Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
924 Fishing Among the Stars!
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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924 Fishing Among the Stars!

Chapter 924 - Fishing Among the Stars!

In a unique spatial area connected to the Animus Universe.

The space was isolated, being one that very few beings could ever have access to. Within it, the figure of a single being could be seen- an old man with a robust figure and a majestic well-trimmed beard, his eyes shining with the light of innumerable galaxies as this being...was currently situated on top of a star.​​

His body was gigantic in size as he could actually comfortably sit upon a star, an item that was would commonly find on fishermen being seen grasped in his arm as from a pole, a golden fishing line stretched out towards the starry space below him!

This being...was actually fishing in the starry space!


A wave of essence erupted out not too far from him as the figure of another being appeared, this one in the form of the Nine-Tailed Fox as the aura it released was multiple times above what Monarch Odo released. This newly arriving being was a Paragon!

The Nine-Tailed Fox bowed towards the enormous figure of an old man fishing among the stars as he voiced out.

"Sir, one of my Monarchs came across creatures that caused the rebellion of the Dragon Race in a region within the Planet of Consanguinity. The being was only in the Galactic Filaments Realm but…"

The Paragon actually seemed to hesitate with his words as the 9 tails behind him shook, the fishing old man voicing out calmly as a smile filled his face.

"Go on. The things you want to tell me, I have already discerned the results of anyways."


"A power that is greater than a Paragons aided the Great Sage leading the rebellion to escape…"


The unique space turned quiet at these words, the old man only continuing to fish within the stars as his eyes flashed with a cold light while looking at the wondrous scene around him.

"Youre making your move now, O Young Valentina?"

His words were barely a whisper with nobody being able to hear them as if they could, they would be able to see immense contempt stemming from them! It was the words of a being talking about another as if they were a child, as if their action would never amount to much as everything would be in the other persons hands!

"What shall we do, Master?"

The Paragon asked with some hesitation as the voice of the old man landed on his ears.

"Hmm, just focus your forces on the Holy Lands and the Bloody Battlefields Galaxy Cl.u.s.ters. Everything should be fine with just that."


It was a shockingly domineering reply from a being that had lived too long and had seen too much!


Back in the Ruination Realm, Noah was currently getting acquainted with the feeling the Primordial Ruination Clone gave out. When his senses focused on it and his main body and other clones...he was able to see the stark difference in the power they could release!

Everything about the Primordial Ruination Clone radiated power as it truly lived up to having 200% of the strength of his original body, even the action of breathing feeling more stupendous.

There were a great deal of abilities the clone alone could utilize, and there were also multiple abilities that even Noah could find nothing about!

"Whats with the abilities of the clone that I cant even read?"

He voiced out with his eyebrows raised towards the cosmic treasure that shook while replying lightly.

[Its not my fault, Master. Its actually because your level is currently too low that you cant even utilize all the things the Primordial Clone has to offer. The ones you cannot see or utilize probably relate to the Universal Realm or when you achieve an even greater level. In your terms, you would be a level 10 beginner that got his hands on a level 999 end game can use it somewhat, but not really.]


[Miniature Ruination Rupture Generation] :: The Primordial Ruination Clone is capable of causing small ruptures of a few meters in size to erupt from its body and last for 5 seconds, these ruptures tearing apart the surrounding space as it becomes a simulated region of the Sea of Ruination momentarily. Any being caught within the Ruptures will face deadly soul and physical damage as they will be devoured by the essence of Ruination for as long as they remain within the bounds of the Ruptures.

The scene of the terrifying fractures that spread throughout the Dark Universe were displayed in Noahs mind when he read over the skill, this ability actually allowing him to do a watered down version of this that only simulated the Sea of Ruination, with its damage being extremely deadly as this skill should be even stronger than his Ruination Galaxy Spirit Bombs at this moment!

With shining eyes, he read over the other abilities.

[Instantaneous Universal Teleportation] :: All Universes recorded within the Cosmic Treasure RUINATION can be entered instantaneously as the Primordial Ruination Clone can displace its body rapidly across the boundary of the Cosmos.

[Ruination Essence Skill Conversion and Amplification] :: All abilities cast from the Primordial Ruination Clone can be subjugated to conversion and amplification from the purest essence of Ruination, the effects of all targeted abilities undergoing a change.

Even more balance shattering skills were displayed, with the first one being something that could easily to be utilized while the second...required Noah to test out to see its true might.

But nonetheless, a ridiculously built Clone entered his hands!

A powerful Primordial Ruination Clone that could display double the power his original body could display, along with shocking percentages in Realm progression that would shoot him up the Galactic Filament Realm while he forged galaxies...Noah had found the perfect thing!

He would have this Primordial Ruination Clone be the one actively moving in the outside world for him, while his main body trained or relaxed within the Dark Universe.


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