Rebirth in Against the Gods with an Ultimate System
29 Chapter 29: Yun Che vs True Dragon
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Rebirth in Against the Gods with an Ultimate System
Author :Nora_Danish
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29 Chapter 29: Yun Che vs True Dragon

After conversing with Jasmine for a while, they finally arrived at the cave the system shown him. Yun Che choose Zangetsu as his default to engage the dragon. He felt that Zangetsu could easily destroy this dragon and he kind of wanted Zangetsu to be his first Bankai to be unleashed in the real world. To be safe, Jasmine decided to reenter his inner world and watch from the inside.

The entrance was located deep in the mountains northern of Cyan Town. As he was walking in the cave. He came across a large cave hall and he imagined the hall was a size of a stadium. He finally saw a red blinking light coming from the end of the hall.

"That must be the Evil God Seed of Fire. Hey Jasmine, what do you think?"

"Hmm, based on what this princess heard from the God's Realm. Evil God's seed looks like an ordinary bead with no special powers. Only those who inherit the Evil God Bloodline can activate its powers." Jasmine said observing the Evil God Seed from afar.

Yun Che walked closer to the bead and he wondered. The bead was just sitting there and no dragon to be seen. This smells fishy.

As he was walking, the ground started to shake and he used Zangetsu to support himself.

"WHO DARES TRESPASS INTO MY GROUND" the voice sounded in the air.

All of a sudden, the ground cracks and a red dragon emerge from underneath the ground. The dragon's body was massive to fit inside the hallway. Right now, the dragon was standing between Yun Che and the bead.


Yun Che however smirk after seeing the dragon for the first time. He didn't feel any pressure from the dragon even after looking at it. Yun Che unsheathe Zangetsu and prepares to fight with the dragon. The difference between True Profound Realm and Emperor Profound Realms were vast as the sea. However, as a gamer and cultivator from his previous life. Levels are just numbers for him. As long as he had sufficient trump cards, stronger opponents won't work on him.

"Yeah, sorry bout that. I seem to forget my manners. Well then, I'll get straight to the point. I want that thing you guard."


"Hell yeah I am. Come and get me or you really trying to chicken out against a True Profound Realm cultivator." Yun Che said while continued to taunt the dragon.

"Idiot, what are you doing?!!? You could just use your Flash Step and take the bead. There's no need to fight the dragon." Jasmine sounded from inside his mind.

"Sorry love, this one ain't going to take and run just like that. Besides, there's massive EXP in front of me. This is the fight I am willing to take." Yun Che prepares for his fight.

"INSOLENT" the dragon immediately swipes its right arm towards him. She immediately side step and fires a sword wave at it. Difference of strength was too much and the wave was easily swiped by the dragon. The dragon's body was made of hard scales. Its body was massive and affect the speed of its attack. Yun Che's sword strike can't even put a dent on it.

Yun Che continued to fire sword wave at the dragon. He flashed step on its back and tried to pierce it. His strength doesn't even pierce its scales.

"Che, this dragon's too hard. Then, if physical attack doesn't work. What about Kido?" Yun Che flash step in front of the dragon's face.

"Hado #73. SOREN SOKATSUI!!!" he shouted before firing a blue fire on its face. The massive blue fire engulf the dragon's face before exploding causing it to take a few steps back.


"ARRGGGHHHH!!!!! INSOLENT MORTAL" when the smoke clears up. He saw the dragon's right eye was bleeding. His Soren Sokatsui hit it on its right eye. He was able to land a critical strike on a soft spot. He flashed step once more in the air and charge up Zangetsu. During his previous life, he played one of the old Bleach games on PlayStation. He remembers Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo signature attacks. In the anime, they only fired a single Getsuga in a single strike. However, in the game. They managed to fire two Getsuga in a single strike. He tried to use that move during the past month but none of it works. His first Getsuga was always launched first before he could fire the second. This time, he tried to use that move again. He noticed that the more he channels his power into Getsuga, the slower the attack will travel to its target. The key of this attack was transforming the first attack into a powerful Getsuga and support it with the least powerful one.

Yun Che empowers his sword with his spirit force slowly transforming Zangetsu to solid black.

"Try this on for size."

"GETSUGA!!!!!!" He immediately uses the first Getsuga horizontally and channels a lot of his power making the first one larger.

"TENSHOU!!!!!" Then he fires another Getsuga vertically with half of the first original power and support it from behind in order to push it forward.

However, the attack did move forward. Yun Che was shocked when the two attacks combined itself and forming a large 'X'. The attack grows brighter and travels faster to the dragon.

"WHA..." The attack immediately hit the dragon's head and it slowly launched to the nearby wall.

"ARRGGHHH!!!" the dragon shouted while the nearby wall in the cave collapse itself on top of it.

Yun Che land on the ground and looked at the collapse wall. That attack consumed 25% of his Spirit Force but the result was catastrophic. As he was shocked. A notification pops in front of him.

[Ding…. Congratulation on creating an evolved technique.]

[Ding…. New Technique acquired. Dual Getsuga Tenshou. Fire a devastating 'X' shaped moon fang. Required weapon spirit enhancement to use.]

"Holy Shit, that was too powerful. But that attack used a quarter of my Spirit Force. It's not an attack I can keep on using" He sighs internally, thinking that if he uses two more time. His spirit force will depleted.

MORTAL, YOU ARE COURTING DEATH!!!!" Yun Che thought was interrupted by the voice of the dragon. The dragon suddenly emerges from the collapse wall and Yun Che could see its body was full of injuries. He was right. The spirit enhancement easily penetrated the dragon's scales but the cut was not deep.

"Che, this lizard sure is persistent. Looks like I need to top it up." Yun Che continued to flash step avoiding the dragon's claw and tail swipe. If this continues, he'll run out of spirit force and force to retreat.

"Looks like I have to use it after all."

"The dragon's body is too hard. You have to use it Yun Che." Jasmine warned him in his mind. he slowly nods without saying anything.

"Chee, you overgrown lizard. Be proud because this father will use his trump card against you." Yun Che flashed step at the end of the hall and looked at the dragon with disdain.


Yun Che just standing there and holds Zangetsu on his back. He was preparing to introduce it to the world. He needs to finish this fight as soon as possible because the hollows and cultivators converge on his position.

Spirit Force started to charge around his body and this action alerts the dragon. The fluctuation causes the dragon to stop and observe him from afar.

"MORTAL, WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO?" As an Emperor rank dragon, this action stunned itself because the fluctuation of energy inside Yun Che's body was unusual.

Yun Che however continued the spirit force channeling in his body until it stopped. Yun Che points Zangetsu towards the dragon. He put his left arm on top of his right arm. Zangetsu's white strip started to wrap around his right arm.


His shihakushou started to wave itself in the wind after the process was complete. He immediately looked at the dragon with his Sharingan.



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