Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
945 Watch Very Closely! I
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Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse
Author :Adui
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945 Watch Very Closely! I

Chapter 945 - WatChapter Very Closely! I

A Universal Hegemony could not act against those of the lower levels!

An oath was sworn with every rising Universal Realm expert as the most these beings could do was exert influence on those below them.

This influence alone was extremely domineering, and it was enough to show the grandeur of the Hegemonies that stood at the peak of power in many Universes.

But it was still just that- influence!

For those that wished to break under the influence of Hegemonies, certain conditions had to be met. They had to either be truly powerful Paragons that neared the Universal Realm themselves...or they had to have something shocking in their arsenal like the comprehension of a Cosmic Dao!

Many times, these two things were interchangeable as it was always genius Paragons who could even begin to have the capability to comprehend a Cosmic Dao, examples being the Queen Dowager that had begun grasping at the straws of the Cosmic Dao of Annihilation, and the Universal Emperor Slime that was a unique existence in the Cosmos who could comprehend the very same Cosmic Dao of Annihilation.

Noah was no Paragon...but he did comprehend a Cosmic Dao placed higher than Annihilation, Necromancy… and many other Cosmic Daos as he could utilize the unique essence of this Dao to break free from the mere influence of a Universal Hegemony!


The gaze of the Primordial Ruination Clone was tyrannical as he gazed towards the figure of the Hegemony of Slaughter without so much as a tinge of fear.

The star sized humanoid had a white robe that shimmered with the essence of many Daos, his entire body sparkling as when one looked closely, the could almost see the fully manifested lights that represented tens of billions of galaxies...all of them coming together to form a wondrous Universe that existed within the Origin of a single being!

An entire Universe for their Origin!

How vast was the power of such a being? How shocking was their strength that had received 100% Purification from the Primordial Essence?

Mind you, 100% Purification correlated to +1,000,000% to All Parameters!

The star sized being Noah was staring at...contained such immense strength that he could flick his finger and cause the entire Galaxy they were in to shatter, a single finger to bring death to anyone below him!

All this being would need was but a thought to dispel the life force of anyone titled a Great Sage.

Yet Noah still stared towards the magisterial figure that was the epitome of power, the regality and majesty being released by the Hegemony only becoming a mere light show in his eyes!

"You need to stop your advancement into the Bloody Battlefields Galaxy Cl.u.s.ters. Nothing good will come out of it in the end."

A voice of majesty and strength! A voice that demanded to be obeyed from its mere power alone.

From it, Noahs Primordial Ruination Clone could sense the power of Antiquity, guessing this being in front of him must have obtained millions if not billions of Marks of Antiquity!

This was because unlike Valentina, he had his grasps in multiple Universes as he actively laid down his terrifying Universal Constructs on them!

Ambrose stared at the figure of Noahs Tyrant Dragon form as this Hegemony seemed to have already determined his nature, becoming direct as he spoke once more before Noah could even reply.

"I see you carry a sense of justice for the Dragons of the Animus Universe. If you are selfish enough not to care about yourself, think about these same Dragons that are still within the Draconic Holy Lands. It will not be a challenge to massacre them."



Not a threat to Noahs life, but to the beings he sought to liberate!

Noahs eyes shone brightly at this as he came face to face with the machinations of a truly old being for the first time. Ambrose looked at Noah as he sought out any weaknesses, and he chose a weakness that only he could uniquely attack as he threatened the remaining Dragons within the taken over Draconic Lands.

Off to the side, Tiamats body that was still frozen in space trembled with anger and wrath as her eyes moved to lock on to the majestic figure of the Universal Hegemony!

Noahs draconic figure vibrated with power as he looked at Ambrose with placid eyes. The light within his blazing eyes seemed to calm down as they were filled with utter calmness, his voice resounding out for the first time since the arrival of this terrifying being.

"A Universal Realm Hegemony cannot act against a creature of the lower level, so if the few remaining Dragons enslaved within the Draconic Holy Lands are massacred, it will be through the hands of Paragons, Monarchs, and Great Sages."


His calm voice spread to the ears of all the beings still frozen in place in the surrounding miles, as well as the Paragons and Monarchs of the Bloodline Races within the Bloody Battlefields Galaxies, and even those situated with their Holy Lands who had tuned in to watch the unfolding scene when the news spread that their Master himself had made an appearance!

There were also the Draconic Paragons and Monarchs that stayed within the deepest Galaxies of the Bloody Battlefield Galaxy Cl.u.s.ters that were alerted to the shocking scenes playing out, watching as the scenes of what was occurring were relayed to them from the army of Chaos Dragons behind Noah.

Many eyes were locked towards Noah as he continued with shocking calmness, many of those watching thinking a few similar thoughts!

He wouldnt actually defy the Masters order and threat, right?

He cant denounce a Universal Realm Hegemony right?!

"For those Paragons, Monarchs, Great Sages, and any of those below them that choose to listen to the words of this...being standing in front of me- for any of those that choose to senselessly massacre the remaining Dragons within the Draconic Holy Lands...I want you all to watch very closely what I am about to do even while standing in front of the very same being that will give you that order!"


Noahs body glimmered with brilliant light as he pulsed with power, his body that brimmed with the shocking 200% strength of the Primordial Ruination Clone backed with the Purification of Primordial Essence and Ruination Essence that gave him multiple tens of thousands of percentages to All Parameters moving towards the nearest creatures of the Bloodline Races and their reinforcements from other Universes.

"I want you all to watch very closely how the being you admire and follow the words of blindly...will not be able to protect you when I come to collect the debt of blood against all those that massacre innocent Dragons!"




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