Invincible Teacher
129 Chapter 128
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Invincible Teacher
Author :Hyang-ran
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129 Chapter 128

"Is that so?"

"Yes, that's why I buy into them. Besides, I don't want this peace to go away."

She smiled at Kang Hyuk.

"I think I should do just this much."

The smile made Kang Hyuk feel strange.

It was evening. Kang Hyuk was standing in front of the campground waiting for the second year students who finished their classes to come over. It was because those who broke into Yeonkyo Garden in Kang Hyuk yesterday for the entrance examination of T.Y.C. had a heavy duty to dig the pond at Yeonkyo Garden.

Of course, Kang Hyuk had permission of doing this. He have already informed person who needs to be informed through Shim Gu, and had received permission.



Huangbo Songbek and other Second Year Student sighed at the sight of Kang Hyuk waiting for them. They tried to run away, but they wondered if it was possible. The last night event broke their will to flee. Kang Hyuk raised his hand and tapped his finger.

"Don't make things get more difficult for you. You have to keep your word. Let's go, there's a lot to do."


Kang Hyuk brought them to Yeonkyo Garden. What was waiting for them was Ji Chulmook, who transformed himself into a worker.

"You are here."

"Fifteen students."

"That's more than I thought. It will be very helpful."

Ji Chulmook said, sticking out a shovel and a hoe to the Student's.

"Come on, we don't all day, so hurry. We have to dig up the soil here."


Ji Chulmook said to the students' rebuttal.

"Did you not know? The service you are going to do today is to create a pond for Yeonkyo Garden."

Kang Hyuk helped Ji Chulmook.

"It's what you have to do, so hurry."

Then said one of the Students.

"We are students, not workers!"

"When did I say you were workers?"

"I-I mean, digging a pond is a worker's job, not ours!"

"Tsk, tsk. Status doesn't matter in work. You do what you have to do. If then, will you have your servant dig a trench for you while you are on an operation?"


"Stop jabbering and get started."

"Does Superintendent know that we're digging a pond? You need his permission."

Kang Hyuk sighed.

"Ugh. You're testing my patience. It's what Superintendent has allowed, so go ahead."

Kang Hyuk then followed.

"Clan Leader agreed, also."


When Kang Hyuk mentioned Clan Leader, the Students quickly shut up and picked up the shovel and hoe. No matter what anyone says, the leader of Murim was a Clan Leader, and a word from him even controlled the families of the Students. But no one in the Students dared to guess that the one above the Clan Leader was the Former Clan Leader, and that the Horticultural Teacher in front of them was that Former Clan Leader.



Shim Ku approached Kang Hyuk, who was watching the Students diligently digging the pond.

- Big Brother.

He sent out an telepathic message.

- T.Y.C.'s target has changed.

- Who is it?

- Teacher Ok Haemi.

Kang Hyuk's forehead is slightly wrinkled. She was always in deep in thought. Even when she laughed, it was hard to not notice that there was something within her that was dark. It was suddenly irritated by the fact that the T.Y.C. guys were trying to disturb Ok Haemi's peaceful times.

'These punks!'

He sent a message to Shim Gu.

- Gu, I have a favor to ask you.

- Say anything brother.

- Looks like Teacher Ok need an escort.

- I see what you're talking about. Then do you allow me to give them a little taste?

- Don't go too far.

- Of course!

Shim Gu disappeared in a flash. He was the best among Quickstorm Regiment's people, except Kang Hyuk. Even Ok Haemi, the subject of escort, would not notice that Shim Gu was escorting her. In the meantime, the students who aimed for her will be scolded a little bit.

'Consider yourselves lucky for being a student, punks.'

He saw those who were working hard. Tonight, these pond diggers would not be able to take T.Y.C's entrance examination or whatever it is.

Kang Hyuk looked at the sky. The night was drawing near.

"First, I'll have to feed them."


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