Sword Online
7 The World & The Regions
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Sword Online
Author :ga_ichiro
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7 The World & The Regions

"hey I'm back, I'm done changing." Kito looked at rina "Come sit down, Let us start this meeting"

Kai walked forwards and sits down at the table "First let me ask you a question what is the reason that you want to be king for."

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Kito waits for rina to sits down and then he looks forward "My reason for being your king is only one I'm here to change this world, I'm gonna change this system where the weak can live in peace where they do not need to worry to be discriminated by the strong." Kai closed his eyes and cross his hands "That are some noble reasons I can see now, I have heard from one of the guards that you are here from an other world so, for now, il start to explain to you everything about this world and the regions and the people."

"Please do" Kai opens his eyes and stands up and walked towards the bookshelf and grabs the world map and walk back to the table and sits down while putting the map on the table. "Okey first let's begin with the west region, the ranking as you already know there is till now 6 region that people have discovered and in every region, there is one king until you took the crown that is, and so there are now 7 kings. But let me start from the top ranking at the top there is only one man who everybody fears and that is the white king maru tokugami he has no lands but because he is so powerful he created his own group of the white fox clan and till today there is no one that has ever there to tell him what to do. And that is because he controls one of the 4 Grand Fantasia" Kito looked confusing towards kai "And what is the Grand Fantasia."

Kai kept going with his story "I shall explain Grand Fantasia are 4 of the greatest and strongest familiars that were born in this world the reason why there stronger then the rest is because they can use pandora box a power where they can fuse with their masters and become one to unleash more power than ever before. up until now, only 4 people had those power until someone like you

I still do not know how you got that familiar."

"I shall explain it on another day please continue with your story" Kai returns to his story "And now we go to the other 3 who controls the fantasia those people are called the 3 Gods of the Lands, you can say there are just bandits who made something of there self with power this 3 man took over the 6 regions by protecting them from demon attack. And it sounds very kind of them but there are just some bastards who are helping so they can steal the kingdom's money and get away with it, the problem is there much too strong to fight so everyone is just letting it go. And now we come to the 7 warlords just as it sounds these 7 people are known as war gods they are the only people who can come close to the Fantasia with pure power every region has their warlords in the west we have 1 warlord and that is in the wolf clan so that you know what were up against in this war. And then we come towards the 7 kings of each region those are the nobles that rule the lands that they have conquered up until today it's divided by 6 regions up until today most kings have a lot of power so we should be careful after all kings in this world are still kings so even the warlords or the bandits are afraid of a kings presence." Kito had a lot of question but for now, he kept listening to kai story.

"And now we get to the important part as you can see you see the 6 regions right it's pretty small on this map is it not what you see around us is the white lands and further up is the new world that's what we call the lands we have not explored yet because of demon activity. long ago we did have one man who conquered every land and that was the leader of the white nine tailed fox clan the former master of maru tokugami he was the man before you who had that power that you holds now the former king of the world. And his name was Gold No Renigai, so for now I shall explain about the demons among the demons there is the leader of all demon and that is the demon god luci. And other him are his 6 sons the demon kings up until today we have never seen the 6 kings so we do not know their names or how strong they can be that is the reason why we accept those 3 bandits to protect us. And next comes the 12 Demon apostle created by the 6 kings we only know them from history they are very strong monsters they should be in the league of those 3 and there 12 of them so it's pretty hard to go beyond the 6 regions as you can see. And the last of the demons clan is 7 demon knights you can say they are the warlords of the demon realm. Are you beginning to get how this world work and how it is put together."

Kito looks towards kai "I see this world is much bigger then I have expected I now see for who I should watch out for now. For now how I see it were going to take over the west region and then we're gonna unite the 6 regions in one and then we are going towards the white lands and the new world. And for that warlord, I will think a plan for how we will defeat him." Kai stands up walks towards kito "I shall answer you right now we can not defeat this warlord not at our level."

And kito stands up turns towards kai "Let me ask you a question why do you think that we can not defeat them" Kai grabbed kito by his shoulder "There is only one reason and that is because that warlord is my big brother among all the warlords he is the 3rd strongest of them all do you understand now." kito pushed kai's hands away "you really need to calm down I will handle him when the time comes I may be defeated but I can buy some time for the master plan. I'm not a stupid kid after all I'm a genius in making MMORPG so I know more then you think so I will think of a plan you don't need to worry about the rest the only thing you need to do is fight and win do you understand Kai."

Kai turns around and walks away "I hope you know what you're doing kito I'm going to take some fresh air to calm down a bit so call me when we're going to start talking about our game plan for the war"


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