Sexual Torture Game/System
3 Chapter 3: 1 Year of Being A Slave 1
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Sexual Torture Game/System
Author :ZeroNemeziz
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3 Chapter 3: 1 Year of Being A Slave 1

[ The time is up and the empty spots had been filled in. ]


> [ Fulfill Underworld Ruler Fetish ] - Type: Fetish Fulfilling | Difficulty: Tier 3

> [ Be A Toy For Evil God of Malicious from Treasea ] - Type: Sex/Toy Slave | Difficulty: Tier 4

> [ Become Meat Toilet In Hell ] - Type: Meat Toilet | Difficulty: Tier 3

> [ Fulfill A Sovereign Fetish ] - Type: Fetish Fufilling | Difficulty: Tier 2

> [ 1 Year inslavement for Harem King ] - Type: Slavery | Difficulty: Tier 2


"The hell!" I screamed in astonishment and horror. "I thought I would be Prostitute for powerful people!? Not for everyone!" I yelled at the system.

[ Oh, did I say that? ] "Yes!" [ Well, if I did, then it must be misunderstanding, as you're not just serving powerful people like gods, but also for powerful people, like people whose power equal to a Lower Realm's Hero or Demon King. In Hell, there is a lot of evil beings whose powers or capabilities equal to Either Hero or Demon King within a the Lower Realms. ]

I flopped down in horror as these missions are a bit crazy, [ You got 30 seconds dear~ ] when I heard the system say that, I panicked a bit and said, "I'll do the 1 Year enslavement!"

[ Well then, we're leaving this room. ] I got off the bed and went through the bright and shining door. It blinded my eyes for a bit, and soon found myself in some kind of throne room. I saw a handsome man with a dull expression looking at me.

The System appeared right beside me and spoke, [ This girl had accepted you request for 1 year enslavement ] The Handsome man, or maybe the Harem King, walks down the steps, and passes the System some kind of Gem that felt that it had immense power in it. [ Thanks, here's the contract, I'll come back after 1 year, or when she in some kind of predicament, ] With a snap from the System's fingers, tattoos appeared on the back of my and his hand, and felt a connection to each other.

Looking back in my memories how slaves or servants call their masters or owners. I got onto my knees, and said "Greetings Master." he walks and sat onto his throne, and says with a demanding voice. "Come over here and suck me off like it was a Lollipop or something delicious."

"As you wish." I stood up and slowly walked up to his legs, went on my knees, slowly putting his pants down and bringing out his dick. I was shocked that his dick was also big, I am very curious if this normal size and my husband and my son are small, or these people just have abnormal large penis.

Following his words, I sucked and licked his dick slowly and probably nice for him. I continuously do this for him for hours, and his dick is hardly fully erect. Nothing really happens in the throne. The Harem King just sits on his throne while I was licking his dick it was a popsicle, maids, butlers, servants, knights, just people who work in the castle or serve the king, just passing by.

"Hubby!" Suddenly I heard a woman's voice that felt so soothing. The Harem King's face suddenly changed and looked all happy to see someone. "Wifey! I brought a prostitute that would be our slave for an entire year!" He says while smiling.

"Really?" The Woman came up beside him and looked at me while I licked the Harem King's dick. "Why is she licking your dick?" She asked confused and looked a bit devilish at him. The Harem King coughed and told her nervously. "I was bored and wanted this new slave to lick my cock..."

"Ok then" She looks at me while pointing, "You! What's your name?" I stopped and bowed to her while telling her my name, "My name is Elaine Rosar." The woman's eyes widened, "Oh, you have a family name? Which noble family you're part of?" She asked curiously.

"I'm part of no Noble Family, I'm part of a World where most of the people have family names and pretty much equal. I was brought and forced to become a prostitute, cock sleeve, sex slave, cum dump, and mostly everything for people release their libido on, and I do it with/for powerful people like, umm your husband?, I'll try my best pleasure him." I told her politely or nicely.

"I see." She looks at the Harem King, and pulls me up and I lands onto her Shoulders, carrying me like a bag of.... potatoes? "Husband! to the Bedroom!" She said while running towards their bedroom. The Harem King had sighed and followed her into their bedroom.

The Queen, I guess, throws me onto the bed with her clothes gone. But when I looks down towards her lower body, I something erect, which made my dumbfounded. She was a Funatari! Or She-Male, or girl with a dick!

She leaned down and whispers to my ear. "Not going to hold back, as you're our fuck toy." The Queen pushes her cock right into my pussy, and into my womb. I screamed in surprise and then moaned in pleasure as I had pretty much have experiences with large dicks, so I got used to it.

"*pant*, such a beautiful expression you got there." She caressed my face that was half of a ahego face. "How about we make it more beautiful." The Harem King smiles, as he makes me get on top of her, then puts his large penis next my pussy which was occupied. I knew what he was trying to do, so I panicked, "No! Don't! It won't fit!" I screamed while telling him reasonable reasons to why he shouldn't put it in.

But he just shrugged it off, and shoved it in, which made me scream in pain and in pleasure. Due to they effects of my piercings and the tattoo. After a while, they finally came a large amount inside my womb, then rested. But they didn't take their cock out of me yet and just left in there.

The Queen touches and caresses my face again, "We'll do this again next time, but we'll bring the girls." With that said, she took out her cock out, went off to the closet and brought blankets. She wraps the blankets around me and drops me off the bed.

"As a slave, you cannot be sleeping together with the King on the same bed, so sleep in the ground with those blankets I gave. Right now, the sun had set and the moons are up, have a good night." She goes the bed and sleeps with the harem king.

I laid on the ground with the blankets wrapped around like a sushi roll. I knew what my role was and how I would be treated. But the Queen that seemed so nice, surprisingly had some bad or evil side to her. But I knew what my place was here.

—<Next Day>—

On the next day, I woke up, feeling all sticky somewhere on my lower body, probably because of the cum left inside me. I looked all around myself to see that I was chained for reason, in a different room, seeing the room being a bit different.

"Well, well,well, look who woke up." I looked at the door to see the Queen with a bunch girls following her. Their beauty heavenly, but lower than the Queen who is leading them. The queen undresses herself and commands her girls, without letting me say anything. "Fuck her until you girls are exhausted, if she faint, just keeper fucking her body. I won't be joining you girls sadly, as I have some business things with our husband."

With that, she closed the doors and the girls all jumped at me with lust filled eyes, and from their breathing, it seemed that couldn't hold any longer and are going release all their lust onto me. And they were all Funatari, I am not sure if the King is into Funatari or all the girls in this world have dicks. They fucking me non stop for hours, almost like they had to or forced to hold in their libido, or something. Maybe drank or used aphrodisiac.

—<Days Later>—

I looked at the cum stained ceiling, drops of cum falling down from it. All around me was just full of cum and naked Funataris. My eyes looked dull and lifeless, but slowly regaining back its full of life like eyes,it was my unique ability doing its thing. My stomach which was overfilled and made me look pregnant, was slowly getting smaller by the minutes and cum just very slowly going out.

"Oooo~, hows being raped and done things you never done before?" The door creaks open and the Queen slowly into the room and onto the cum stained or filled floor. She bends down to make her face above mines, and started speaking things that made me a bit surprised. "You should know by now that, the System had hired us to train you into the most perfect meat toilet for people to use. As we're great Meat Toilet Trainers, but with that unique ability of yours, it's going to hard. But though it would be good enough that all we done would be embedded into you. Even the modifications we'll be doing soon now."

Suddenly I got all drowsy and was sent off unconscious. But I was able to feel or tell on what was happening to my body, or even feel what was happening to myself. I was being carried off somewhere, down into, probably the Dungeon? Could be basement.... Let's say Dungeon.

I was chained up and made to be unable to move and then was sent back conscious and able move my body a bit.

I looked around and could see that I was inside a Torture Room, and chained towards the pillars, ceiling and floor. But unlike in the Torture Room, there was no blood or torturing devices. But there was cum stains and smells in the place, and the items were every Sex Toys and Torturing Devices to make people fall into pleasure, not death or pain. Though there'll be some pain during the process, but mostly pleasure.

The Queen walked in front of me and examined from top to bottom. She played and pulled my Piercings, "Hmmm, you're not slutty enough and you still have that feeling of that you're not sexy enough.... I am going to change that." The Queen commanded the servants wore skin tight clothing.

They brought a bunch of items and suddenly inserting a lot of liquid into my ass. I started to feel all tingling and in pain as I was feeling that I wanted take a shit, even though I have the ability to not need to eat/drink or even go restroom. "Wh-what are you doing to me?! Didn't he(System) tell you that I don't even have the need to go restroom!? I shouldn't even have any shit inside me?!"

The Queen smirks and replies to me."Of course he did, but I'm going to make sure that your inside are really clean and this is one of the needed process to make you crave for pleasure." She turned around and started to talk about things to one of her servants and leaves the place.

The Servants who were inserting enema into me didn't stop even my stomach was bulging to the point I looked pregnant. "Stop! Stop! I'm already full." I asked of them, but they didn't stop and continued until the 4 full buckets of enema were emptied. They inserted a butt plug and pressed something which made a clicking sound.

When they were finished, they left the place and leaved me all alone in the room, all in pain and trying to stand it. I've even tried to push out the Butt plug, but it didn't even move and was somehow locked in place, not even moving.


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