Sexual Torture Game/System
4 Chapter 4: 1 Year of Being A Slave 2
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Sexual Torture Game/System
Author :ZeroNemeziz
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4 Chapter 4: 1 Year of Being A Slave 2

A few days passed, and I given up on trying to resist and struggle. Soon, the Queen came back, "! PLease! Let me go to the restroom!" I yelled in desperation.

The Queen smiles, and snaps her fingers, and something had clicked. The Butt Plug no longer was holding onto me and flew out, along with a gush enema and little amount of shit were flying out from my asshole. "Ahaha! Such spectacular scene!" The Queen claps her hands in joy, and whispers to the servant beside her.

The Servant, listened and followed her command, that one servant commanded the other servants and they started to grab some things and started inserting needles with tubes that are connected to bottles that held sorts of different colors of liquids.

The needles were pressed into my breast, pussy, and just almost every part of my body. When they were done, I felt the liquid flowing through the tubes and were pumping into my body. I felt my sensitivity rising drastically, making feel a bit of ecstasy.

When all the containers were emptied, they removed all the needles and the Queen walked up to me. She flicked my nipple, to in which I instantly came.

"Perfect! Now let the training begin!" The Queen claps her hands and the servants start running around and getting this and that.

They took me off the restraints, to which I fell onto the ground powerlessly, two of the servants carried me to a recently assembled chaired the had large holes on the seat. They restraints me to the chair, they placed large dildos connected to machines pointing towards my mouth, and the two bottom holes.

The long dildo shoved into my mouth, along with the very thick and long ones up inside me. I instantly came and spasms countless time already. The Queen smirks, as she watches commands her servants.

They placed pads on my breasts and onto my thighs, when activating, they sent a sensational electrical tasing. My eyes were rolled all the way back.

The inserted a bottle into the machine that thrusting into my mouth. I the liquid flowed through the machine and into me, it tasted very similar to cum, which probably is cum.

They left me here again, but it was almost a month, the servants only come here to replace the emptied bottle of cum with filled bottle of cum.

After a month in leaving me here, It grew dull and numb to the feeling of these things going in and out of me. I stared at the wet and stained stone cold floor, until I heard a bunch of footsteps entering, and when looking at the people who entered this room, it was of course the Queen.

"I'm back! Today you have a different agenda, as you're too use to those beautiful things, so from now you'll be servicing men!" The Queen says as it was a good thing for me. "You'll be a public toilet for our citizen to let out all their built up lust. Now, servants! Take her out of that and out onto the City's new Meat Toilet Building!"

They ran towards me, unlocking and removing me from the Chair. I did resist them, as I've for a long time, moved, and I got no strength to do anything....

—<At The Kingdom's Center>—

"Greetings to my Kingdom's Citizens! Have announcement to make, and it's that we have Meat Toilet that was given to us for about 10 months! So don't miss this as she doesn't have much time to remain in this world." The Men all cheered in happiness, as they got ready to fucked me till death.

When the Queen got off the stage, leaving me here, all the men present with their pants down ran towards me and tried to fuck me. I didn't resist and started either, blowjob, handjob, and some other things.

It went for hours till midnight, then everyone left to rest or eat, as most of them skipped eating to continue fucking me. A group of soldiers and few Servant picked me up and brought me my room, where I would supposed rest, eat, bath, etc. and do my job.

As there was a supposed hole where I put my lower body, it could be in any form and then I would stay there for the longest time, I would even have to eat or drink while in that position I put myself in that wall.

—<Next Day>—

"Rise and shine! Prepare yourself and get your body in that wall!" I immediately woke up from the yelling, got myself cleaned.

I went over to the "Hole" and there was many cushion options for the many positions I would want to be in. And I choked the one for laying on my stomach. I attached the cushion, got into position and then waited for someone to just **** me.

While waiting, I thought about the location where I would now live in. This place in the residence district, the house was very square, and had these things inside. Though there are other houses around here, that are supposed have things and people to help me. Also this hole I was in, leads to outside, soo, my lower body is in broad day light.

After waiting for a while, I could hear voices on the other side, or just outside nearby. They were getting closer and closer until she could feel their touch trying to feel my butt. They even slapped it! They even spoke vulgar things about me, like saying I was some kind of slut or whore, etc.

I cried thinking about how my changed and was twisted around, people trying to make me a whore or sex slave for people to release all their lust onto.

After some rounds of touch and fingering, they started to put their cock inside me. One by one they would cum inside me 3 to r times, then they would switch. Looking at the window vents, to just spend most of time eyes watching the clouds moves and the sky turning brighter than darker.

Once in awhile I would be in ecstasy due people trying to fit cocks inside me, or abnormally large one would be here. Also, painfully/pleasure-fully, they would fist my ass, it would hurt for a long time, until I would get used to it.

Disgustingly, they would insert random items inside ass, such as marble rocks, smooth sticks, and such. Though I couldn't see what they are putting inside me, I could somehow tell what they had put inside me. Which is, good? Knowing what they put inside me, I'm not sure if that's good or bad....

For hours, I could feel my lower body getting sore from all the rough sex and inserts.

"You can get out now." A maid walks in telling me this, and helped me out, in getting out of this. My legs were numb and the maid had to help me up and walk over to my bed. She cleaned throughly and healed the many small injuries that I had. "Thank you." "Your Welcome." The maid emotionlessly replies.

When I was looking in top condition, the maid left, and I was all alone in this room. I played around with the chains until I was sleepy.

—<Time Skipping>—

As time passes, many things done to me, some of them scares me, as them seemingly tried to make me a masochist. Which was a failure, as my mind is still returned to normal, and the pain still really hurts, I don't really feel the pleasure in pain...

Anyways... for entire mouth, I was a cum dump, there was a few people who joined in to be part of it, some went with anonymous or public on whose hole is it. Anonymous ones were usually people who're of nobles or royalty. Even from other countries, kingdoms, or empires, joined in. Those who aren't of nobles or royalty were sex addicts, slaves, postitutes, and in debt people, as of then or now, women are able to get money as being a cum dump here. It takes awhile for people who aren't sex addicts to get used to doing this, but usually soon after some got addicted to doing this, but most just were, just weren't.....

After finishing my job in the Meat toilet business, I was trained, and had to get used to many things which was a Torture. Like when ever I was about to cum, they stop, do it and repeat. Though this technique is unable to break my mind, but it did effect my body.

My body had gotten used to the pain that I feel numb to it, and just feel little pleasure... unless I was given an item that'll turn pain into pleasure, then I'll feel pleasure from pain.

On my last month, I was sent to do an orgy with various lustful monster until I was sent back. All the monsters were injected with aphrodisiac that'll effect them till death, which they soon did die. My entire body was numb and it was hard to move as the monsters have mostly grabbed me and fucked hard without stop until they drop dead or exhausted.

And to not get me killed in this orgy, I was give. Various life saving and helping items, such instant regeneration amulet, or Life Saving Ring, etc. Also they have the monsters wear Slave Collars and commanded they fuck me till death and to never hurt me, like eating me, as they won't be given food.


*Splat* The Last monster drops dead and I laid on the ground that is filled with Cum and it was around my ear level when laying on the ground. I tried to relax and get a breather... I looked at my stomach which was bulging, as my Intestines, womb, and stomach was overfilled with cum, I slowly let them out, and I kinda didn't want to squirt them out too fast...

"So how was the past year in their world? Was it fun? Probably not, with that unique ability of yours."

That god damn System came back... He was floating like a Ghost with the Door to that room behind him.

"You remember me! I'm so happy, being here didn't make you forget about me." I just stared at him with hatred, as I was too tired to move or even speak.

"If you're wondering why I'm here, It's time up! You're coming back to get your reward and onto your next Task! JK! You get a Reward and a Off Duty Pass! So you're able to have a time off and relax back in your old home world. Congrats! You're probably happy about this, so rights get into the reward giving ceremony."

The System lifts me up from the ground and brings into the room, magically heal me with being able to move, and brought two different items.

One was a something like Slime Creature that was black as ink and the other one was the same thing but pure white.

"these two are Symbiotes that both have the ability to transform into any type of clothes, and would absorb anything and integrate with anything to make them apart of them, such as those piercings of yours. But the difference between them was that the Black one defends and attacks any hostile that would hurt you in a bloody way not in a lustful way, unless those lustful ways involves blood. While the White one heals you, restore mana or stamina in a very fast rate, could even heal your hymen or virginity. Also they would fuck you, embarrass you, humiliate you once in awhile and impregnate you. SO Choose, Protection against those who would hurt you or Restoration in Health, Mana, and Stamina?"

"... Black One..." Why? I want something that would protect me from harm, as there might be times were people that would want to kill me or hurt in bloody ways. Such as Murderers or Monsters like Zombies or something.

"Very well." The White one disappears and the Black One jumps at me. It expands and upon landing onto me, it would wrap around me, absorb the Piercings and then retract to slowly make clothes that I had in mind. I would feel that it would rub my nipples and clit.

"Now you're free to go back to your world and rest for an entire month! bye~!" With that said, I disappeared from that room and back to the place where I was left off from.


Author's Reminder for those who want Schedule for chapter releases... There is none, I write when I think of dirty stuff, And do tell what you like to have happen to the protagonist.

To those who don't know about the Protagonist. She's a MILF, Get raped from her son once awhile, etc... Tell what other things that had happen to the Protagonist.

Author Out, have a great masturbation for other things other than this novel


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