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It is Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future
Author :Madam Ru
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997 Another Innate Talent?

"A second innate talent?" In the real world, Little Four was prompted by Ling Lan and she began to think about this deeply.

Her other innate talent was Profound Insight and could be used to alert her of dangers. It could also see flaws in a technique and could even help predetermine attacks.

However now, her Profound Insight didn't react at all. Could it be that the Frost Monarch was close to becoming an imperial stage domain expert which made her Profound Insight useless on him?

Or perhaps she had never actually use her Profound Insight to its full potential and that was why she couldn't discover anything with it?

Ling Lan opened her eyes and thought of a way of getting out of this dire situation.

A cool blue color suddenly entered her eyes, but it blocked her vision. 'Can I not see anymore? Am I too late?'

The ice box was filled with the Frost Monarch's ice element domain energy. The ice element that did not belong to Ling Lan instantly invaded her eyes and wounded them. Ling Lan could only feel a sharp pain in her eyes. Now, she was even seeing a blood red liquid dripping down from the top of her vision.

In all the redness, Ling Lan seemed to see a silhouette move about. She was overjoyed that she could finally see something and she quickly direct all of her domain energy towards her eyes.

Finally, the fogginess that had blocked her vision finally began to clear up.

But, what she saw wasn't what she expected. Ling Lan saw herself drawing her last breath in third person as if she was an audience to the scene in front of her. She also saw the Frost Monarch laughing maniacally next to her body. She then saw Light and Dark Dragon escaping from the auction hall. She them saw her comrades rushing towards Frost Monarch and the other two king after seeing her dead. They were unsurprisingly all blown back in one attack and in the end, all perished.

No, there were a few who managed to get away with their lives: The beautiful Luo Lang and Luo Chao, along with the elegant Li Lanfeng. Their overwhelming beauty allowed them escape with their lives. However, they faced a fate much worse than death, as they were tragically used as slaves by those three people…

Not able to withstand being shamed, Luo Chao committed suicide in the end. Luo Lang attempted to take the life of the person who shamed him, but failed and was killed instead. Li Lanfeng on the other hand endured the shame and embarrassment and survived. In the end, he successfully killed all of his enemies by plotting against them in the far future, helping avenge the death of his comrades. Then, Li Lanfeng became a marshal who controlled three divisions and caused great bloodshed in the human universe.

'Is this the results of her death?' Ling Lan felt her heart was being ruthlessly battered by someone, causing her to be in great pain.

In a battle of life-or-death, she was not as strong as the other person so she didn't regret dying. However, she definitely couldn't accept that after she dies, her comrades would all perish. Their endings were either be shamed, humiliated, die a brutal death or live tragically, none of them were able to live a good life after her death.

'I can't die!' This thought appeared in Ling Lan's mind.

'Who cares if the ice element doesn't listen to my command? I, Ling Lan, never had only one way to control my element up in my sleeves.'

Perhaps it was because her eyes had felt Ling Lan's strong will to continue living, the images that appeared before her vanished in an instant.

This time, Ling Lan just saw countless ice particles in front of her. Normally, her ice element would let Ling Lan feel grouped ice particles. She wouldn't be able to see them individually and could only use her domain energy to condense them together. This time however, she could see the ice particles. They were actually filled with emotions. There was suspicion, rejection, doubt, joy and even those that wanted to get close to her.

However, the ice particles that wanted to get close to her were heartlessly sent back by a foreign domain energy. Ling Lan seemed to be able to hear the cries of agony of the ice element and feel their pain. She could even feel their desire of wanting to return to her.

"That's my own ice particles!" Ling Lan had a sudden realization. Her ice particles was still in this space and was only blocked off by the Frost Monarch's stronger domain energy.

Ling Lan would, of course, not just sit around since she knew those ice particles were her own. She released her domain energy and got closer to those ice particles that were being friendly and had good feelings towards her.

Bam! Bam!

After feeling that another domain energy approaching, the Frost Monarch's domain energy began to surround Ling Lan's domain energy. His domain energy didn't allow the ice particles that belonged to her to get close to her.

"Ugh!" Ling Lan, who was originally already at her limit, was wounded again by another attack from Frost Monarch, who was just looking at the scene in front of him, and she could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood from the attack.

'Damned domain energy! Leave me alone!' Ling Lan shouted in her mind. She wanted the domain energy that was blocking her to completely disappear.

Refusal? Disappear? Or Disintegrate?

Suddenly, three choices appeared inside Ling Lan's mind.

Ling Lan stared blankly for a moment, but immediately realized something. This was the domain of her evolving Profound Insight. Her choice would determine the direction her Profound Insight domain would evolve into.

'What should I choose?' Ling Lan couldn't make a decision.

Since she didn't know, then she should pick what she needed the most right at this moment.

'Refusal' was probably to reject the opponent's domain energy and create a space where she could protect herself.

'Disappear' was probably to cause her opponent's domain energy to disappear and let her gain back control of the ice element?

Then what was 'Disintegrate'? Was it to disintegrate the opponent's domain?

By categorizing the choices in that way, Disappear and Disintegrate had similar results. However, since they were different choices, then the outcome should still have some differences. As for Refusal, Ling Lan's intuition told her that it wasn't enough to satisfy her wish so she tossed this option aside.

In the end, her options were either Disappear or Disintegrate.

Just looking at the name, 'Disappear' seemed stronger, but….Ling Lan was a realistic person so she chose, "Disintegrate!"

When Ling Lan had made her decision, she saw the ice box that sealed her slowly melted around her. The Frost Monarch's domain was being disintegrated.

'Disintegrate' was as expected the meaning of the word. It could completely disintegrate any domain that was forced on her by her opponents.

The Frost Monarch who was proudly waiting for Ling Lan to breathe her last breath within the ice box. Suddenly, he felt that he was no longer in control of his domain. Then, he saw that large ice box around him was beginning to melt with the water flowing out uncontrollably.

"That's not possible." This was in his domain and only he had his energy within it. His opponent's domain energy was already suppressed by him, so it shouldn't be able to appear in it.

However, even with his doubts the ice coffin still continued to melt around him. Then, he looked at the standing Ling Lan whose face was facing towards the floor.

Ling Lan's eyes suddenly opened and killing intent flashed within her eyes.

Frost Monarch's domain began to crumble. The ice walls in the sky, on the ground, front, back, left and right side all cracked up, fell to the ground and melted.

'Taking all of the energy that did not belong to me!' The innate talent Profound Insight was as expected one of the best talents in the history of the human race.

Ling Lan landed on the ground slowly with her black windbreaker slowly flowing in the wind.

"Frost Monarch, I've already seen your ultimate technique. Now, it's only fair you see mine as well," Ling Lan said calmly as she raised her hands and held them at her chest.

Right as she finished speaking, Ling Lan's hands clasped together and countless ice pillars were erected from the ground around them. At the same time, a string like sound began to rang in the space. There was also a sharp screeching noise as though there was someone pulling the string on an instrument forcefully.


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