My First Diary
24 Chapter 24 - Say nothing and no one gets hur
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My First Diary
Author :Strale
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24 Chapter 24 - Say nothing and no one gets hur

"Only 30 more minutes till we arrive in the beautiful city of Cork." Said Tamara as she looks at the road.

"You wanna stop to get some food?" she asks Tom, glimpsing at him quickly.

But Tom did not answer, he turned his head to his left, looking outside the window.

Tamara waits for a few more moments for Tom's reply, but he still says nothing.

"She is still in your head..." she says to him quietly. "You know that you will see her again, right?" she told him, tilting her head towards him for a brief second before looking straight at the road again.

She waits for an answer, but she does not receive one.

She looks at Tom, opening her mouth to say something but stops as she tilts her head back to facing forward.

"I know... I know it hurts and how much it hurts... but... but..." she says before she was suddenly stopped.

"But what!?" Tom yells as he turns around facing Tamara.

Tamara blinks twice before turning her head until she looked at Tom. "But, you will get over it..." she answers him, sourly, before turning back, facing the road again.

"... That is what you think..." he answers her back.

"W-what?... What are you trying to say?" She asks him, whilst looking straight at the road.

"... I... uhh..." he begins. "Nevermind..." he adds silently, turning his head back as he looks out the window.

"You can tell me if you want to..." she tells him, "... if it makes you feel better..." she adds after a second of quiet.

She again waits for a response but receives nothing.

"... Or just say nothing at all..." she mutters under her breath as she continues driving down the motorway.

*back in the hospital*

"Don't worry Miss Scheinfield, everything will be fine," Isabella tells Racheal as she moves closer to her, wrapping her left arm around her.

"I... I know Isabella... I don't doubt the doctors, this hospital has one of the best in Ireland!... But still, anything can go wrong... all it takes is something so small..." Racheal speaks but gets interrupted by a nurse exiting the operation room where Emma is in.

The nurse instantly sees both Isabella and Racheal, and they can see the nurse.

The nurse approached them both and could not help but smile, "I have great news, your daughter is doing better," she says.

"That is a relief..." Racheal says as she smiles back at the nurse, "but, how is Jenifer?" she adds.

The smile on the nurse's face suddenly dropped as she looked down at the floor, before looking back at them both. "The doctors are working on getting the answer... that is all I can say, for now, I'll tell you if anything new has been found out," the nurse describes Racheal the situation.

Racheal looks at Isabella before looking at the nurse again, "okay... thank you..." she answers, softly.

The nurse forces a friendly smile as she walks off.

"Everything is going to be okay, Racheal," Isabella says as she hugs her.

"I hope so..." Racheal mutters.

Suddenly they got, a woman in heels walks up to Racheal and Isabella.

"Maire!" calls out Racheal as she looks up at her.

"I am so sorry, I came as fast as I could..." Maire began, "Is..." she begins speaking but gulps before continuing, "Is Jenifer okay?" she asks, they both could see the fear on her face.

Racheal looked at her before answering, "no... they told us that they still don't know anything..." Racheal adds.

"How?... How don't they still know..." Maire asks she is becoming more and more frustrated.

"Believe me... I don't know... but they are doctors, give them time, besides it is their job to keep their patients in good health." Recheal answers, taking an uneasy inhale after she finished the sentence.

"How is Emma?" Maire asked Racheal after a few minutes.

"The nurse said that she is doing better..." she answers, feeling numb.

"Why to us... why to them?" Racheal mutters under her breath as she leans her head back against the wall.

"I don't know... I just hope everything will be okay..." Maire says as she sits on an empty chair beside Isabella and Racheal.

"Just... hope for good and good will happen... as some say..." Racheal says as she looks at both Isabella and Maire.

"Pff... Hope..." Maire whispers under her breath, laying her head back.

A nurse goes into the operation hall where Jenifer is situated in, she sees the doctor that called her.

"Yes doctor, you called me?" The nurse says to the doctor.

"Did you tell them?..." the doctor asks the nurse, his voice showed that he was nervous, really nervous. "...please tell me you didn't..." he adds.

"I didn't tell them, just like you told," the nurse said, her lips frowned as she looked at the doctor closer, "but... what will we tell them?..." she asks him.

"We won't..." he answers her.

"But... they... they have a right to know, it is a risk, doctor," the nurse says, surprised by what the doctor said.

"It is a risk that I am willing to take!" he answers her back, placing his hands in his head. "They cannot find out... not yet, they have too much on their plate already... I just don't know if they could handle it..." the doctor adds.

"I... I understand, doctor..." says the nurse as she looks down at the floor.

"Thank you..." replies the doctor, "now go back, they need you..." she doctor adds, giving the nurse a small smile.

The nurse smiles back at him as she leaves the hall.

*In Cork City*

"We have finally arrived!" Tamara said, excited as she got out of her car.

Tom on the other hand slowly opens the door and exits the car slowly, his frown grew bigger as he could see Tamara smiling, approaching him.

Her smile suddenly drops.

"Okay... so are you gonna be sad like for the rest of the day, because if you are... I don't know if I can let you shop with me..." Tamara says, slightly teasing Tom. "Now, I wanna see you smile... you will see Emma again, I don't know how many times I have to tell you that... okay?" Tamara adds.

She looks at Tom, who is looking away from her.

"Is... is it something I did Tom?" she asks him.

"No..." Tom answers as he shakes his head.

"Why are you like this then?" she asks him, looking at him with a concerned look.

Tom does not reply. He remains silent as he feels lumps in his throat.

"School?... huh?" She asks him. "If so, I know a perfect thing that I can do to solve that... that sadness in you" she adds.

Tom looks up at her.

"But before we do anything, help me with this stuff." She tells him, smiling at him, this time he smiles back. "Hey look, it is working already!" she jokes around, chuckling, as she begins walking with Tom following her.

They walk towards a tall building.

"This is where we will be staying, you like it?" she asks him.

He nods as he looks at the big white building.

"Anyways, come on, lets head inside!" she tells him as she proceeds on walking towards the entrance on the building with Tom following right behind her.

*To be continued*


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