RWBY: Reincarnated In Remnant
1 Problems with being a writer
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RWBY: Reincarnated In Remnant
Author :PopcornBro
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1 Problems with being a writer

A man was clumsily walking down a busy street, messily eating a street falafel with his left hand, smoking a cheap cig on his right. His long greasy dark hair tied in a messy ponytail, while his clothes schlumpier, his face rounder, body clearly out of shape. He wears jeans and that worn-out corduroy "writer's" sport coat --the one that your girlfriend fights to give to the Salvation Army.

"Now you may be asking, what kind of person without a history of drug or alcohol abuse looks this way? Only a writer."

The man then eyes a guy homeless on the street, feeling his dismal future breathing down his neck.

"I was a writer. Two years after my copywriting job at Dexter & Kerr came to a non-mutual end, I had, in an extraordinary burst of desperate energy, bullshitted my way into my first book contract. But I unfortunately blew it, due to not having any idea of what my book should be about."

The man then kept on walking, slowly making his way home, a little tipsy and filled with self- loathing.

"Now I can't really indicate what the problem is with my "writer's block" as I can rewrite most of the popular books on the top of my head. But for some reason I still cant write a dam page. I am now bankrupt, out of a job and have recently broken with my college sweetheart, Having no clue or direction on where I should go from here."

The dishevelled man opens the door to his apartment. He enters, looks around. Books scattered across the floor, dirty dishes, broken Venetian blind sashes. The nest of a slob.

"Honestly theres nothing left for me to live on, my parents are no longer here anymore, no sibling and as of yesterday no more lover. Thinking about it the only thing that's expecting me are the student loan guy, but no way in hell am I gonna spend my life paying that."

The man then sat himself on a laptop and proceed to turn it on. Going unto a rubber ducks manufacturer website and using the last of his savings ordered 10,000 non refundable rubber ducks and shipped them to the student loan head office.

"To tell you the truth, going down by suicide is kinda boring, so Im gonna go out with a bang"

Taking out the remaining 5 gas canisters from under the cupboards, the man then laid them out on a 3 by 2 pattern, opening their valves whilst getting out the last remaining food in his fridge. Which were a bottle of beer and a get well soon lasagna dish made by his gf yesterday.

"She was always sweet like that and honestly I don't blame her for breaking up with a slob like me, anyways I digress. Now where was I? ahh yes! the deadpool 2 reference"

Finishing up his meal, the man then layed down uncomfortably on top of the gas canisters and taking a deep breath, reached for his lighter.



*1st pov*

Suddenly, the world turned.. gray.

"uhhh...Y-yo" A voice called out behind me, turning around, I found myself staring at a lanky young man with white hair and golden eyes; clumsily sorting out what seems to be cue cards.

"...fuuu... ok I can do this, just like in practice. Co-congratulations you have been chosen to reincarnated to another world wohoo! I am Lawrence and I shall be your handler today. Now I know this may sound strange but I can..."

" at this huh Lawrence?" I interrupted seeing as his got like 50 more cards to read through.

"Yes! In fact your my very first client.....wait am I doing something wrong!?" The white hair ask clearly starting to panic, fumbling through his pockets and pulling out what seems to be paper notes.

"Well no, not exactly. But just a friendly advice you may want to shorten your introduction or atleast look at your clients expressions, as these type of uhh incidents have become a cliche." Assuring the poor guy that everything was fine, I then got straight to the point

" So can you reincarnated me to the world of naruto?"

"I see.. Ohh and that's a negative on naruto btw, unfortunately as a trainee I've only got clearance to send you to the world of RWBY or barbie girl....." Lawrence pretty much mumbled looking abit downcast.

Yeesh rough choices, lets reassure the poor guy and change the subject "Well that's fine, I kinda like RWBY. So do I get cheats?"

"Uhh.. Yes! As your handler I can grant you 3 wishes!" Looking at me proudly while banging his chest.

"Hmm well first off, I definately want the rinne sharingan as my first wish. Secondly I wanna be able to freely manipulate elements like an avatar and finally I totally want a gamer system"

"Erm...Well as a trainee, I dont really have clearance to give you world changing powers. As a compromise I can give you a fully functional sharingan, but since there isn't chakra nor any other sharingan holders in that world. So you can unlock the mangekyou by experiencing intense feeling but it would be 50% weaker than the canon and would still deteriorate your vision if you use it. But you may at anytime evolve it to the EMS but the potency would be lowered to 25% and any lost of vision when using the mangekyou will not be recovered. Do you agree with these terms?"

Nodding at his explanation I then slowly thought over his proposal "Well I don't have to kill the person closest to me so that's good. Alright Lawrence I accept"

"As for your second wish I can only can you control of 1 of the 4 elements" Lawrence continued

"No worries, I choose wind and air manipulation"

"Alright....that's sharingan and air manipuuulation, there we go and done!" Humming at my choice he then pulled out a smart phone and started fiddling with it.

Finishing up the whitie then look up at me and asked "And we are done as for your game system it would be age based as I still dont have an AI assistant yet. Would this be satisfactory?"

"Yeah sounds good to me"

"Ok well the game system will be implemented on your reincarnated body so you'll have to allocate your stats then. Well good luck on your new life, btw can I get you to fill up a customer review?" Lawrence begged holding up a tabloid.

"Here you go" I said handing him the tablet back as I finished up giving him a 4 and a half stars.

"Oooo thank you so much! ohh yea as my first client I got you something special! So good luck and have fun!" Lawrence waved and everything shifted till it has once again became dark.


A blue screen appeared in front of me, in front of my stat screen. It was not translucent like my stat screen and was fully opaque. There was a white border around it and the corners were rounded, colored gray.

I looked over my stats. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. I know it's from Fallout, but I have absolutely little idea on what they are supposed to do. I know what they mean; Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck but I had no idea what they—


How convenient.

So it maxes out at 10 and minimum is 0. I glanced at my SPECIALs and saw them all even at 5 and 5 extra points to spend, so I can use 40 points in total.


What do I do?

Well, I always wanted to be.. strong and fast?

I was a smart person before but really, I was just a little bit above average. I rubbed my chin as I thought about my stat allocation. I can't change the way I build this. Sure, clothes and equipment can add on but they still won't change my base SPECIALs.

What if I get born on a world of peace?

What if a world of war?

And so I waited.


Ok probably shouldn't over think anymore.

First, I removed all the points from my SPECIALs, reducing them all to 0, giving me 35 additional points and 40 total points to spend.

Second, I allocated 8 points to Strength,

2 points to Perception,

6 to Endurance,

2 to Charisma,

8 to Intelligence,

10 to Agility, and 5 to Luck.

Ending up with this status:

Name:??? (LV. 1)

Health: 100%

Aura: ?

Semblance: ?

Experience: 0%

Strength – 8

Perception – 2

Endurance – 6

Charisma – 2

Intelligence – 7

Agility – 10

Luck – 5

… Charisma scaled with Speech and my social skills.

I winced. Looks like I won't be getting any social life soon. But like the saying goes "you can't have a harem if you're dead"

So having my will renewed, I confirmed the allocation without hesitation.

Suddenly, everything changed. I felt.. weird. Awkward. 2 Charisma sucks and I can't tell with cuz I'm in total darkness but my vision probably sucks too. Still I felt smarter, faster, stronger and once I get my sharingan I would probably be sharper too.

Then darkness faded around me.


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