Sexual Torture Game/System
5 Chapter 5: Mother And Son Relationship
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Sexual Torture Game/System
Author :ZeroNemeziz
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5 Chapter 5: Mother And Son Relationship

I'm back home, in the living room sitting on the couch wearing clothes that I would normally wear. I would sometimes rub my legs together to feel a bit of pleasure, as right now I have a Dildo and Anal Beads up inside me I had bondage that are wrapped around me that would help the large vibrating sex toy stay inside me and not fall out. The Bondage was all in black leather and metal rings, not in ropes.

As to why I have these now, I had these on me since from the time before I was sent to that Room. But seemingly the toys didn't go there with me.

"Ahmmgm~..." I try to hold in my moans from getting out, as actually my husband is home in the bedroom sleeping, due to overworking and sleep deprived. I don't really want my husband finding out that I was too much of a dirty woman, as these things playing me.

"I'm back!" I hear my son coming back from school, and when gets to the living room, seeing me squirming my legs around and holding in my moans, he smirks and quickly drops off his bag and sits beside me.

"I See you actually holding them in all day, I'm quite proud, but I'll be even more proud if you actually held them for the entire time, let's see. Come to my room." I nodded and he leaves to his bedroom and I had slowly and carefully followed him into his room.


He locks the door and looks at me with cold eyes, "Drop those clothes off and get on the chair." I followed his instruction and laid my naked body onto his modified massage chair. He straps me onto the chair and started to press some buttons from his remote controller. The chair spreads my legs and tubes were inserted and connected to my mouth and three holes on my lower body. Along with tubes with needles attaches into my breasts. While he manually places tasing pads on every sensitive part on me.

And with him distracted, the Symbiotes dissolves into liquid and sneakily comes back to me.

"Now let's play the game that we always play." A screen appears from the ceiling and shows the question with multiple answers. "I'll tell you the punishments and the rewards for getting it wrong or correct." He smiles evilly.

"If you get it correct I'll only have water rushing into that beautiful mouth of yours. Get it wrong but correct by little bit, I'll have aphrodisiac up into those holes of yours. Get it totally wrong, I'll have to electrocute you for a few seconds. Now let the game begin." He smiles evilly and coldly at me, as I tremble in fear if I ever get it totally wrong. As I wasn't really trained to handle electrocution.

"First Question! Have you ever taken those toys out of you when I'm gone? A, Little Bit, B Yes, C No, D. Took out but put it back in."

I pressed A with my left hand, as on my right hand it has B, Left Foot D, and right foot C.

"A? Let's see." The screen changes into the recording from the hidden cameras my son had put around the house to record everything I do in the house. We could me in the kitchen cooking and I took out the moving vibrating dildo a little bit. But from the angle we're seeing from the camera, it's couldn't see what I was doing.

"Hmmm, I see no scenes of you taking it out by a little bit." He smirks and I paled drastically. "Now for the punishment." He presses the button and electricity could be seen coming out of the pads as I screamed in pain and in pleasure, due to the effects of the items I had gained from that place. And due to the tube in my mouth, it had muffled my screams, which didn't let my husband hear it as he sleeps comfortably.

After a few seconds, the tasing stops and he could see the amount of juice gushing out of my pussy. "Such a beautiful sight." He says while admiring me suffer.

And without letting me have a good breather, "Second Question, Is Dad home? Really easy question. A, Soon, B, Yes, C No, D IDK." I pressed immediately pressed B, and the screen showed my husband sleeping in the bedroom. "You got it right! How disappointing." He presses a button and water started rushing through the tube and through my throat, entering my stomach, making me feel like I was drowning.

"Let's break some rules, as I'm not satisfied with this mom." He presses more buttons and can suddenly feel liquid entering the through all the tubes and even in the one that supposed to be water! *Tzz* Suddenly the small electrocution started.

"MMMGH!!!" I started to scream as liquid pours into me. Tears started to run more and more, my face expression showing him that I was pleading for him to stop.

"Mother, I won't stop until this timer reached zero." He looks at me with his sadistic cold eyes.

The screen shows a count down with 60 seconds and slowly counting down. It brought even more fear as I felt all the liquid entering inside would make me bloat and kill me. But seeing my Symbiote doing nothing, as it job was to protects me from death, it brought me some hope that I was not going to die.


As 60 seconds has passed, All the tubes started to retract and all the liquid started to flow out. Slowing putting my hand on my stomach, I felt too bloated, to the point I was pregnant but it was bigger.

My son, Evan, ties a collar to my neck that has a chain leash. When the restraints retracted, he suddenly pulls me off, "crawl over to me like the slutty mother you are." I listened to his demands and slowly brought myself up then crawled over between his crotch. All the liquid inside slowly pours out.

"Now satisfy my cock with that mouth of yours." Looking at the normal sized cock of his, I went from licking to sucking it off.

Giving him a fellatio, licking his cock up and down slowly, and in the same time sucking it like a popsicle.

Looking into his eyes, it made me be reminded of how all of this started.

—— Flashback ——

It was in the time where my husband had to work overtime at that company he works at. It was just me and my son at home. He was in his room playing video games with his friends online, and I was cooking up dinner for us.

When I had finished cooking and and placing the dishes on the table, I called him down. Probably due to the temptation I was showing off, he went to get the drinks and had drugged mines. We ate the food I had drank the drugged drink my son had given me.

The Drug was slow, so I had finished eating then fell asleep after that. Waking up, I found myself in my son's room, tied up with my legs spreading open. I tried reasoning with him like we are mother and son, and he shouldn't be doing this to me.

But all of that was useless as my son's libido and his lust for me resisted all of that reasoning I had with him and he just, raped me. Going on with various rounds that I couldn't count how many time he cum inside my own womb. I got really worried that I was get pregnant from this, but learning soon after that my son was infertile somehow, made stunned in both happiness and sadness.

Me being happy that I won't get pregnant, but sad that my son is unable to bear a child in the future, which also means no grandchild for me. Though I wondered when my son had his fertility check.

Well, putting that aside, after that event happened, he started to become more bolder and scary in the same time. He blackmailed me with videoed and pictures he secret shot. Not wanting my reputation with my husband and in the public, I had to go along with his pursuits.

We fucked in the kitchen, couch, bedrooms, balcony, everywhere in the house.Even made me sit on wooden sticks on the chair during dinner with my husband and him. Even made go full on sex toys attached to me in public, while wearing no underwear. It always makes me fear when I was about to be discovered wearing these things.

—— Present ——

"Oooh~, keep it going mom!" Within a few minutes, he holds my head and thrusts in dick in deeper into my throat, "Drink it!" The cum came down my throat and I had to swallow the excessive cum.

"Ahh~, now come over here and bring your ass into the air." I brought my chest to the bed and stuck my ass up high. His hands goes around feeling up my ass cheeks, then goes over to my butthole that is pouring slow effecting aphrodisiac. He brings out a large case out from under the bed. Inside was full collection of different sex toys, and what he takes out from it was a large Dragon Buttplug.

He takes a tube out attaches it to the Buttplug, and inserts it into my uterus, then slams the Buttplug into my butthole. "Ahhh!" Catching me off guard, the entire thing was now in, and in the same time I kinda came from that. "Now, all that aphrodisiac in your uterus will transfer into your ass, along with your pee."

Spreading the lips of my pussy, "All it's left is this." He slams is cock into my pussy, and barely hitting my womb. "Mmmmh~" I moaned quietly and he fucks me.

"Moan louder!" *Smack* slapping my ass brought a small shock through me, "Ah!" He tugs my hair back, and slaps my ass harder and harder.

Slowly moaning louder and louder, "That's it! If you don't moan louder, I'll do hard way then." Bringing the position into a 69, shoving his cock into my mouth, and fists his arms through my pussy till I came. He even opened the entrance to my womb and played with it.


Hours later when it was midnight, I was on the floor stained with cum and aphrodisiac that still hasn't stop pouring out.

My son cleans his bed and before he went to sleep, he told me to clean up the mess in his room or he'll send a few pictures out into the internet. I rested on the floor for a few minutes, and cleaned myself with a towel first, then cleaned up everything in the room.

As I cleaned his room, I had a gloomy sad expression as I remembered all the things I went through and how my Son changed soo much, nearly in an instant. "I just wish everything could turn back to normal." I murmured.

Using up 3 towels to clean the room, and having to use a spray to remove the smell. Throwing the towels into the washing machine and took a bath, throughly cleaning my body. Trying to get rid of the smell that had stained on me.

As for the Buttplug, I removed it in the shower and had to remove all the liquid that were still inside of me. Looking at the mirror in front of me, the reflection of how dirtied I was.

After cleaning myself up, the symbiote covers me in an lingerie that I had. I had to return back to his room to place back the Buttplug and the tube back into his case. Finishing with that, I went into my room where my husband was sleeping. Slowly seeping onto the bed carefully, trying to not wake him up, and went to sleep.


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