She’s Her
2 Meet Li Lei
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She’s Her
Author :Miss_aayd
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2 Meet Li Lei

@@As the plane arrived the butler waiting for his young master in the port. Xi Ryu is a Half Chinese half Filipino. Xi Corporation is very powerful and famous company in Beijing also in Philippines.

"Sire, Some will compony you while you staying here, she will be here any minute." The butler said. Xi Ryu glanced at his butler. 'Compony? She?' He thought. Then a girl with a curly messy hair, bug glasses, and dressed like a maid stopped in their front. Xi Ryu head to foot her.

"Don't tell me she's..?"He paused then the butler nodded slowly. 'Can't believe this' Xi Ryu thought again. He seen many people who disguise their looks in the 'movie' but he didn't know there is more ugly than disguise theirselves.

"Miss Li Lei this is Xi Ryu he's the one you'll compony." She sighed and smile. "Hi sorry 'bout my outfit its just that I didn't go to the laundry yesterday and i read all the papers you passed to me Mr. Ji" Mr. Ji nodded walked to the car before he opened the door he said this "Oh i almost forgot! Young master, she'll be your neighbour and your tutor she'll gonna teach some Chinese characters, so that you can communicate with other people here." Then he get on the car then, left.

Xi Ryu still quite. He doesn't know what to say. Before he think some Chinese words Li Lei speak "You know, you can speak english I understand english so- no hard thinking, okay?" Even she still working of her grammar Xi Ryu still understand. He just nodded "so can you lead the way to my condo?" Li Lei rise her right eyebrow then she fix her glasses, she laugh a bit

"It's actually an apartment" she smile "lets go before the third bus go."



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