Sexual Torture Game/System
2 Chapter 2: Angel Orgy and Hero’s Sexual Frustration
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Sexual Torture Game/System
Author :ZeroNemeziz
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2 Chapter 2: Angel Orgy and Hero’s Sexual Frustration

[ Oh, another Tier 1 Difficulty... I am not sure if you want to get rid of all the easy missions or you are too scared to higher difficulty missions. *Sigh*, welp, wait here, I'm bringing the Hero from Marcrav ]

The System disappears and I relaxed on the bed while looking at the piercings that I have on me. I played around with the piercings on my ears and on my nose a bit.

Soon the doors were opened and could see the System opening the door and showing a undoubtfully handsome man into the room. His well built body showed as he was half naked. The Hero from Marcrav saw me on the bed naked and says to the System, "Is this her?" [ Yes ]

The Hero from Marcrav smirks and strips of his pants, showing his large penis. I was astonished at how big his penis was, almost same size as the Demon King, but right now it was not even erect and it's this big.

The Hero goes onto the bed and lays on the bed right up, almost like he was sitting position. The Hero motioned me to come over, which I did, and says evilly, "Suck my dick with your mouth and you better do it good." When looking at him, he had this look of a Handsome CEO or Boss than a Hero.

I crawled over dick and stared at it as it was in my hands, then murmured, "So big...." I held his dick to my mouth and started to lick it and such, like how I done it with my Ex-Boyfriend, Husband, and my Son. Why my son? He threatened me with pictures of me naked and some of them of me having sex with my Husband. He made me have sex with him once or more a day when my husband wasn't home, and when he was here, we do it once.

When the Hero's Dick was erect, it was thick as a Human Adult Arm, and reached all the way to his chest. I couldn't just use my mouth to pleasure him, as it was big for my mouth to do all that, even with my hands. So I sandwich it with my breasts, moving it up and down my mouth sucking it somewhere on the tip.

The hero was moaning very little in pleasure, to which I frown, as he wasn't panting, or moaning more louder. He didn't even look like he was even holding it in. I tried to suck his deeper into my mouth. I looked into at his eyes as I sucked even deeper to even try make him look like he was holding it in, moaning louder or panting.

As I gone deeper and deeper, it was getting harder and harder for me to breath. I stopped a little as I wanted to take a breather, but suddenly, her held my head and shoved his dick deeper into my throat, not sure, but reaching my stomach. He yells in pleasure, "Cumming!"

A Burst of of cum were suddenly in my stomach making me look a bit bloated. But it slowly grew as cum started to flow more into my stomach. My were reaching back into my head, my tongue was little out, and soon cum started to burst a little form my nose and mouth, but a lot from my Anus. I fainted into Pleasure and Pain, even tried to gasp for air, as he knew that I was choking and took his dick out of my throat, but his cum still was shooting out and they flew all over my body.

—<Third POV>—

As Elaine fainted, making a Ahego face, and the Hero continues to cum all over her. The Hero ask the System in worry. "Is she going to make it out alive?" [ She will ] the System through some of power into her and says, [ I gave temporary to be able to breath without the need of air. You can continue if you, without the needing to worry if she'll live or die. ] The Hero nods in and moves her body around, and goes on top of her, points and puts his dick right onto Elaine's pussy. With one motion, he shoves his whole dick into her, making a big bulge appearing out of her stomach.

—<Elaine's POV>—

"Aggrgg!" My eyes widen in pain and surprise, as I scream and gurgle the cum in the my mouth. I saw the Hero was on top of me motioning his dick in and out of me. I slowly moaned in pleasure as I gurgle cum and it spilling out of me.

For hours, days, weeks, and more, he continues to play with my body, releasing everything out of him, he played with all of my holes, shot cum into every parts of my body, making me fall into pleasure and being blank, but not addicted to sex. This could be why I chosen to be a Meat Toilet, or Prostitute for these kind of people, as I don't or unable to be addicted to sex, and retain my mind in the end.

Soon, the Hero finally stops, and relaxes while panting. "Finally I can relax and my sexual frustration is all empty now. Thanks for being a good prostitute for me release all my Sexual Frustration on." He says to me.

I had slowly retained my mind, and heard what he had said. I nodded, and the Hero smiles and leaves while giving a Item or something as payment. When he leaves, the Piercings started to gather and absorb all the nearby cum, even from within me.

When every cum was absorb, and the power of breathing without the need of air. The Piercings started to change form or grew. A Chains from my Nose connected to my Ears, Ears went down from my back which had a ring, then they moved towards my pussy, clit and nipples. My nipples were connects, and went towards the ring that was formed on my neck, that looked like a metal Choker. Then chains from there went towards my belly button and all that were on my button half.

[ How they are on the next stage already! ] "What they do now?" I asked the system. [ they their capabilities are more potent and you're more immune towards Poison and Disease, and all of that. ]

I nodded with satisfaction, even thought these makes more like a Sex Slave, it's capabilities were enough to make me satisfied. [ Now for your rewards. ] Two orbs appeared.

[ This one gives you the power to Breath without need of Air, No longer needing of the Restroom, and No longer need of hunger or thirst to survive. This other one can help you expand more, resist or expand more of parts of your body, to fit large items to hold large amount of liquid. ]

".... I go for the power without need of Air and such." As I am very scared of being able to breath when I had the hero's dick fully in and through my throat.

[ Very well, Here you go ] the Orb dispersed and surrounded me and gets absorbed into me. While the other orb disappears. When all of that, without letting the System bring up the list, I said, "I'll do the Orgy of Angels, the others are pretty scary and unknown to me."

[ Very Well, relax and rest with all the little time you got right now. ] I flopped onto the bed resting, and thinking back of how accepting I was in this Torturous game. But that is how I am, accepting everything that happens to me and let things flow, and try everything my best.

When the doors opened, I looked over to see the angel who'll I'm going have sex with. [ Here you guys are, fuck her all you guys want. ] A group of angels walked in, looking all arrogant, and such, unlike the angels I imagine to be. But I am in a situation of being a prostitute. So I guess it is pretty hard to find or see something ideal.

With waiting, they went right in fucking me, I could see or feel their dicks being half the size of the hero of marcrav, They every hole, my breasts, hands and thighs, to pleasure themselves with. When one of them came inside of me, they'll be replaced by someone else, and it would go one almost forever. Just until everyone was exhausted.

Also, for their amusement, they started writing on my body, or even draw. The System told me that they were temporary and would disappear after they leave, and I need to just pleasure them how ever I could.

I listened and I would sometime move my body for them. It got them a little bit excited, now they would slap my butt, or pull my Piercings whenever we or they cum.

It would take a couple of full days for them finished.

"Ahaha! That felt great! I might send a request to fuck you next time!" "Yeah!" "We'll all come back to fuck your slutty holes!" They started to talk all dirty to me, as they left, or pretty much gone. My Piercings would do their thing as I said something to the System, "They are very not angel like.... Hey how they even still Angels and not Fallen Angels?"

[ Angels are beings who are like humans, but they are powerful, but easily corrupted, but as long they serve the Gods, they'll remain angels. Angels you imagine are called Holy Angels, or True Angels. Angels become Holy Angels, by 2 ways, promotion by the Gods, if the promoted angels is pure and not very evil. The other is natural way, being strong and very pure. ] The System tells me.

"I see." I started nodding in understanding. [ Well here are your two rewards to pick from. ] An item which was a gag that looked is pretty looks like a Forniphilic Gag. The other was a Symbol of a Heart Shape and wavy lines going out of it.

[ This Gag, or Forniphilic Gag, is called just called Forniphilic.... well most of the stuff hardly has a name, the Evolution Piercings or whatever I called it is just something I named it as. Well, this will make you look more slutty, whenever you wear it and someone sticks their dick through it and into your mouth, the person would feel more pleasure, and it would also transfer his dick into your butthole and pussy, but it would physically be not there.... It would help you during Sadism, Bondage or whatever play.

This symbol here is called Succubus Blessing, or Curse, depends on who has it and feels about it. Helps you feel more good to both you and the one who fucks you, having sex would very slowly increase, stamina, charm or sexiness, and most of your resistances to some bad things that could happen to you during sex. So close ]

"Ugh.... It's hard, the absolute immunity to the poison stuff is all out, due to so many things that could take away poison, and the expanding stuff, is probably useful, but I'm not sure it would help, most of the cum in me would eventually exit, and it's not I would have sex with a titan.... would I?" I asked the System. It looked away and says [ There might be a chance, but they would reduce their size to yours, or you would become a titan or giant yourself, with my assistance... ]

"... Ok then, Forniphilic is just more pleasure for both people, and Succubus Blessing would mostly help me.... I take the Blessing." I told the System.

The Gag disappears and the Symbol flew over towards my crotch area, and would print itself, with some changes, above my clit or pussy. It felt all tingly, and my stamina had increased by a bit.

When I was about to say about the next Mission, the System spoke first. [ You have a few hours till the Mission Board gains new requests or missions for you. During this time, you can ask me any questions and I'll answer them with the best of my capability and access to. ]

Without holding back, I started asking questions. "Am I able to back to my home? How long do I have to do these?.... etc."

[ Every 10 Missions you complete or do, you get to return back to your world for an entire month, after that you come back here, everything during earth will freeze and you would come back in the same time you came back here. You have to do this forever, unless you're requested by the higher ups to train newbies, then during those time you're able to not do this for awhile. But if not training the newbies properly, you be punished harshly and might make you a sex addict for a while, then your unique ability would return you back to the normal mind set... etc. ]


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