron experts that had circled the fighting Entities and got ready to lend support at any time while evading the horrendous attacks thrown within, Sister Gold picked up from their pensive conversations that the being facing 25 Aileron Entities was a genius from the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter, her ears picking up the names of Alexander and Noah simultaneously.

Her eyes were focused on this being as they observed that he alone was reinforcing and supplying the bodies of all 8 of his summons with an endless supply of Mana and Dao Essence!

He was supplying them with pure mana from the connection formed deep in their souls, and also using the mana within his own body and converting it to Dao Essence using his comprehensions in the Dao of Withering to boost the power of his Summons even more.

This thought process, Sister Gold could understand. But what she couldnt explain was how this Entity had not dropped dead from Mana exhaustion after spending the resource so freely and wastefully like this!

Her brows jumped even higher when out of nowhere, she saw the explosion of Universal Law Essences.

Not a few law essences...but all of the Universal Law Essences erupted out and then swirled around this single Entity, his body being adorned by a magisterial set of armament as his power jumped up multiple levels!


Sister Golds eyes finally became serious at this scene as she focused all her attention on this being.

Entities normally had one or two laws fully comprehended and assimilated, and they used them actively while supporting their Dao as they unleashed terrific attacks.

Yet to utilize the essence of all Universal Laws? At once?

"It is not probable!"


Her mental state was slightly affected by the scene in front of her, her thoughts moving quickly as she utilized the unique ability of the Spirit Race to send a message to all the Entities of her race.

One Race, One Soul!

This was the shocking motto of the Spirit Race that was one of the most feared Ancient Powers of the Dark Universe.

"Ive come across an Anomaly while observing the war between the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter and the Primal Winged Expanse. Ill begin real time memory sharing."


In Sister Golds mind, another voice rang out calmly.

"The utilization of all Universal Laws...and this usage of mana…"

Terrifying beings had gotten their eyes of Noah as a single creature of the Spirit Race floated a few miles away from the Illusory Unbreakable Realm, yet it was like the numerous Entities of the Spirit Race were all there as their cold eyes analyzed this anomaly of Noah Osmont!

In other hidden regions all around the border of the Primal Winged Expanse, numerous hidden figures had already been watching or were arriving and hiding themselves to watch the ongoing clash that involved multiple Entities, many of them questioning how it was even happening the way it was!

A single Entity controlling multiple Summons was standing against an entire group of Entities, and it didnt seem like he was on the losing side!


Inside the Illusory Unbreakable Realm, Noah was clad in shimmering armaments that thrummed with the power of Universal Laws that were enhanced with the essence of the Dao, his stats being boosted crazily as even he had yet to calculate the actual percentage.

Just from the single skill of Yggdrasil he had over +5000% Increase in Damage and other attributes, these percentages being increased crazily when he activated the support skills from all the Laws as he wouldnt be too surprised if just the boost in [Damage] was over +10,000%!



A burst of essence erupted from this Ruler as everything around him was pushed back, his eyes glancing at the magisterial figure of Noah as well as the swirling coagulation of essence around him!

The eyes of the Primal Emperor became more and more somber as Noah pushed forward even faster than light, arriving beside him again as a shocking clash ensued.

While keeping at bay the ferocious Noah that seemed like a Primal beast out for blood, the Primal Emperor sought support from the many other Entities around him!

Yet this was the time was the figure of a small Blue Slime zipped out, its body carrying a profound aura of multiple Daos as while the ability of the [Song of Death and Decimation] continued to spread the Entities out while they defended- it went forward to attack as the targets of Devouring entered its line of sight.

The Blue Slime represented terror as it appeared instantly behind an Aileron Entity, its body expanding rapidly as it was about to remind everyone of the horror they saw before!


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