Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home
Chapter 369 The Thunder Cleaves Longhu Mountain
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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home
Author :RaisingAFoxSpirit
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Chapter 369 The Thunder Cleaves Longhu Mountain

While Zhang Ling was preparing to erase Deng Yu and Deng Jiao's precious memories, Li Yundong's Yang Spirit was mobilizing the Qi of Heaven and Earth in the air to drive out the thunderbolts.

The Five Thunders Spell was too difficult to use, but as long as he was mastering these skills, it would soon become easy.

Li Yundong used Yang Spirit body to mobilize the Primordial Qi between heaven and earth. At first, he couldn't find the Primordial Qi between them, but soon, when he mobilized the purest Zhenqi in his body, the Primordial Qi between heaven and earth began to stir. Especially when he used the Convergence of Five Qis, the Primordial Qi between heaven and earth became automatically connected to his own small universe's Qi of the Five Internal Organs.

In that very instant, Li Yundong could feel the harmonious relationship between man and nature, the universe and his own body. It was as if he had suddenly become infinite, his eyes were the stars of the sky, and his feet were the thickness of the earth.

With a thought, he felt the endless water vapor between the earth and the sky begin to rise from the bottom. The water droplets gathered and collided with each other in the air, gradually forming dense, dark clouds.

Li Yundong could feel that there was a strange power between heaven and earth gathering within the clouds. The power was connected to his own Qi of the Five Internal Organs. He could mobilize it, drive it away, and command it.

At first, Li Yundong was filled with excitement, but then he suddenly realized that he could drive thunderbolts and lightning, which was the most powerful magic in the world!

But it was not long before his happiness faded.

The speed at which the power was gathering in the clouds was far beyond Li Yundong's imagination. At first, he felt that he was riding on a fierce horse. Although the horse was fierce, he could still control it. But then, one horse became two, and the two horses became four. After a short while, it became a sea of tens of thousands of madly stampeding horses. How could he control them?

Li Yundong suddenly felt that he was in for it now. If he gave up on controlling the power, it would backfire on himself. But if he released the power at random, he could accidentally hit a secular mortal. If another catastrophe happened, he would be in big trouble.

Li Yundong thought for a moment and suddenly came up with an idea. He looked at the place where Shangqing Temple was located on the main peak of Mount Longhu and looked down over the redecorated Shangqing Temple, which was located in the lush forest. Cornice brackets and Taoist archways were faintly visible.

Li Yundong couldn't help thinking, "Zhengyi School has gone against not only Zi Yuan repeatedly but also me and the Fox Zen School aggressively. Let me give this thunderbolt to Zhengyi School!"

As soon as this thought just crossed his mind, Li Yundong simply guided the power towards the location of Shangqing Temple on Mount Longhu.

He had originally wanted to attack the main hall of Shangqing Temple, but since it was the first time that he was using thunder magic, something went wrong. As a result, the thunderbolt cleaved through the side of the Shangqing Temple with a roar.

Coincidentally, this side palace happened to be the place where Zhang Ling and Zou Ping were staying. As the thunderbolt swung through the building, it immediately tore through the roof tiles of the side palace and landed heavily on their heads.

Zhang Ling reacted quickly. At the moment that the thunder was about to strike, all of her hairs stood on end immediately. She instantly crushed a talisman hidden in her sleeve, raised her hand and pointed to the air. "Fly!"

With a crackling roar, a firewall appeared over their heads.

This thunderbolt suddenly cleaved through the firewall and caused a huge explosion. A thick wave of black smoke quickly covered them all.

It was not long before The Lady of the Earthly Fire was covering her nose with one hand and waving her sleeve with the other. A strong gust of wind blew into the sleeve and quickly dispelled the black haze in the great hall. She focused on Zou Ping and saw that her beautiful precious disciple had already become a Kitchen God with a black mouth, black face, and even coal-black teeth!

The Lady of the Earthly Fire gasped and quaked with rage. "Who dares to be so presumptuous in Mount Longhu! Are they tired of living?"

Her enraged shout spread far and wide, causing shaking and echoing through the mountains.

Zou Ping didn't even have time to react and couldn't understand at all why she had nearly suffered a blow from heavenly thunder on the main peak of Mount Longhu!

She was still in a state of shock. With her eyes wide, she stammered, "Master, what's going on? Where did that heavenly thunder come from?"

Just as The Lady of the Earthly Fire was about to speak, she glanced around and suddenly noticed the souls of Deng Yu and Deng Jiao coming into being in the formation of the main hall. They were quietly lying on the blooming Lotus Throne and sleeping peacefully.

They were naked, and their skin was as tender as jelly. It was as if a single finger could rip right through their skin.

The Lady of the Earthly Fire immediately sighed and said, "It's too late! The two Sword Souls have already been born. Now it's too late to wipe their memories of their previous lives! Alas, could it be providence?"

Zou Ping also said angrily, "D*mn it! I don't know which crazy guy it was that dared to cleave Mount Longhu, but he's bitten off more than he can chew. He's been over-confident! Does he think our Mount Longhu can be so easily bullied?"

Then she suddenly rose high into the air and looked around for the person who had guided the thunderbolt.

As soon as Zou Ping ascended, she saw many people also flying into the air from the surrounding side palaces and side halls. Most of them were dressed in Daoist robes. The moment these people saw her, they asked loudly, "Shizhi, what happened just now?"

Just as Zou Ping was about to say that a thief had attacked Mount Longhu, Zhang Ling appeared and squeezed her with one hand in order to prevent her from speaking. Zhang Ling cut in loudly, saying, "It's nothing. My disciple made a mistake just now when she was cultivating thunder magic. Thanks for your concern!"

These flying Taoists had heard Zhang Ling's roar just now, and they had a clear understanding that she was lying but wouldn't expose her. On hearing her words, some of them laughed and flew back to where they had come from. Others didn't get along well with Zhang Ling and sneered, "The Lady of the Earthly Fire, your disciple should honestly go to play with your thunderbolt, not fire. Do you think that a few destroyed Taoist temples is not enough already?"

The Lady of the Earthly Fire snorted and pulled Zou Ping back into the palace, avoiding quarreling with them.

Zou Ping felt was surprised and whispered to her, "Master, why didn't you tell them the truth?"

The Lady of the Earthly Fire sneered, "How can I tell them? Should I explain that our side hall has been cleaved by an unidentified person? Humph, if this matter spreads, we will become the laughing stock of the cultivation world! Do you want to be laughed at by others?"

"Well, why should we bear it? We need to figure out who did it at least!" Zou Ping said anxiously.

The Lady of the Earthly Fire sneered, "Humph, how dare he guide thunder to cleave our Longhu Mountain? This man is really the most arrogant I've ever had the misfortune to encounter. I won't let him get away!"

After saying that, The Lady of the Earthly Fire sat cross-legged on the ground and shouted at Zou Ping, "Send the Twin Sword Souls to the main hall. Since we can't erase their memories, don't bother trying. Such is the will of Heaven. It cannot to be forced. Now I'm going to use the Magic of Soul searching to search for this arrogant man's whereabouts. After delivering the Sword Souls, come back and protect me. Don't catch someone off guard."

Zou Ping nodded in agreement. Her figure flitted across the field like a swallow cutting through the water. With a light flick of her wrist, she sucked the souls of Deng Yu and Deng Jiao into her palm and quickly took them to the main hall.

On the other side peak of Mount Longhu, Li Yundong had just been possessed by Yang Spirit. A figure rushed at him and shouted in horror, "Are you crazy? How dare you use thunder magic to cleave Mount Longhu!"

Li Yundong took a closer look and saw that the shouting madman was in fact none other but the calm fairy Zi Yuan. Li Yundong asked curiously, "Is something wrong? They bullied you like this in daily life, and you still feel concerned for them? Aren't you being too kind-hearted?"

Zi Yuan was on the verge of collapse. Her face was ashen as she spoke quickly, "You're really crazy. There are so many experts who have mastered thunder magic in Zhengyi School. How dare you use thunder magic here? It's too outrageous! Hurry up and leave with me!"

Li Yundong smiled and was about to speak when he suddenly heard an extremely angry voice roaring from the main peak. "Who dares to be so presumptuous in Longhu Mountain! Are they tired of living?"

The roar almost made Li Yundong jump up from the ground in fright. He could even feel that the sole of his feet had gone numb from the shock!

Li Yundong was shocked and couldn't help asking, "Who was that? Zhang Tianshī, the master of Zhengyi School? Awesome!"

Zi Yuan relinquished her usual calmness. In a hurry, she grabbed Li Yundong's arm and started pulling him away quickly. "That was Zhang Ling, The Lady of the Earthly Fire! She's a great cultivator with extremely advanced achievement methods and she's the elder sister of Zhang Tianshī from the Zhengyi School. If she comes to catch us, you and I will barely be able to stop her. There are countless masters in Mount Longhu and we won't be able to resist any one of them! Let's go. If we don't go now, we won't be able to get out of this alive!"

She had already pulled Li Yundong out of the cave. After rushing for a moment, they looked up and saw that the sky was full of flying Taoists, packed as densely as stars.

When Li Yundong saw that, he suddenly gasped and could feel sweat trickling down his back, his scalp numb.

"D*mn it, this is bad!" Li Yundong said with a dumbfounded expression.

Zi Yuan glared at him angrily and began pulling Li Yundong down the mountain.

There were Taoists everywhere in the sky so the pair didn't dare to fly and instead rushed out of the territory of Mount Longhu like wolves and mice. Seeing no one above them, they eventually dared to take to the sky. After making sure that there were no pursuers behind them, they headed to Tiannan City.

After Zi Yuan had taken Li Yundong all the way out of Mount Longhu, she breathed a sigh of relief. She released Li Yundong's hand and couldn't help anxiously asking, "Was your head full of rocks just now? Why did you go crazy and guide thunder to cleave Mount Longhu?"

Li Yundong chuckled, "I couldn't control myself!"

Zi Yuan was on the verge of losing it. "Then don't hit the main peak! There are ninety-nine peaks for you to destroy, why did you leave the main peak of Shangqing Temple?! Golly, if this thing gets around, Zhengyi School will go on a rampage and we'll be on the run tomorrow!"

Li Yundong was startled and said guiltily, "No way. They don't know, do they?"

Zi Yuan glared at Li Yundong. "We might not have been discovered this time, but this must never happen again!"

Li Yundong apologetically said with a smile, "No, of course not!"

Zi Yuan snorted and looked at Li Yundong as if she were looking at a madman. She shook her head and said, "Forget it. Go back quickly. Don't talk to anyone about anything that happened tonight."

Li Yundong laughed humorlessly and said, "Of course."

After flying for nearly two hours, they arrived back at Tiannan City. When they were about to land at home, a figure suddenly flew up from the house. The person was moving very quickly and almost collided with Li Yundong in mid-air.


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