Second Life : Beast
1 WAIT !!!
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Second Life : Beast
Author :ouail001
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1 WAIT !!!

me: shit that was one hell of jump.

speaker: yeah it is .

me: oh thanks .


me: Wait, where i am I ?? And who are you

speaker: oh i'm God .


me: NO shit!!, that mean tha i am..

God: Dead!! yes you are .

God: well i don't have time so i'll be quick with you ,i'am giving you a chance to be reborn with a beginner gift enjoy it.


well that was the last thing i remmember before my vision turn dark


My name is arian 2 year college student , big fan of One Piece, blah blah blah ...

well i was just trying to jump from 6th floor building for no good reason just because i like reading too much wuxia products about reincarnation an so on , well it was just a gamble i gess it worked.


: hey wake up!!

: is he realy alive

said a women with concern in her voice ,look about 30 years old with red hair and big black eyes small face .

:well he is breathing nancy , who let him out of the door ,those bastards nearly kiilled him.

said a man ,with a beard reaching his chest look around 60 years old with a hunchback physique .

Nancy: he got alone by himself trying to be brave , good god he still alive , i'm gonna kill those bastard.

Arian: fuck him

Nancy: Who ??

Arian: God

Nancy: Oh you're awake

Arian: -_-, i'am and who are you ??

Nancy: yeah fuckGod ,Dad lost he's memories !!!

that was the conversation i remember before lost my self in the darkness again


the next time i woke up was after the 3rd day of after being transmigration in this place yes i don't have the other boy memories well i think his name is black D. Arian his age is 10 years old with handsome face with black hair and black eyes , and yeah the straw hats will set sail after 8 years from now , i guess i shoud try and figure out the gift that bastard left for me.

i got out of my bed before i saw no wal close to me in the perimeter .

me: God do you hear me ??

God: Moshi Moshi !!

me: the gift .

God: oh yeah there is it.

Me: thanks.

before i got to figure out what was happening a light blinded me before i figure out a black fruit with spirals on it's skin in my room table .

A Devil Fruit

well i didn't eat it i left it in my pocket before i figure out the situation i'am in.


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