My Character is Broken. Do I Care--- Not
2 Chapter 1: Noble Life--- No
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My Character is Broken. Do I Care--- Not
Author :Unison
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2 Chapter 1: Noble Life--- No

"Oi, Era. Don't you dare loose focus on studying."

Currently me and my elder brother are studying inside a warehouse's vacant room.

"Rey-niichan, why are we held to study here? Unlike elder sister who is studying inside the mansion?"

Surprisingly enough women in this world have high priority rather than men, but this world is still ruled under the Laws of Men so it is not entirely revolving around women.

"Your sister is another thing. But right now there is a visitor... A Noble from the Royal Capital came to visit our father's territory."

"Eh~ But still..."

"Listen, Era. We are only orphans in the eyes of our father's official wife, She will only see us as trash or an annoyance."

"... ..."

I closed my mouth, My father's official wife Bea is cruel utterly cruel! What my elder brother says is true about that woman. Even though we live in the same roof, her eyes and gaze around me and my elder brother are the looks of total garbage.

"Now Era, we should only focus on studying for now. Look you should try understanding the magic of summoning your own mech along with the understanding of Magical Algorithms."

In this world in which I am reincarnated to is similar to a game called [Triads of Light]. It is a game with a Fantasy and Sci-fi feeling.

In the game we are able to summon our own Mechanical Suits via Magic or Gacha... In this world a way to summon a Mech Suit is by use of Magic, rather than summoning it is more like creating.

The way a mech suit is summoned is when the magical energy around the summoning circle or magic becomes dense and materializes to form parts for the mech suit. Yep, this is definitely creation.

Unlike real life logic which certain important parts are needed in manufacturing, the method of this world is more like delivering since parts are no longer manufactured but are created in the spot.

Coincidentally, my face and physique do look alike the character of the game I played, even my name is the same. I even checked a mirror a while ago to reconfirm and it is indeed truly a younger version of the character I made in game.

"Hm? Era, do you have something which you don't understand?"

"Nn? Ah! No no, I understand the theory clearly, Rey-niichan."

"By the way, Imagination counts in summoning a suit along with the amount of mana a person have so take note of that."

"Yes, I will."

Although I'm born in a Viscount House, my life is that of a noble like commoner. In morning I would help with plowing the fields and in the afternoon study inside the warehouse. It is the same cycles every day.

"Era, I have something to tell you. In 2 years from now on, father will be sending me to the Royal Capital's Academy to study."

"Wow! Niichan, that's great!"

Rey formed a wry smile on his face.

"But I would be in the Regular Class of the academy..."

"Is it that bad?"

"No no. In the academy there are 3 Classes to enroll from. First is the Advanced Class, Nobles who will take the head of their household will enroll there. Second is the Regular Class, Nobles who will enroll in this class would be learning on how to become a military officer or the like and finally the Third is the Special Class, the one's who enroll here are Elites you may say, although the class is third in the list it is no by means to belittle. I heard that this class houses the Royalty and Titled Knights sons and daughters of the kingdom."

Titled Knights are Nobles who holds great deeds or achievement for the kingdom, these Knights have High Authority that even a Duke Household has to yield. though the only downside would be they will be taking direct commands from the ruler of the kingdom...

"Well that is all I know, when time comes I hope Era will be in the Advanced or given a miracle you would be in the Special class."


"Ahahaha, That would be great though. You will also be providing my needs if you become successful and I'll be staying in my room lazing around."

Rey forms a grin on his face.

I see my elder brother is like... me in the past... Well I cannot retort though since I've gone through that so. GOOD LUCK! Niichan! Although I will only support you in times of needs though!

"Era, have you also practiced your Magic?"

"Ah? I have indeed, Niichan."

If time gives me, I can practice in the Morning and Night. I've been practicing a while now that I can control magic with ease along with doing some technique to increase my mana in which I read from a certain novel in my past life.

Sometimes my father would teach me the Art of Sword in his free time, I of course would follow since I have no choice to do so. Although Father is soft on caring about us, the official wife is not. That's a classy wife for you.

"Era, I'm gonna go get something outside the warehouse... ... You stay put. Okay?"

"Ok, Niichan."

I glanced at the leaving Rey and confirmed that he isn't left the room.

I then begun experimenting in various experiments of the Magic System in this world.

"Yosh, for starters... [Fireball]."

The magic I casted is basic magic for idi-- beginners... The fireball then move around as I please, this is thanks to magic manipulation of course...

I tried my best in enhancing this ability for the future! Well for now it hasn't any use though.

In this world. If magic is release from the caster that magic would be uncontrollable, unlike right now that my [Fireball] magic I casted is now released it can still be controlled... It's hard to explain sooo... meh.

"Okay, then how about this! [Materialize]."

This magic has the characteristics of the summoning spell. However, this requires an excessive or surplus of imagination and correct information of the item the caster wants to create. Yep, this is some sort of a creation magic.

"... Amazing..."

The item I created is that of a short sword.

The aforementioned sword has a white texture and the edges of the blade have blue hues, the guard has golden linings along with the grip being grey and white.


Oh... It seem's like Rey is back, gonna hide this for now.

"[Spacial Storage]"

The magic right now that I casted are that of the rare elements of this world with a very complex algorithm that I just happen to stumble upon thanks to some reference.

I then dropped the sword inside the [Spacial Storage] and then began acting as if reading a book.

"Era, I brought more books..."

"Ah... Niichan, what's the matter?"

"Nothing, maybe I was just hallucinating."

Uwah! That was close! Damn! I forgot to cancel the Spacial magic and, Yep, the magic I used is one of the Dimensional Elements.

Luckily Rey didn't mind it...

I heaved a sigh of relief.

"Now then... Let's continue studying."

"Uh... Let's..."

And hereon my daily life cycle continues.


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