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Married By Mistake: The CEO's Destined Wife
Author :ThetaCreed
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1. Palpate My Heart: Dr. Wicked is My Wife

Link: https://www.webnovel.com/book/15448763606564805/PALPATE-MY-HEART%3A-Dr.-Wicked-is-My-Wife

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I will never clip my wings for a man.

I will never bow down to anyone.

I, Jingyi will rise from the graves to take back what's mine.


In every happy ending, there is always a female character whose love turned her cruel, mean and vindictive just to have his heart. In the end, she'll be cast away like worn clothes and scorned like an idiot. What's worse? It's either she meets her demise or lives the rest of her life wallowing in regret and misery.

Like our protagonist. As a daughter of a powerful and prominent family, she had everything beneath her. Sadly, not the heart of the man she loves. She paved the way for her man to sit on the most coveted throne and devoted her life eliminating every single obstacle for him. Undeniably, she lost her true self and cruelty became her. In the end, retribution came knocking. Like any other villain in a story, she was doomed to a bleak ending, dying tragically.

When she thought her end has come, she finds herself in the modern times, in the body of Luo Jingyi. With a second life granted to her, which path will she tread on?

Especially that the similarity of this world to her previous, is very uncanny. With scheming bitches and all their entourage on her tails, will history repeat itself?

Or will she, Jingyi finally stand at the pinnacle's edge as a victor?


With his dimpled grins, Yun Jinghan can make anyone's heart melt. But no one knows, his carefree countenance is nothing but an outer shell.

Beneath the facade is a devil in disguise. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

Unknown to the world, he's the powerful man behind the giant, Terra Firma Corporation. He crushes businesses like ants and kills enemies with one decisive move. He is truly, a certified villain in the business world.

His heart belonged to none. Not until he met Luo Jingyi. For reasons he can't fathom, there's a magnetic force that draws him to the stubborn and feisty trauma and cardiothoracic surgeon.
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Luo Jingyi vowed to stay away from men. Especially someone like Yun Jinghan, dashingly handsome, ultra-rich but extremely dangerous. But before she could run, the shameless devil latched onto her and declared, "You can never be anyone's. Only Mine."

Thus, Dr. Luo Jingyi was trapped in his arms.

What kind of love story do you think will unfold the two?

On top of that, with enemies lurking at every corner, will they defy odds to walk down the aisle of happy ever after?

Book info: 4 volumes - 400 chapters


2. Handcuff My Heart: I love you Captain!

All her life, Yu Injin longed freedom from the shackles of her controlling mother to her responsibility as an heiress to the mega transportation empire her family owns. Yet, no matter how much she runs away, she was left with no choice but to return and embrace the life she was prepped for.

With her grandparents' disappearance, she has to take the helm of Atlantic Worldwide Corporation before it falls to the wrong hands.

With her return, the city is bound to be sleepless. She will undeniably cause ripples in a calm sea and brew trouble. And like a typhoon, leave nothing but immense devastation in its wake. After all, wreaking havoc is her middle name.


Captain Yu Injin. She's scary and driven. With her eyes always glinting with mischief, you'll know she's up to no good. Beneath that facade, is a woman with a heart of gold. She's a valiant knight to those oppressed. But once you betray her, she'll never hesitate to retaliate.

Zhou Yicheng is willing to cross the seas just to have her. She is an obsession he craves for. For him, Yu Injin is a messy puzzle he needed to slowly piece at a time in order to break the walls she surrounded herself with.

He plans, she retaliates. He steps back, she marches on. In the end, who gets schemed on?

With their lives shrouded by secrets, will it push them back together or break them apart for good?

The military has been her anchor. A safe haven. What happens if this safe haven turned their backs on her?

Read as two strong-headed people embark on a journey of second chances, forgiveness and happy ever after.

Book Info: 3 volumes - 350 chapters



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