1 Ants - an inspiration for HARDWORK
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Author :raghu_veer_1688
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1 Ants - an inspiration for HARDWORK

Have you ever seen a group of ants...They might be tiny but yet teach us a lot...One can learn team work, discipline and lot more...If you have ever watched a group of ants working you will agree with me...Let me give you a real life example which I have experienced.

Once on a weekend I fed up with my daily schedule and sat in my garden thinking about my good olden days which I used to spend here. Then there is one thing which drew my attention...The ants....Let me say this way they were actually thieves...They were about a hundred but slowly and silently theft a sugar cube from my kitchen...I thought of killing them as usual with human nature but I was a lot more surprised with their act.....Compare the size of a sugar cube for a single ant it is really huge and even impossible to move....But a group of ants made it possible....They have their own master plan....u might feel the word funny but it's true...they were forming a circle with which they started moving the cube inch by inch till to their kingdom....
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Even the creative part which surprised me was while moving the sugar cube one of the teammate was struck under the cube for which the team started rescuing the team member as priority instead of continuing their work which is basically the most essential factor a team work should have....Even the team must have a leader I have found their leader which is actually moving front and back with team giving them the direction they need to move... Actually this remembered me the Sci-Fi movie 'Ant-man' where a group of ants following the order of their leader made impossible possible. This day has actually changed the way I look at the world...Ants might be small in their size but taught me a big lesson....'Team work'

Here I just want to say one thing, while small insects like ants can do wonders with team work why can't we humans do the same? In my opinion same means not stealing sugar from once kitchen but doing the daily routine in a creative way which might reduce human effort and time...No one can achieve anything as a single person...All the miracles in this world are done by a group of individuals who actually work together on a single idea...

Team work matters a lot.....

‌The most important factor of a team to achieve heights of success is a good team leader. For success even the path matters which is basically decided by team leader. A good team leader can make a team work smarter to achieve success and vice versa. The team blindly puts faith on the leader and follows as ants following the path directed by their leader without checking themselves.

The success of a team actually depends on the qualities of a leader. So if you want to be a good leader to your team try to be smarter by yourself as there are many who follow blindly believing you. So buddies try to be good leaders which makes the team success and if u ever have time please do watch a group of ants which could teach you a lot...

" Ants may bite harder but the way they live will make u live smarter "


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