Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
917 It“s so big...
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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917 It“s so big...

Chapter 917 - It's so big...

In an unknown location.

Noahs main body experienced something unique as one second he was looking towards a wrathful Monarch, and then the next second he was being shuttled through a spatial channel!

Multicolored lights flashed around him as Noah felt himself arriving in a new area after just a few seconds, his eyes brightening up as his Origin trembled excitedly, the essence of Destiny within budding out as it nearly overflowed!

The pathway that had opened up and caused the light of destiny to wrap around him in the past minutes...was this.

His eyes and aura spread out to look around him as he found himself standing on top of things that looked like clouds...clouds that stretched for miles everywhere he looked!

Miles above these pristine white clouds...were even more of the same clouds as both top and bottom were filled with mystical clouds swaying gently. It looked like a paradisiacal land that was unsullied by the presence of anyone as within it, essence was boundless as rivers of multiple colors freely flowed in the surroundings.

It was an extremely unique space as Noahs eyes turned towards the only being his senses had caught within this space aside from him.

It was a woman wearing a modest white dress, with hair as dark as the night cascading down her shoulders, her eyes even darker as they seemed capable of swallowing anything they landed on.

Her fair white skin shimmered in the clear light of this space as she seemed to have an unnatural glow on her, her face holding a perplexed expression while she looked towards Noah!

This perplexion and confusion seemed to gradually lift up as she stared towards Noah, her eyes gradually brightening up as an enchanting smile capable of causing the downfall of galaxies erupted on her face.

"Its you!"


The shocking words were the first thing that left this womans mouth as they seemed like the words of someone that found something they had been looking for for quite a while!

Noah kept his Draconic Form as he unsummoned the blue slime, the blue runic lines on his body disappearing as he looked towards the result of Deus Ex Machina- towards the being that had taken him from the Stardew Valleys of the Planet of Consanguinity and brought him to this unknown location!

"I never thought Id actually find you within the Animus Universe, much less for you to be battling the bloodline races…"

She had a light smile as she spoke, every word from her dripping with allure as when Noah looked at her, he could not even catch a glimpse of an aura as she seemed like someone without an ounce of power.

Yet his intuition told him that he should not raise his hand towards this being at any point unless he wanted to utilize his [Save Point] and be sent back to 1 month ago!

"Youre very reckless, you know? If my attention had not been brought to you and another one of those old geezers found you first, youd be hunted down with even more ferocity than even the Universal Emperor Slime youre contracted to…"


The figure of the drop dead gorgeous woman that didnt release even an ounce of power said this with shining eyes as she observed Noahs shocked expression, her expression turning teasing as she continued.

"Oh, are you wondering how I know? How I even found you and brought you here?"

Every question she asked, Noah wanted to nod to as he continued to observe this shocking figure, not at all worries about his life as he wanted to obtain as much information as possible, with him already knowing the terrifying level of power that this being carried as he was conversing with his Cosmic Treasure as he listened to her!

"It is of course due to your Universal Fortune!"


Like a thunderbolt from the skies, her fair lips moved as her words thundered down.

"Your Universal Fortune that surrounds you...its so big!"


Noahs eyes constricted at these words as his memories went towards the boons of the title of Architect of the Dao he had obtained not too long ago. It seemed he had missed something as the mentioned Golden Destiny and Universal Fortune...could actually be seen by certain individuals!

"Its bigger than a lot of the ones Ive come across, I truly dont know how you did it…" As she spoke, she took light steps towards Noah, her eyes seemingly carrying immense interest towards him as they looked at his enormous draconic form.

Noah looked towards this being as many thoughts crossed his mind, asking what he wanted to know of the most as he opened his mouth towards her for the first time.

"The Universal Fortune…?"

"Hmm? Oh, yes. Its a sort of authority that Universal Realm Hegemonies use as they try to increase their power, the larger amount of it meaning the greater their chances of moving forward. Across the Primordial Cosmos, the innumerable number of beings born each carry their own universal fortune- those being able to see the Fortune of others observing thin small golden lines as the maximum amount of fortune any creature below the Universal Realm can have."

"Over the hundreds of thousands of years, Ive observed the Fortunes of many- where Ive even seen the Fortune of a Universal Hegemony that amounted to an enormous golden cloud hanging over them. But you...your fortune is blinding as it is like a tower stretching for miles...its much too big that it even surpasses some Universal Hegemonies!"


Her eyes shone with a gorgeous splendor as she said this, Noahs mind buzzing as he brought himself to utter calm before he sighed. He felt like he needed a pause button as it seemed he had jumped ahead without getting rid of the basics. His voice reverberated across the paradisiacal space that had rivers of essence freely floating about.

"Lets take a step back here. If I may ask, you are…?"

His calm voice entered the womans ears as she smiled brightly.

"Me? Im the one that birthed the Dao of Summoning youve been using this whole time."


Her white dress and dark hair glimmered brightly as she gave a small curtsy, her voice continuing to ring out.

"Valentina Aurelius, at your service."



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