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Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess
Author :FallenBlue
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443 Wang Yu Yan 18

The male lead was dragged by Jiang Li out of the city. The two others were gifted to the military, joining the other fae prisoners. 

Mohan kept shouting his actions would definitely spark a war between fae and humans but Jiang Li acted deaf about it. 

War? Well, who was this fae kid kidding?

The moment the two big human cities fell, humanity had no choice but to retaliate, so war was already right around the corner. Jiang Li's little action of intimidating a fae youth would do little to aggravate the situation that was already at its worst. The threats only made him want to laugh. 

"What will happen to the ones captured? Didn't you say, you are a good friend of the Pontiff? Why don't you just release them to prove it?" Mohan was not one to give up on his mission. 

Jiang Li sneered and replied, "Oh. I thought you didn't believe a single thing I said there? What you just said made me so disappointed. To think I think highly of you for not being gullible. Tch." 

'This pervert bastard!' 

Mohan's face warped in anger. He wanted to strike back when Jiang Li threw him down from the ice wall that still stood tall near the black hills. Yet, he lost all courage upon seeing where the shadow that suddenly covered his body came from. An iceberg with an approximate diameter of 300 meters. Who knew when the gigantic thing got created? But the fact that it was about to fall on him rendered his entire body cold.

"This lunatic!" The male lead's face lost color. 

"Hey, I tried my best to copy the ones from the Southern Ocean. Not bad, right? I don't really know what the army would do to the members of a race that enslaved and killed more than half of their civilians. But I think I know what would happen if you don't scram back to where you came from, brat." Jiang Li's unfeeling voice came from above. 

Of course, Jiang Li knew that even if he slammed down an ocean-size boulder onto this fae, the latter would still survive, saved by some weird miracle conjured by the almighty plot. The male lead's halo was not just for decoration and several lifetimes had already proven this fact to him. He was merely enjoying the feeling of bullying an annoying male lead. 

In the end, Mohan could only grit his teeth and leave. The fae's beautiful face looked so hideous now, with his piercing blue eyes back to normal, as he walked back facing Jiang Li.

'Don't celebrate yet. I'll make you pay for this!' The furious male lead vowed to tell everything to the Supreme General. He didn't believe the higher nobles would not agree to launch a war to reclaim their lost honor. 

Anger clouded Mohan's mind that he forgot how nobody had been allowed by his Pontiff to make a move against the person he loathed. 

After the male fae disappeared from sight, Jiang Li looked in the Southern direction. 

"Now, the next one I have to toss out is in that place." 

Jiang Li immediately left. He still encountered problems crossing districts and checkpoints but at least, he had lesser things to worry about now that the fae youth was not with him. This was actually one of the reasons he let that guy go.

When he passed by the central district, on one of the stations there that was surrounded by huge billboards, it was broadcasted that a dinosaur created a bit of mayhem in front of a mall before being quickly found out and killed. The owner of the albertosaurus, a theropod that could be said a relative of T-rex, was nowhere to be found. This piece of news initially made Jiang Li click his tongue, but when he found that there were a few casualties, his eyes immediately darkened. 

'At this rate, there's really going to be a war. For a moment, I wish I could just forever separate the two territories with a sky-high wall.'

'... The problem is, I arrived too late.'

He had no idea in which race 'she' would be born. Remembering what Dong Lan told him, he suddenly felt reluctant to let either fae or humans be wiped. 

It took him two hours to safely reach the southern region. Even he had encountered some difficulties to not get caught. The tension near his destination was the highest since battles long took place. Jiang Li had the fortune of seeing the group of fae from a distance. 

"Put your weapons down or we'll this woman!" A beautiful female fae with long wavy black hair shouted in a loud voice. 

It seemed like Wang Yu Yan had done a great job to force them to reveal their real appearances. 

Now, standing in the middle of an encirclement of human soldiers were four young faes with peerless appearances that could put most human idols and actors to shame. 

Atop the pieces of rubbles and billowing smoke, their beauties still shone. Unfortunately, most of the people surrounding them were trained to resist charm magic and stay indifferent before a beauty. As for Jiang Li, well... No use mentioning him actually, for an obvious reason. 

The only reason Jiang Li was currently dumbfounded was that he saw just who was being used as a hostage by these fae. Somebody with a familiar face, but with a completely different aura. After roaming his eyes once, he finally understood the situation. 

As reported by his informant, several small-scale battles took place over the past few days which ended with a minor victory for the fae. 

Mohan managed to get past the blockade and escape the Southern part of the city.

Nuwa successfully infiltrated one of the important buildings in the southern base. 

Then, this female lead must have thought the one she had captured Wang Yu Yan. 

But as a brilliant officer, how could it be easy for Wang Yu Yan to lose? This was not even an official battlefield. If everyone truly assumed she had just eaten a loss, even if it weren't an insult to her intelligence, wouldn't that still be an insult to the honor and intelligence of the entire government and military that had dubbed her as a military genius? 

Ridiculous! Of course, Wang Yu Yan was not really the one captured! It was that double of hers! A carefully package double that even had an insane amount of protective spells cast on her to make her look authentic!

The realization made Jiang Li laugh. 

Because the 'double' was caught by the enemy, as a precaution, human elites specializing in various types of barriers were sent to reinforce the ones cast on the real Wang Yu Yan. 

'Now it made sense why the spiritual thread I left on Wang Yu Yan was touched,' he thought. 

"I said throw your weapons down!" Nuwa's voice reverberated in that intersection again. Jiang Li watched the spectacles from the parking lot of a restaurant. 

The female lead had one more miscalculation, not many amongst the soldiers knew Wang Yu Yan. In the military's database, the villainess' picture was replaced with that of a deceased person. Of those who knew about this, half had been killed by Nuwa, the other half naturally staying with the real Wang Yu Yan. 

After she shouted the threat, the armed men and robots pointing their weapons began looking at Nuwa with weird eyes, as if they staring at an idiot.

A soldier even fired a bullet at her. Unfortunately, it was deflected by a kinetic shield. 

Offended, this commander continued shooting. He snorted, "Threatening us? With a nobody that looks like a weakling? Idiot! How can we be sure that person is not a disguised fae? Brothers! No listening to her nonsense! Fire at will!"

Nuwa and co were dumbfounded. Jiang Li looked amused as he hopped off the bike. As he currently looked like a normal civilian, an alarmed soldier noticed him and motioned him to go away. Of course, he was an obedient civilian so he did go away. He looked for the real villainess. 

Not long after, he found the woman in the same command center, still wearing a serious expression on her face. Jiang Li knew the best role suited for him at the moment was to be a spectator and a hidden guard so he didn't announce his presence to the girl. 

He silently watched from another building, one that had half of it blown into smithereens. Curiosity blossomed in his mind as he watched, and at the same time, checked the net for everyone else's reactions regarding the chaos in this city. 

Since the mess created by the leads were quite big, it seemed Wang Yu Yan purposely let news of it echo in every part of the city. It was safe to assume that the spies already delivered the information to the nearest fae city. 

Several minutes later, the female lead was seized alongside three male faes. One of these men was on the verge of death after taking a canon attack for Nuwa.

Wang Yu Yan did not waste any more time on them, leaving the cleanup and wrapping up to her capable subordinates.

For the female lead who finally realized she had captured the wrong person, the real commander's neglect was a complete humiliation. Like the other party was mocking her for falling for a trap.

Unfortunately, Wang Yu Yan had no plan to care about Nuwa's feelings, shifting her focus on the four attack squads that had been assembled a day ago. 

One of these squads chanced upon the one that recently rampaged with his pet dinosaur. At the price of getting half of them injured, the male fae was also sent into a critical state. 

The latter still made it to a fae city. Yet unfortunately, he had been silently infected…

When Jiang Li heard the news, a day already passed. He was finally sitting across Wang Yu Yan, meeting her face to face. 

After the initial surprise, he burst into laughter.

He thought the villainess this time was quite admirable, and seemed tolerated enough by the world's consciousness. 


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