Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
830 Emperorslayer! II
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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830 Emperorslayer! II

Chapter 830 - Emperorslayer! II

The Entity Traverser had crossed the vast gulf of distance from where he was as he sped towards the two Ancient Powers currently embroiled in the war.

It had taken a significant amount of time for him to get there, his eyes sensing the grand light of powerful skills being cast by multiple Entities as he made his way towards the border of the Primal Winged Expanse where a shocking fight was taking place!

He arrived minutes before the end of the battle, he arrived just in time to see a being assimilate a Dao...and then watched in shock as this being became mincemeat seconds later.

But the more shocking thing that made his heart shake was the archaic looking being that killed a possible future sage...his sight remembering the face that was surrounded by intense light as the same one that had escaped from him weeks ago!

The same being he was chasing, the being that had the physique that could wield Ruination Cores and ultimately...the Cosmic Treasure known as Ruination!


His heart thumped in excitement and in shock as he recalled this being was merely in the Quasar Realm when he laid his eyes on him before he and the entire Galaxy he was in suddenly disappeared.

Yet this being had pierced into the rank of Peak Tier GALAXY a few weeks later, and now even held the power of an Entity as he just dispatched a Ruler of an Ancient Power!


Traverser was deep in thought as he wondered...was the being with the physique receptive to Ruination Cores supposed to be this ridiculous?

Many thoughts were crossing through his mind as first and foremost, he wanted to talk with this special person!

Yet he knew this thought might be hard to bring to fruition when he spread out his senses and felt the many hidden auras in the chaotic void surrounding the Illusory Unbreakable Realm…


Inside the locked Realm that had just a few minutes remaining before it would break, occasional yells and death wails could be heard as Aileron Royals became empty body husks or had their origins ruptured.

Noahs expanded senses were able to catch many eyes from multiple directions staring towards him, but his gaze remained placid as his focus stayed within the Illusory Unbreakable Realm. His eyes remained without an ounce of emotion as he turned his face to the few remaining Ailerons within the Illusory Unbreakable Realm.

The remaining Entities were on their last breaths of life after the death of the Primal Emperor, their hearts in deep pain as they joined the rest of their brethren in the next few seconds!

The 100 Peak Tier GALAXY Ailerons...were reduced to 0 even though they had not even been at the focus of the battle- just the stray attacks from the Entities shattering their bodies and souls.

Noah did not even have to lend his help after he took down the Primal Emperor, his Summons being proficient enough to wipe out all remaining Entities thereafter!

In the region of the chaotic void, deafening silence pervaded as when one looked into the Illusory Unbreakable Realm, they found not a single Aileron alive.

The void of space was painted with a tinge of red as the focus of many eyes remained on the luminous figure supported by the multicolored lights of many laws.

They watched as he flew slowly in the locked space, going towards glistening cl.u.s.ters of light that were Cores, Dao Crystals, and Assimilation Crystals.

They were swiped away in seconds as the calmness in the locked Realm remained.

Not a single soul moved as the shimmering figures of Noah and his pets took the spot light!

This action by itself was extremely shocking, and the one carrying it out was given an unspeakable title that nobody had held in the last tens of thousands of years.


It began as an uttering among the hidden figures, but this uttering was as loud as a strike of thunder as it traveled through the chaotic void and entered the ears of many!



Essence erupted out as at this moment, the barrier that kept the Illusory Unbreakable Realm together trembled and shattered.

The 1 hour timer had passed as those within could come out, and those outside...could reach the beings that were within!

Noahs eyes remained cold and fearless as he looked to the blank chaotic void around him, not making a single move.


The grand figure of the Holy Emperor who held a difficult expression appeared, backed by Old Man Khan and 5 other Entities from the Expansive Dragon Cl.u.s.ter!

As this Ruler of an Ancient Power looked at the being that had just become an Emperorslayer, the thoughts swirling in his head were too many!

Old Man Khan by the side still had an expression of disbelief as even while he watched the whole battle and how everything went down, he still couldnt believe this was the same being that wasnt even in the GALAXY Realm when he first met him weeks ago.

Yet he was somehow an Entity that could dispatch an Emperor of an Ancient Power that was about to fully assimilate a Lesser Dao!

"Truly tyrannical…"

This was the only thing Old Man Khan could say as he sighed while he, the Holy Emperor, and other Entities stood in front of Noah while looking out to the expanse of chaotic void before them.

They knew that multiple powerful figures from all corners of the Dark Universe were watching and observing nearby.

They saw how Noah had just spent a whole hour fighting with 26 Entities and taking all of them down, and knew he wouldnt be in any state to match even more fearsome Entities if those watching in the dark attacked!

Thus, the Holy Emperor and the Entities he had nearby all came towards Noah as they planned to put their lives on the line to defend this Tyrannical being that should be exhausted by this point!


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