Mage of Binding
3 The mystery revealed
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Mage of Binding
Author :Daoist_Everlasting
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3 The mystery revealed

Nnenna rushed to the inn with Jide following reluctantly. They ducked to the side of the inn and snuck close to a window that overlooked the dining room. Jide gave Nnenna a boost to look through.

"So what do they look like?"

"You will know them once you see them. There are rarely any strangers in town. You probably know all the people that come here since your dad is a merchant. One of them is tall and muscular and looks like a guard. The other one is an old man with sharp eyes and a croaky voice but he doesn't feel fragile. He scares me more than the former."

"Oh fudge, I don't see either of them. Do we have to go inside? I don't want you to have to meet your uncle."

"And why shouldn't he meet with his, Uncle?" and angry voice asked from behind the kids.

Nnenna startled and fell down Jide's shoulder, "Ahhh!"

As the kids turned to the source of the sound, Jide saw his Aunt Bisi with a frown on her face and one of the inn's maids beside her with a bucket of sloppy water.

Just when Jide was about to respond, his vision went blurry and his body froze again. An out of focus image appeared with Nze "toying" with his uncle while one of the other strange men raped his aunt. Then the image broke and a new image of him holding his uncle's hands while he told him something replaced it. As this image was breaking, Jide felt something cold splash all over him and he woke up to find himself still seating on the ground outside the inn with his Aunt Bisi holding the bucket.

"I see you're awake now. Hurry up and do your chores. And you Nnenna Anizoba go back home and stop distracting people who have to work."

Nnenna reluctantly left while Jide went to dry himself off before resuming his chores. Jide now knew that this visions were much more serious than Musa said. He didn't know what to do. He was afraid of what they were and what Musa would tell him. However, he knew he had to figure it out. He wanted to rush over to Musa's right away but Aunt Bisi was keeping an eye on him. He hoped Nnenna would at least tell Musa what just happened.


And indeed, right after leaving the inn, Nnenna went straight back to Musa's bookstore to report Jide's episode.

"Musa, Musa, where are you? Jide had another ehm...what are we calling them...visions."

"Huh, crap! Wait...crap. Okay get him to come and see me as soon as possible." Musa came out of the back of the house.

"Is he going to be okay?" Nnenna asked worried.

"It will be fine...this time...this time...don't worry I will help him as much as I can." Musa responded. Musa looked into the distance with a frown and patted Nnenna on the back.

Meanwhile back at the inn, Nze carried their breakfast back to their room. "Master, I think I heard that the boy was daydreaming again in the bar. We should consider taking him with us when we go; this could be an interesting ability so we should test him."

"Yes, we can do that but more importantly, did you find out where the ruins are located. That is more important."

"Yes master." Nze responded contritely, "There are ruins to the South-West. Nobody goes there so we should be fine. I will get Osaze and Danjuma to check it out."

"Good. We must find them now. This is our last chance."


Everyone went about their day with Nnenna hanging around near the inn to contact Jide, Musa

reading through some books for more information and Jide unable to sneak out of the inn.

However, Nnenna got to see Nze leaving the inn and she had to resist the temptation to follow him. Nze finally returning after such a long time, but she had already missed her chance to figure out why these stranger were here.

But, she decided to wait for Jide, to talk to him at the slightest opportunity because her friend was more important.


Jide was finally able to leave the inn when things slowed down between lunch and dinner. He met up with Nnenna and rushed to Musa's bookstore afraid to even look at anyone in the eye for fear of triggering another episode.

When they reached Musa's bookstore, Musa looked like he had tried to sober up.

"Alright, sit down both of you. It will be a long discussion and I need to give you some history but first let me tell you what I suspect. Jide you should be familiar with this from the books you have read but you know that there are some people who have abilities that make them different from others. This people are called knights in some countries, monks in others. Truthfully all of them are mages and that is what I think you are as well."


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