Spade Pirates
12 Chapter 12
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Spade Pirates
Author :P1y0t
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12 Chapter 12

"Why is there still a boulder following us?" Mira asked a rhetorical question with tears in her eyes.

"How could I know? Leo does something." Deuce ordered.

"Tch, don't blame if the cave is going to collapse," Leo said.

He turned around and kicked in the air causing a burst of wind attacking the boulder.

They all sighed.

"If I were to die, I wouldn't want to die like this. It just stupid." Deuce exclaimed.

Suddenly caved started shaking and making loud sounds.

"For real?! How can we have such bad luck when captain trouble magnet isn't with us?"

"Less the complaining and run already," Deuce stated.

When the three saw an exit they almost cried of relief.

"Wait, we need to jump dramatically if we leave the cave." Leo declared.

"Why?" Mira asked him.

"Because it's man romance." Deuce agreed.

Mira gave them a flat look.

"Girls won't get it. Like walking slowly away or jumping away from an explosion is freaking cool as well. It would be nice if we encounter some explosions." Leo thought of the cool scene.

"Don't jinx, idiot. Knowing our crew we might actually encounter some explosions." Mira scolded him.

"We are close to the exit. Be ready." Deuce warned them.

"Oh my god please catch me if we are going to jump," Mira said.

"Leave it to me." the chronicler reassured her.

They started sprinting when the entrance came closer and jumped.

"Deuce! The floor!" Leo yelled.

As a response, the blue-haired man made a stair of cards.

They reached the other side of the canyon.

"I have been sighing too much lately. I might lose my life next time." Mira shivered.

"Don't say that. If we are together we will surely be okay." said the optimistic cook.

"Hai, Hai. I wonder how the others are doing." the redhead worried.

"It seems we are unlucky. We didn't encounter the treasure but some weak-ass pirates." mocked a voice in the distance of the dark cave.

"They all look funny. Look at their hair. Red and blue." mocked another one.

"Dumb pirates, why did you come here?" asked another one.

"I don't know who the fuck you guys are but we came here to kick your guys' asses and to take the treasure," Mira announced.

"You want to beat us in a cave. Stop your futile actions and kill yourself already." voiced out the man who was the first to mock us.

He came into sight. He was muscular, a black beard but rosette hair, he also had a big gun on his back. The Spade Pirates had a shocked look on their face because what they came across was a triplet.

"The hell is with you guys! Mocking my hair even though you guys look like this!" Deuce riposted.

"Being insulted by idiots like you. You guys will surely pay!" Mira swore softly while looking at the triplets fiercely.

"Look at your situation. How the hell are you planning to avoid our bullets." said the pink-haired man who was standing in the middle.

"Try me and you will find out." Deuce indicated confidently.

"Deuce you handle the bullets, I will take them on and Mira, you should stay behind Deuce. Your big knives won't have any effect in this cramped space." Leo ordered.

The navigator and chronicler agreed with him.

The pink triplet pointed their guns towards the Spade Pirates and started shooting.

"Card Barrier"

Deuce blocked all the bullets with his barrier.

The 'Wind God' advanced forward and raised his knee, turned his hips, pivoted on his non-kicking foot and snaps his kick horizontally into the rosette triplet with the ball of his feet. The brothers were crushed against the stone wall.

"Why does a normal roundhouse kick looks so cool when you are doing it?" Mira asked with a weird look on her face.

"Mira you should stop asking stupid questions." Leo retorted.

"I can't help it with you guys around. Ace needs to recruit a girl as soon as possible."

"I agree." Leo and Deuce said together.

"Ugh. Let's go already and find the treasure of Anna-chan's dad. That damn old man and his dumb ass traps." Mira rambled.

"She's salty. Approach her with caution." Leo whispered to his comrade.

"I can hear you guys!" shouted the redhead.

I guess the award of worst luck goes to me rather than Ace.

"It's too bad that I fall back there. But at least I have a way out here." I talked to myself.

When I fell in the canyon and ended up in the sea. I swam ashore. I'm happy that I grew up with fishmen. A normal human would have drowned in here.

As I was trying to dry my clothes, I suddenly sensed someone.

"It seems I am unlucky today. I find a dirty pirate instead of the treasure that belongs to our leader. I can't have you lurking around here." said the man who wore a long black jacket that hid his mouth. He had dark green hair and slit eyes glaring at me. He was playing with a pair of knives.

"That's my line, damn idiot," I replied.

"What's with the confidence? You probably don't realize that you are at a disadvantage. What am I thinking a musclehead like you won't get it until you see for yourself." he mocked me.

My eye twitched. I unsheathed my sword and tried to cut him. But my sword never reaches him because it got stuck in the ceiling.

"Do you see your dead already?" he asked me with a sadistic smile on his face.

Because I couldn't move freely, it was hard to dodge the knives he was throwing.

"THAT FRUSTRATED FACE. MORE! MORE! DON'T WORRY I WILL SLOWLY KILL YOU." he yelled while laughing like a psychopath.

"As if you can kill me, damn wuss." I glared at him.

I concentrated and held my sword in front of me.

"The one who stands above, The one who controls the flames, the one who burned his mother to death, beseech me your ever-burning fire."

"Why-Why is so warm here all of a sudden?!" he started looking around for the source of the heat but when he realized it was me he turned pale and started throwing knives out of desperation and tried to run away.

"Fall by the flames of-"

"WAIT!" he yelled.


I dragged him his burned body away from so he can lean against the wall when he wakes up.

I rubbed my head at my situation.

I could just have let him die. But the moment I found out that she is a woman, I couldn't kill her. I should really fix this problem.

I really am weak against women. I thought as I advance further to regroup with my crewmates and find that goddamn treasure.

"Ace-san, is it really okay if we not look for Taiyou-san?" Anna asked the captain.

"Taiyou is fine. He is my first mate and knowing he won't die that easily," he reassured her.

"That's why we should hurry and find the treasure and regroup with the rest. Sticking together feels better than being apart." Skull stated.

When we jumped down to go further on a lower level we saw something unbelievable.

"So many people..." the ghost girl said softly.

They saw a small army of 200 carrying swords and guns. Instead of the treasure, they encountered a huge obstacle.

"Don't worry, Ace," Skull said all of a sudden. He something from out of his pockets.

"I took some dynamites with me. We can confuse them with these. So leave this to me, the other might hear the sounds and will help me out."

"Thank you, Skull." he thanked him with a smile covering his face.

Skull lighted the dynamites and thew tossed them around. Ace took the chance to sneak up and take some treasure hunters down.

The archaeologist jumped in the group and started shooting them. He managed to only get grazed by the bullets flying towards him. He took out his trump card.

He threw a giant pepper bomb in the middle of the group. It emerged the whole cave.

The cave was filled with black smoke but it flew away by a kick of someone.

"AP CHAGI! (Front kick)" yelled Leo while down a front kick that blew the people that stood in front it away.

"Shoot that damn skull guy already." someone yelled while 5 guns where pointed against me.

They fired their guns but their bullets were blocked by a shield.

"Am I seeing this good or not? Were you planning to explode yourself?" Mira asked the man who was wearing a bomb vest.

"Actually yes. The explosion would be enough to collapse the cave and take them down with me." Skull answered.

They looked at him speechless and gave him each at a time a fist busting the back of his head.

"I guess I deserve that." he laughed sheepishly.

Someone jumped towards them and landed next to them.

"OI! Stop the sentimental shit and start already beating certain chumps up." the black-haired swordsman said.

"I don't follow orders from you." Mira acted childish sticking out her tongue at him.

"I see. And I thought I was the First Mate. Maybe we should consider getting a new navigator."

"Like hell, you can replace me like this so easily."

"You are right. Every one of us is irreplaceable. So you better do your job, idiot." I replied.

"Tch, even though you're the one acting sentimental you want us to stop, blockhead." Mira retorted.

"Are you guys ready so I can release the barrier?" the annalist asked his crewmates.

Both the navigator and swordsman unsheathed their weapons. As for the cook, he went into a fighting stance. The archaeologist reloaded his gun.

Deuce released his barrier and shoot the parts of the barrier towards the enemies.

The sword-wielder and knife-wielder cut up the people up at the other side. And the gunner and martial artist knocked out the remains.

"Fear our power!" Mira yelled.

The boys gave her a weird look.

"What? I always wanted to say something like that."

"Ace-san I think that the entrance of treasure room," Anna said while pointing at a heavy wooden door.

"Yosh! Let's get fired up," he said while busting the door with his raw strength.

But on the other side of the room, another wooden door was broken.

The captain of the Spade Pirates and the leader of the treasure hunters looked each other deep in the eyes.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" they both yelled at each other.

"I'm Muteki Ishi. I'm the leader of the treasure hunter group called 'Gold Path'"

"I see. I'm Portgas D. Ace and I will be taking this treasure."

"Hm, I see. Getting this treasure and getting a bounty of this scum pirate is a wonderful idea."

"What you just stated is a dream that will never come true!" Ace stated towards him while advancing forward.

"You sure are confident!"

Ace looked at him closely and started analyzing him. He wore pitch black armor and had rifle strapped at his back. Ace suspected that the armor was made of Sea Prism Stone. He wore nothing on his head. He was way taller than him and had orange hair. Because of his height, he looked tougher.

"Kishkishkish!" he started laughing annoyingly. "Are you done analyzing me a brat?" he asked with a mocking smile covering his face.

"Yes! I am pretty much ready!" Ace announced while cracking his fingers.

"Come, brat!" he yelled towards him while having the same disgusting smile on his face. Ace jumped in front of him and punched him in the face but before he could do that, a hand appeared that smacked him to the wall at the right side. Aiming for the head is too obvious by now, the only way the bust him is his armor. He attempted to attack him again as he punched his torso with his flames.


"Futile," he stated proudly looking at his armor that looked unharmed. Ace had a frustrated look and continued to exchange fist him. Metuki Ishi was absorbed in the enjoyment of beating up the young pirate captain. That he didn't notice that a few dents started appearing on his loved armor. Not for long his pleasure was gone and he had frustrated face.

"Stop standing up already. This treasure belongs to my late father no to that stupid girl. You don't know how I have been living running away from this stupid island and trying to start up my life without any help. I was POOR. So poor. I hated it. If my father didn't cause that havoc that day I might have enjoyed my life. Only you are away to my goal to enjoy my life in luxury." he voiced out and started puffing loudly because of exhaustion.

"Don't talk like your life was more miserable than mine." Ace silently muttered while a huge fireball gathered in his hand. It was bigger than before. "You piss me off!" Ace yelled while punching the leader of the treasure hunter's torso.

"You are not the only one who has lived a miserable life," he said while looking down to the collapsed body of Ishi.

"I see. If I don't get the treasure-" Ishi was still conscious and had a lighter and a huge pack of dynamites in both of his hands." THEN NOBODY WILL GET IT.!" Ace was too late to stop him when everything exploded. The ground beneath him collapsed and he started falling and hoping that his friends would be alright. "Ace-san look there." Anna was flying next to him pointing towards a ship with his friends on it. A lot of cards came flying towards him. The play cards carried him towards the ship. He landed on the deck where he was happily received by his crewmates. But he noticed one was missing.

"Where is Taiyou?" he asked. You could hear the worry in his voice.

"I'm here blockhead." answered a voice. Taiyou came aboard with a huge sack full of gold. "I'm sorry, Anna. This the only thing I could find and carry with me without sinking." he apologized towards the ghost girl. "It's okay" she replied. She was slowly fading and started crying. "Now the treasure is in the hands of pirates. This way I can finally join my parents. Thank you Spade Pirates." she departed upwards with a gentle smile. As we said goodbye to her we continued our journey.


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