My gay husband is a pervert
166 Workshop 4
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My gay husband is a pervert
Author :ira_ni1049
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166 Workshop 4

In the path of her adventure, Yuerui saw a floral swing by the side of a river. She always gets excited like a little child when she sees swing. She hurriedly went next to it and sat on the swing.

Even though it was looking a bit scary and creepy in the dark night she still went for it.

As she was busy in adjusting on the swing, Han Yefang came from behind and put the prize beside her without making any noise. Since it was dark, Yuerui didn't notice him either.

He put the prize and went to hide again.

As Yuerui started to swing the prize fell from the swing with a sound making Yuerui startled.


"Huh! Who is it???" Yuerui jumped from the swing and used the flashlight to see behind her. Her hands were trembling with fear. She was alone here but there were no one behind her. How is that possible?

"Ko... Kong Xianwang... Is that you?" Out of everyone she knew, Xianwang was the first one in her mind to come across who can do such a thing.

But she was afraid because there were no one behind her.

She tried to look around and then finally spotted the prize on the ground.

"Ahh... It was you? You made me scare for no reason." Yuerui started to talk with the packet.

She bent to took it and used the light to have a good look at it.

"Finally I have found one... Hahaha..." She gave out a foolish smile out of joy.

Unknown to her the person hiding in the bushes was still looking at her and smiling from ear to ear at her small joy of happiness.

Yuerui then again began to swing. She likes to swing as fast as she can. Before she started swinging she put off her glasses and put them  in her bag in case they get lost. Then she gradually speeded up her speed as she started to swing.

The refreshing and cool breeze of the forest came and tickled her soft cheeks. She was feeling fascinated by the weather around her. She lose her hair and let it float in the air. She closed her eyes and felt the breeze.

It was such a beautiful scene that Yefang couldn't let his eyes off.

They both were in there own world and both lost track of time.

"Ahhh... It's so much fun to be alone..." She doesn't know why... But she just wanted to scream it out loud as her swing was at the peak.

But unknown to her the rope of the swing was not so strong.

So the next time she was at the peak the rope tore apart and she fell on the water with a huge splash.

Yuerui didn't know how to swim. So she started to drown as soon as she fell on the water.

"He....he..lp... Some...body... Hel...p..." She tried to scream but water kept going on her mouth.

She tried to move her hands to try to swim but it was of no use.

Soon she started to lose consciousness. Her eyes became blurry and she fainted.

"Mai Yuerui!!!" As Yefang saw her fell on the water Han Yefang screamed in panic and jumped into the water.

He tried to swim as fast as he could to reach her. As he finally reached her he found her unconscious.

"Mai Yuerui... Open your eyes." He tried to pat her cheeks but she didn't give any response.

He swim her back to the ground and tried to do rub her palm and foot.

"Yue'er... Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you. Don't worry."

"Please stay with me."

"It's all my fault. Why did I let you stay alone?" He started to prate out of panic.

Yuerui still didn't respond.

He tried to do CPR on her but still failed.

Being out of all efforts, the only thing left was doing mouth to mouth.

Han Yefang didn't wanted to do it. But it was necessary to save her.

"Please forgive me.... But... I have to do it."

Yefang blew air in his mouth and gently reached for Yuerui's mouth.

He closed his eyes as he came closer to her.

But... As he was about to touch her lips, Yuerui ejected water from her mouth.

She tried to look at the person who saved her as she coughed.

"You are awake. Thank God." Yefang got relieved.

"Han... Cough... Yefang." Yuerui said.

"Yes... I am here..."

"Thank you." She shortly replied and tried to get up but Yefang immediately pulled her up in his arms.

"What are you doing?" Yuerui said.

"Don't say anything. I can't let you stay alone anymore. I just let you wonder for a while and look what happened." 

"How did you know that I was here?"

"I... Did you look at the time? I came you look for you?"

"Oh... Are we late?"


Yefang carried her all the way to the

campfire in his arms. It took them a little time to reach since they had gone quite a far from the campfire.

Yuerui was already feeling weak and tired. So by the time they reached the campfire, she fell asleep in Yefang's arms.


On the other hand, at the campfire station all the people were anxious and panicked because Han Yefang and Mai Yuerui were nowhere to be found.

They tried to call them but they were out of network.

Everyone was supposed to return by 8. But now it was more that 10 PM.

Xingtian had sent the guards of the park to look for them and she tried to get a hold of her panicked brother.

"Why didn't you let me go with them? Did you see the time?" Xianwang shouted.

"Brother, the guards have already started to search the place. Let's wait a little."

"No.. I will not wait anymore... I will go and find her myself." Xianwang took a flashlight and started to go into the forest. But as he prepared, he was stopped in his motion.

He dropped the flashlight on the ground as he saw Yefang caring Yuerui in his arms.

Both were drenched in water. Yuerui's eyes were closed and her hair was falling on the ground. Yefang tried to save them from getting dirty but it still had it's way to the ground.

"Mai Yuerui! What happened to her?"

Xianwang hurriedly reached to her and held her cheeks.

"She fell on the water." Yefang tried to explain but as soon as Xianwang heard Yuerui falling on the water he became so much worried for her.

"What? She is not staying here. We are going to the hospital."

"Listen to me first!" Yefang interrupted him and was not eager to give him Yuerui.

"She has already regained her consciousness. She is just sleeping now. You don't need to worry. Just have someone change her clothes. It would be better if she takes a warm shower."

Xianwang calmed down a little as he heard that Yuerui was okay.

But then he gave him a glare and said, "I won't disturb you with my girlfriend anymore then, Mr. Han. You can give her back to me" saying so Xianwang forcefully tried to take Yuerui from Yefang's arms. 

But as he tried to pull her away from Yefang, Xianwang was stuck. He looked behind and found that Yuerui's hand was grabbing Yefang's shirt tightly.

Xianwang looked at Yefang and found him smiling at her hand.

Xianwang was already angry at Yefang. Now this made him even more angry.

He forcefully removed her hand from him and left the campfire holding Yuerui in his arms.



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