18 Don“t regret ...
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Author :litlepanpaw
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18 Don“t regret ...

"Brother, I'm your only younger sister, are you also going to kill me? Just to fulfill your ambition you turn into a cruel person!" At that time Grandpa Lu's younger sister accidentally met him. Lu's grandfather who was still under the influence of his ambition had a very arrogant attitude.

" Sister , To get something you want you must be able to bear all the risks! "Grandpa Lu said confidently.

" Including removing lives from your own family ! Brother, I believe in karma. A day will come when you will felt how it feels to be afraid of losing your power! Your son has chosen to be an animal like you, then in the future you will be killed with your own ambition! " His sister said with bitter smile.

Grandpa Lu returned from his subconscious ,

slowly he opened his eyes and unconsciously dripped his tears. His wrinkled face shows how weak he is now, he can't do anything when his grandson calmly destroys his empire.

" Old Man , why are you crying for ? " the thick voice interrupted his thoughts. Taking a deep breath, he wiped his tears and tried to smile at the grandson he was very proud of. " Ah... where's the our generous Chairman Lu ? " with sneered he sat on sofa .

" San-San, can you gave me the reason why are you doing this ? "

" Can i object ? I don't have the time tp explain to you !! " he glanced at his grandpa .

" Young Master , Master just ... "

" An Hu , stopp !! " Grandpa Lu cut his words "San - San , can grandpa give you a last words ! " Lu Christian nodded . " I'm sorry , I have divided this dirty blood into your body. You can do anything to this old man, can I ask for help from you before we start? "

" Speak up !! "

" Can you look for my sister's whereabouts. She is youre forth grandma. The last time I heard she was in Country T. If you find her, please pass it to her 'The curse comes from me so I will end it myself. Come back to see my destruction ' even then if she still thinks of me ! " Grandpa Lu said firmly and clearly. Lu Christian and the man behind him fell silent to see the expression shown by Grandpa Lu.

" Old man, what do you regret ? " The man who stood behind Christian impatiently wanted to take action.Grandpa Lu turned around, the look on his face turned shocked when he heard a very familiar voice in his ear.

His hands trembled, his sweat dripped from his forehead as he was about to say something there was a loud gunshot and everything turned black. The greatest person from the Lu family fell down on the floor with blood coming from his mouth and chest.

" Good Job. Mission complete ! Young Master, thanks for youre hard work ... I never knew if this old man dote you a lot.. " the man seem very satisfied and he walked toward old Man An Hu and sneered " Burn this mansion , tomorrow the news will full of with ' The fall of Lu's empire ! ' , " the man press Lu Christian shouker gently . " Goog Job, Bro.Now.. you can free out of the debt ! " he words made Lu Christian wake in his daze . The memory of his parent and his grandpa rolled in his mind . His palm grip tight and grit his teeth seem he really want to press his emotion for being guilty. ' No... this is what i want ! I want to stay in this dirty family... i want free... i want... i want...be with her... i.. i will hold my girl soon !'

When he remember his Litle Sister , his lips curved up, the bright smile can be seem on his cold face . Nothing can't be regret if he will be with his love .


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