Shameless Wife: Daughter of the General
23 Chapter 23: Contest 8
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Shameless Wife: Daughter of the General
Author :EmpressChloe
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23 Chapter 23: Contest 8

Fu Longwie was stunned.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought that Ying Yue could cultivate. Didn't this mean that he didn't have to kill her? Even if her talent was trash, and therefor couldn't be his Crown Princess, she was still breathtakingly beautiful. Fu Longwie would be very happy if he could have her as part of his harem.

As Yao Xiuying watched the expressions flashing across Fu Lonwie's face, hate started to bubble in her heart. She could seehis eyes go from confusion, to shock, to hope, to lust, and knew that with Ying Yue now being able to cultivate, there would be nothing stopping him from getting her in his harem. Even though Yao Xiuying was beautiful, it was without a doubt that Ying Yue was the number one beauty in the kingdom, and so as such Yao Xiuying's hate for Ying Yue burnt anew within her.

Why did that bitch have to ruin everything? Even though she was prettier than her, it didn't matter before because no matter how beautiful a woman was, no man would take her as the first wife if she couldn't cultivate. However, now that Ying Yue could cultivate, didn't that mean that her spot as the Crown Princess Consort was threatened? Yao Xiuying glared daggers at Ying Yue. If she could kill her with her just the look in her eyes, she would have a thousand times over already.

The Emperor, however, was suspicious about whether Ying Yue was telling the truth.

"Is there anyone here who can verify whether or not she can actually cultivate? We want someone to discern her martial level and affinities." The Emperor said, looking out over the crowd of people in attendance.

When Ying Yue heard him say this, she wanted to march up to the box where he was seated and punch the Emperor in the face. What do you mean 'and affinities'!? Couldn't he only test her martial level? That would be proof enough that she could cultivate. Why did he have to know her affinities as well? Now, all she could do is hope that there was no one who could test her.

"I could go and fetch the testing crystal from the royal treasury, Your Highness." Said an eunuch standing beside the Emperor.

"Very well then, go and get it quickly. We wish to know whether or not she is being truthful."

If Ying Yue wanted to hurt the Emperor, then she really wanted to hurt this eunuch. Couldn't he have just kept his mouth shut? How was she supposed to hide all her affinities? Plus, when she was tested earlier in the Boundless Spirit Pantheon, she managed to shatter the crystal. If she did that here, there was no telling how people would react. Although, one thing was for sure, they certainly wouldn't leave her alone.

While Ying Yue was frantically trying to think of a solution before the eunuch came back, she heard Jun Huang's voice in her head.

"Master, I think I have a solution."

When Ying Yue heard his voice, she was startled. "How are you talking to me right now?" She asked.

"Master, did you forget, we're linked through your soul, of course I'll always be able to talk to you. As long as your soul is intact, we'll always be able to talk to each other."

"Ah." Ying Yue said, "I suppose that makes sense. Now, what's this about a solution? Hurry up and tell me quickly."

"Master, it's not something that you have to do, but I can do it. It will take me a little while, but I can temporarily hide your affinities."

"Fantastic. Hurry up and do it then, it won't be long before that eunuch gets back."

"No, not unless you promise me something." Jun Huang said. Ying Yue could practically see him crossing his little arms and turning his but to face her in her mind.

"What do you mean no? This is no time to negotiate terms! We are dealing with a time sensitive issue here, and you said it would take you a little while to get it done."

"Not unless you promise to never kiss me again." Ying Yue seriously wanted to roll her eyes. Was that what this was about? The fact that she kissed him on his forehead? If Ying Yue could have at that moment, she could have grabbed Jun Huang and smacked his little bottom. Of course, she was currently not inside the Boundless Spirit Pantheon, and thus could not. As a result, she could only agree to his demand.

"Alright, I won't kiss you again. Now, hurry up. There's not much time." As Ying Yue said this, the eunuch arrived, carrying the testing crystal with him.

"Your Highness, I have retrieved the crystal."

"Excellent," the Emperor said, "Ying Yue, come forward now, so that We may test you."

Ying Yue cursed the Emperor a thousand times in her heart as she walked up the stairs to the box where his seat was, trying to take as long as possible without appearing suspicious. The whole way up, she was asking Jun Huang in her mind if he was finished yet.

"I'm almost done, don't worry. This isn't very easy you know." Jun Huang said from within her soul.

Once Ying Yue was almost at the top, she started panicking a little.

"Jun Huang! How much longer!?"

"Stop yelling at me! I can only work so fast!"

"I thought you were some amazing all powerful phoenix, and yet you can't even do this?!"

"I am an all powerful phoenix! I'd like to see you try doing this! If I could simply hide all your affinities I could just do them all at once, but since I have to leave some I can only hide them one at a time. It's not my fault you have so many affinities, OK?"

At this point, Ying Yue and Jun Huang were arguing with each other like a couple of small children. However, since they where the only ones able to hear their conversation, no one else was aware of the argument going on.

Ying Yue made it to the top and stepped into the box, where the Emperor held out the crystal for her to place her hand on.

"We ask that you place your hand on the crystal so We can see if you are telling the truth or not." The Emperor said, looking at Ying Yue

"Alright Jun Huang, it's now or never. Whatever you've done better work" Ying Yue said to Jun Huang, as she reached out her hand and placed it on the testing crystal.


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