Op System
75 Chapter: The Mastermind
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Op System
Author :Kid_speech
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75 Chapter: The Mastermind

-On the Top of the World Tree-

A beautiful woman is skipping her steps happily on a large branches of the World Tree her destination is the Golden Cage where Shen Tian is imprisoned it is attached to one of the other branches.

The bars of Golden Cage open, she see Shen Tian who is sitting on the Throne in the middle with his eyes closed.

"your still sleeping here onii-chan....." The beautiful woman have a pity expression on her face "The VR-Brain Project will be completed soon"

VR-Brain Project is the experiment about how to control thoughts emotion and even memories by using Virtual technology!.

"The doctor said you have been in coma as if your dreaming. Your body is functioning simple circulation but your brain is in dream so the super scientist said if i inject you some thoughts emotion and memories it might stimulate you to wake up!" The beautiful woman have a dreamy look on her face "i will inject you a memories about how madly inlove you are with me then after that you wake up we will live happily ever afha.. ha.. hahaha!"

"what are you doing Mei" a voice came out from her own mouth. The beautiful woman dream expression disappear and she have a cold look on her face now.

"Did you already forgot what this guy did to us after our Father and Mother died?!?!"

"but i still love onii-chan..."

"i know but didn't we have agreement that the memories that will be inplanted to him are he is our slave for life?!"

"i want onii-chan to love me too"

"Sigh ok Mei we will inplant a memories that he love us but he is still our slave"


The beautiful woman is talking with herself as if she have a mental disorder multiple personality, Her name is Mei Tian she is the little sister of Shen Tian in SAO world. she looked like a young woman now but in real world she just a little girl.

The mastermind who have been controlling the Dragon Group behind the Scenes, She got her mentality disorder after Her mother and Father died the others didn't know it but it was triggered again when Shen Tian didn't wake up after the game is cleared, She is the first one to discover the Lect company owner of Alfhiem online that trapped her onii-chan but he was still in coma even inside the game her dark thoughts and plans start with that.

Mei Tian have a deep grudge on Shen Tian because after their mother and father died her brother cut off his relationship with her and was abandoned in the Philippines even thought she love him so much.

"your calling me onii-chan? are you my little sister?" a calm voice awaken Mei Tian who is in her world of Fantasy

Mei Tian looks around but didn't see anyone then she stare at the throne where Shen Tian is sitting her eyes widen because of shock " onii-chan.....?

Shen Tian is pretending in coma to get some information about the one who trapped him He opens his eyes staring at Mei Tian 'to think that the one who did this to me is a physcopath girl and she is my sister...?'

"y-your awake?!" The woman backed away from him like she is afraid but her voice is filled with excitment.

"can you explain to me my sister, why did you do this to me?" Shen Tian stood up from his throne walking towards Mei Tian to intimidate her.

"Did you already forget?!?! what you did to me?!" Mei Tian expression become cold her second personality take over her, feeling deep resentment when she heard him ask her that.

Shen Tian observe Her appearance, she is beautiful with her black hair in twin tail and red pupiled eyes like him ' She might really my sister but when i first came here in SAO World and possesed this body. I didn't recieve any memories'

"you.. you really forgotten it?" Mei Tian expression distorted a bit looking at the Silent Shen Tian he is just gazing at her calmly and this irritates her, she wanted to wreck him or love him? she didn't know but she calm her mind.

"nevermind then onii-chan" Mei Tian expression turn into smile remembering something. "Onii-chan do you know your friends is gathering people to save you today? do you want to watch them with me?"

"alright" Shen Tian replied because he didn't know what this physcopath girl will do if she got reject, she is the GM after all in this game.

Mei Tian frowned 'he accepted it easily? anyway i didn't know why you just awaken onii-chan but you will never be able to escape me now hehehehe, ill just wait for the VR-Brain project to be done and change some of your memories but for now i want you to feel despair first like the one i felt that time when you abandoned me hehe letting you see your friends suffer.

Shen Tian is still calm even thought he know she wanted to brainwash him because Op System said he already reached (Origin Realm) so a low level brainwashing technology won't be able to do anything to him. He could even force fully remove the nerve gear but he will recieve some small damage on the nervous system and there's a Quest from Op system.

[Quest: Stay here inside the Golden Bird Cage and wait for your friends rescue.

Completition Reward: Lottery Ticket 10×

Faliure Penalty: Unknown]

'unknown penalty....' Shen Tian thought 'Op system i will not die right if i fail the quest?' He wants to prepare for the worst

[Op system: Host Unknown penalty is the smallest punishment in the System]

"lets go then onii-chan they already started attacking the world Tree" Mei Tian

"[System login! ID: Fairy Goddess password: ******] Teleport us inside the world Tree"

The golden cage Mei Tian and Shen Tian shined and transformed into bluish particle.



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