Sexual Torture Game/System
1 Chapter 1: Right Into The First Mission/Ques
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Sexual Torture Game/System
Author :ZeroNemeziz
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1 Chapter 1: Right Into The First Mission/Ques

"!? Where am I?" I looked all around me to find myself in a large bedroom with a large bed. The Bed was all comfortable but the place that I worry about. "Was I kidnapped? No, no, why would anyone kidnap me? I'm just a normal housewife who interact with other housewives...."

I stood from the bed and started to walking around the place, looking at place, and tried to open the door, but it was closed shut it didn't even move. There was no windows or items I could use to escape this place. Seeing I had nothing to do, I had just sat on the bed waiting for something to happen to me.

[ Sex Slave/Prostitution Training System Activated ]

"Wha-What?!" I looked around the room to see the owner of that A.I. like voice. But I couldn't see anyone here in the room, and what was disturbing was it had said.

[ Welcome to Sexual Torture Game, where I Sex Slave/Prostitution Training System will make you become the world's greatest beings sexual relief meat toilet. ]

"! No! I won't become what you'll make me become! I refuse become that!" I was furious to what that System had said.

[ You don't have a Choice Elaine, you're chosen to become one and I'll be the one to train you to become it. ]

I saw a person suddenly materializing or appearing before me slowly. He had no gender traits like a woman's breast or vagina or a man's penis. His body was all white and looked like it was made out of energy, he had no face or expression. I was freaked out by his looks and on the middle of the bed instead being the edge where he was close at.

"Who're you?!" And replies, [ I'm the system of course, I got no form and I'm pretty much made out of energy. I'm here to train you so you better be ready and willing. If not, I'm going to make things more painful and torturous for you, got that?! ] He suddenly yells.

I nodded my head and he motions me to come to him, [ Come over here and strip, or I'll drag you here and rip your only proper clothes that you'll ever have and own. And you better strip off all your clothes, even your underwear. ]

I quickly crawled over to him on the bed and stood up on the ground, then shyly stripped everything off of me while in front of him. I neatly placed my clothes in one of the drawers where he told me to put them in.

[ Great! Very obedient, I'll reward you for this. ] He waved his hand in front of me and I suddenly something within me. [ Now say status and you'll see the necessary information that you'll need to know of everyday. You speak in mind or through mouth. ]

I spoke "Status" and it appeared. It showed my name, how good my body was, how fertile I was, and a lot more things. [ Now you know how great you body was and ok you techniques are, and such. It's time to give you this Mouth Mission is, you have 1 minute to pick, failure to pick a mission, the difficulty will double and more torturous for you. The Rewards are picked according to how good you did you mission and difficulty it was. Now pick, you got a min to choose. ]

A interface appeared showing 5 Missions.


> [ Bare Demon King's Heir ] - Type: Impregnanted | Difficulty: Tier 1

> [ Relief Hero's Sexual Frustration ] - Type: Long Sex | Difficulty: Tier 1

> [ Fulfill Underworld Ruler Fetish ] - Type: Fetish Fulfilling | Difficulty: Tier 3

> [ Orgy with Angels ] - Type: Orgy | Difficulty: Tier 2

> [ Be A Toy For Evil God of Malicious Treasea ] - Type: Sex/Toy Slave | Difficulty: Tier 4

(Note: Difficulties go through Tier 1 to 5, 1 being easy, 2 Medium, 3 Hard, 4 Hell, 5 Nightmare)


".... Do I have to do one of these?" I asked the System meekly, [ Yes, you have 50 seconds till the Difficulties go up a Tier. ]

I wanted to do something easy and me being fertile at 75%, I choose the first one. "I'll go with [ Bare Demon King's Heir ]."

[ Alright, you wait on the bed. I'll bring the Demon King from Mileia. ] The system vanished into thin air and I rest on the bed fully naked. I waited for couple of minutes until the doors opened. I looked over to find a large burly man with a fierce look. He was half naked and I could see the scars on his body. His dark as tanned, he had horns, tails, and wings that I supposed every demon has.

The Demon King from Mileia looked at me with smiles and started to laugh. "Ahahaha! So is this human woman going to bare my child?!" He looked fiercely at the System, the System making coughing sounds and replied to the Demon King of Mileia. [ I could temporarily and for now, bare full blooded Demons for you. ]

"Please do, as I don't want to have Half Human and Half Demon Children." [ Alright ] with a wave from his hand, I felt something tingling within me and a screen appeared before the Demon King. The Demon King had a confused face and asks, "What's this?" [ You can pick what this woman's race will be and she'll become part of that race until you're finished. ] System tells him.

The Demon King nods and looked through the list and picks one of them races. I felt a painful change within me, I gritted my teeth to hold in the pain and soon, it ended. [ Shadow Elves huh. ] I looked confused and the System brought a mirror to show my reflection.

My skin was all black, had pointy ears, had all of Elven Traits of being beautiful and such, and I had a small but big horns protruding out of my head, and my eyes were black instead of white, with a purple pupil. I was pretty dumbfounded at the change.

The Demon King Smiles and looks at my lustfully, "Now this is better!" He strips off his pants to see his large penis erected. My expression and eyes were full of fear when saw his penis size, as it was too large for me to handle, even my husband's size incomparable to this demon king's size.

Without doing things carefully or something, the Demon King appears above me, pinning me down and shoves his dick into me, then going in and out of me. I was screaming in pain feeling his large dick in me. I couldn't do anything but let it happen.

Soon the pain disappears and I started to feel the pleasure, I moaned in pleasure while the Demon King move his dick in and out of me, fondling my breasts, even sucking it, I even might've lactated, giving the demon king something to actually drink. Once in awhile the demon king would insult me like me being a Slut or having a slutty body, and such.

Soon or later, the Demon King Came, but he didn't stop, it went for hours and maybe for days until the Demon King was finally exhausted. My womb was overfilled and my stomach looked bloated. The cum that was directly filled stayed and the rest weren't flowed out, the Demon King even penetrated my anus, and deep throated into me. I was filled with cum, and might as well smell like his cum.

I felt exhausted but somehow in the same time not. The System floated before me and told me to enter some kind of Incubator? It look all fleshy and disgusting, but I couldn't deny any of his commands. If I ever didn't, couldn't imagine to what he'll do to me.

I entered and the entrance closed, couple tubes or tentacles entered through my mouth, vagina, and anus, and some of the penetrated through my skin or body, like through my breasts or nipples. Unknown liquid started to fill up in here, and I had felt very sleepy, and I soon succumbed into sleeping.

——<Third PoV>——

The Demon King slowly woken up and filled with energy, looked around the unfamiliar room, and found Elaine, in the incubator and in a sleeping state. He saw the System watching her, and the Demon Kings asks, "What's she doing in there?"

[ She's in the process of being sped up of the pregnancy, and don't worry about anything. The babies will be born like through any normal process. Almost like time is speeding up. Within an hour, your baby or maybe babies will be created and born within her. ]

"Ok... got anything to do here while waiting for an hour?" The System thought about it and created something out of thin air. [ We could play chess. ] "Sure."

——<Hour Later>—<Elaine's POV>——

As I went unconscious or unable to control my body. I all the things that were happening, even felt a baby was rapidly but slowly growing inside of me then after 10 minutes it stopped growing, and now it was suddenly moving out of my womb and vagina?!

After 5 minutes, the a another baby grew for 10 mins, and after that, it repeats over and over until my 4th baby came out. My body was healed, modified a bit, fully energized suddenly, and not worn out.

I felt all the liquid was draining out and I could now move my body. I looked around to see what was happening and where the Babies had gone to. The Tubes/Tentacles moved away or out of me and it opened up, so I could leave. I could feel the strange liquid on me but I ignored it as not dangerous and the system might clean me or I'll have to go the bathroom to clean myself.

When I was out, I found the Demon King from Mileia and the System next to smaller incubators which looked more like Transparent Eggs with some flesh. In those smaller incubators were the babies. I walked over to them I could their cute baby looks, they had their father's and my looks as a Shadow Elf.

The Demon Kings nods in acceptance and said "This is great! 2 Boys and 2 Girls, them having a lot of Magical Powers and powerful auras around them. Seemingly they are very talented. Here's the payment for these beautiful and powerful babies."

The Demon King from Mileia took out a orb that pitch black and have these frightening and creepy aura emitted from it. The System grabbed the orb out of the Demon King's hand and said something like [ Thanks for you Patronage ] or something similar.

I watched him grab the Eggs with magical powers and left through the doors. I was extremely sad that the babies that I gave birth were taken away. [ Don't worry or be sadden by this, in the future, you might have to do these kind of missions ]

I nodded and the System cleaned my body, reverted me back to my original race, and showed my a the list of missions but the [ Bare Demon King's Heir ] was crossed out and gone, leavening the four missions there. And the Timer below the list wasn't ticking off. I wasn't sure why.

The System knew what was on my mind and explained. [ Right now, I'm giving you your reward for this mission, and the timer won't go off until you chose a reward within 10 minutes. ]

With a wave from his hand, a item and a orb appeared. [ here's two rewards you must pick. One of these rewards you pick will be automatically equipped or ingrated with you. ] He points at the item that looked like piercings that shaped and thick as a ring and they were pitch black. [ These are called Evolution Endurance Piercings, they are able to absorb cum or any bodily fluid to increase your stamina, resistance to poison or disease, helps retain mentality or moral, and more. The only down sides are two things, them being pierced into you nipples, nose, belly button, ears, clit, and two on your pussy. The Other is converting some or little pain into pleasure. ]

Then he points to the Orb, [ That's the power of having absolute resistance to poison and disease. But there are hardly clients who have disease or will poison you, which is the downside, being not useful at all. So Choose ]

The a different timer started to count down. I was getting nervous to what I should pick, between a power that couldn't help me throughout the missions that I'm forced to pick one of, and a bunch of piercings that make me look less of a pure woman....

I went through hard thinking and hesitantly said "I'll pick the piercings." [ Great! Now lay down on the bed, it'll hard a bit. ]

I walked over to the large bed and laid on it. The piercings started to fly over to me and started to attach themselves onto me. I gripped onto the bed sheets to withstand on the pain and panted for a bit after it was finished.

The System flew over to me and said [ I'll tell as a bonus for picking this, all the rewards you did not pick will be pickable after the next rewards picking. So now pick the one of the Missions. ]

"I know what to pick next already." I said to the system. [ Oh and what would that be? ] it asked of me. I blushed and said shyly, "[ Relief Hero's Sexual Frustration ]"


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