24 Party
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Author :Kimmyah
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24 Party

Amidst the silence, Miggy's phone rang. I was the one who picked up the phone and I don't know what to do right now. Katie just made a new adjustment. She changed the venue for the litte party, we would be going to a KTV house. Although I'm feeling nervous, I still told Miggy about the changes.

I'm getting worried, I'm not good in singing but Alex has a really nice voice. I just hope that they wouldn't let me sing or else everything will be out of hand.

Miggy wanted to eat first before going to the KTV house because there would be no food there. He said that it's not nice to drink without eating first, it's not healthy according to him. I want to argue with him that drinking in the first place is not healthy but I just keep it to myself.

As I step my foot out of the car, it suddenly snowed. I can't help but raised my hand as I feel the snow passing through my hand. I suddenly felt emotional. Miggy nudged me to follow him inside already.

I was looking at him while he was ordering our food. I can't help but feel that this will be the last time that we would be this close. On the second thought, this will be really the last time because I won't let my sister to make me her proxy so it was not a feeling but rather it was really the situation that I would be facing on the coming days, months or even years.

He looked at me and asked why I was looking at him like that. If only I can tell him the truth, how refreshing could that be.

"I miss you..." and I'll miss you. I wanted to tell him that but what I'm feeling for him will forever be my secret.

He got up and hugged me. He whisper to me that I shouldn't make him caught of guard because he'll be blushing. He felt shy that the only thing that he can do right now was to hug me so he can cover his blushing face. I smiled and patted his back.

He went back to his sit and we talked about our days. The food came and we ate our food in silence. I love this serene moment that I'm feeling everytime I'm with him. I feel secured and happy, if only this could last. How nice could it be?

"Why don't we go to starbucks after this? Having a cup of coffee would be nice now." I look at the window where I could see the snow falling.

"How about the party? Everyone is waiting for us." Eventhough I want to have a coffee with him, I can't. We still have a party to go to.

"Being with you made me forget other things." I stuck my tongue out so that he wouldn't see my smile that's trying to show in my face. This guy is really smooth with his words.

"Stop it playboy, let's go" He laughed then asked for the bill so that we can go.

He open the door for me and help me climb the car. We went to the address that Katie sent awhile ago.

Our friends didn't notice that we came together at the party. Some of them are singing while some are busy drinking. They are playing some games before drinking and I'm not sure what it is. Then we separated with each other, I went to where Cassie is while he went with the guys.

Everything was fine until Katie suggested of playing with the guys. She chose the game and since I'm not used in playing games I end up drinking a lot although some of it were drunk by Miggy. I still ended up being tipsy.

After playing some games, girls started singing again. I'm falling asleep when Katie suddenly sit beside me and ask me things.

"So Alex, tell me about you and Miguel"

"What is there to tell about?" I'm not slow so I know that she's trying to ask about what's going on between the two of us but I can tell him because it is supposed to be a secret. Also, it's not a good thing that it will came from me because in the first place, I'm not Alex.

"Don't hide things from me, Alex. I already saw the two of you awhile ago. Other than that, Miguel being your knight in shining armor while we were playing games."

"Those are nothing, he just saw me while I was going here that's why we came together. Also, you know that I'm not really good in drinking. He just help me as a friend." After I said this, Katie knitted her brows. Making me wonder if I said something wrong. Luckily, the girls invited me to sing with them so I got an excuse to be away from Katie's inquiries.

We started singing and dancing to the beat. Im lucky that we are all drunk and it's noisy inside so they wouldn't really hear my voice. After having a blast from singing, I feel my world spinning again. I tried to find Cassie to ask for her help.

"Cassie, I'm too drunk already. I won't be able to keep acting as Alex anymore"

"What you're not Alex? You wh*re! Who are you then?"

"Katie, are you drunk? Why are shouting to Alex?" Miguel grabbed Katie away from Alex.

"Miguel, don't be too harsh to her! She's drunk. Are you crazy, bro?"

Cassie went to the commotion and looked for Cassie. She saw her standing in the middle of them.
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"Alex, Alex, wake up!" Cassie tapped her lightly.

"Don't call me like that, I'm not her! Why is it so noisy here? I wanna go home!" Gabby shouted. Cassie was so shocked that she grabbed Cassie immediately and take her away.

Cassie was panicking. She tried to wake Cassie up but she can't so she called Alex.

"Alex where are you? Are you near? Come here immediately. Cassie is drunk and she blurted out the truth. So come immediately, okay?" After finishing the thing that she have to say, she hang up the phone.

Why do you have to do this now, Gabby? How are we going to remedy this situation? Everyone is fighting outside and I have to get you out here right now. To make things worse, you're totally knocked down. How will I carry you and why is Alex taking a long time to come here? Can't she feel how things are going to turn out?


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