The Book Club
Chapter 3
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The Book Club
Author :KanyeInterruptedMe
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Chapter 3

3: In Which She is a Bronte Girl

After a gruelling day at the paper, all I needed was a bottle of Bacardi and Prince inside me.

Except that he had a ‘hot date’ that evening.

“Guy or girl?” I asked over the phone, walking into our empty apartment.

“Uh…both,” he replied quickly, making me laugh. He cleared his throat. “Any plans for tonight? Like Spanish porn stars?”

I sighed. “Alas, no. I shall go to bed early after a few solitary drinks.”

“What about that book club shit Erin was talking about?”

“Spare me.” I yawned. “I had no intention of going.” I thought about Stephen and shivered. Flopping onto my unmade bed, I kicked off my pumps. “I’m gonna hang up now. Your dates are probably getting pissed.”

“Oh. Yeah. Sure. But listen, you should go. At least the Spanish porn stars there will be intellectual.”

I giggled. “You’re retarded.” But I would go.

“And you love me. Now later. Gotta go.”

I took a quick shower after the call and threw on a frilly paisley blouse and black skinnies. Erin had clearly been over today, judging by the brand-new copy of Jane Eyre placed on my vanity table.

Nell – May you meet your Mr. Rochester tonight. Kisses, Erin

I had to laugh. Erin couldn’t possibly be serious. Still chuckling to myself, I shoved the book into my handbag. Erin certainly knew how to tickle my funny bone.


I was late. That much was evident from the number of cars already in the library parking lot. And it was only six-thirty.

Slamming my Fiat shut, I crept through the front door of the library, pushing it open with my elbow. The librarian’s desk was empty. I sighed with relief that I wouldn’t have to see Miss The-Library-is-Another-Planet Cindy. Erin had mentioned that the new reading centre was downstairs. Clearly, after a decade, our library had been upgraded.

“Janelle?” someone called from the stairwell.


“Hi! I’m Fiona.”

Fiona turned out to be a younger version of Cindy – perkier and prettier. Her hair was a gorgeous shade of auburn in a messy ponytail. My eyes popped out of my skull when I noticed her outfit – a quirky red-and-white polka dot mini-dress.
“I’m supposed to be from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland,” she explained, grinning.

“Were we, um, supposed to dress up?”

“If you want to. It’s not mandatory.”

“You’re reading Alice?” I mentally groaned. How…primary school. “I thought it was Jane Eyre.”

“You’re reading Jane.”

“I’m confused.”

“Didn’t Erin tell you? That bitch.” She took a deep breath. “There are about ten to fifteen of us every week… The numbers fluctuate sporadically – but we pair everyone up for… Oh fuckness. This is going to be difficult to explain.” She wrinkled her button nose.

“I’m all ears,” I told her.

“Good.” She paused. “We only read erotica,” she said with a straight face.

“Come again?” I asked, clutching my copy of Jane Eyre to my chest. I suddenly felt like a girl who’d come to a fancy-dress party dressed as herself.

“Oh, come on, Janelle,” Fiona smiled, pulling my hand and leading me downstairs and into the reading room of the library.

I gulped.

Oh fúck, Janelle, what are you even doing here this is weird this woman’s weird and she smells of oranges f*ck f*ck I am going to stab Erin!

The light in the library was dimmed to a dull glow. Fiona still had my hand in hers in a vice grip.

You will never be able to finger yourself with these digits, thanks to this woman.

“Relax, Janelle,” Fiona murmured, releasing me. “Erin said you were a bit uptight and now I can see what she meant.”

“She said what?” I suddenly thought of many ways to kill my best friend. Rat poison… Superglue down her throat…

“We get a lot of uptight people here. Take a seat.”

What’s that supposed to mean? Maybe I’ve stumbled into a cult. Or worse – a coven.

I slowly sat down on one of the wooden chairs, setting my Brontë book on my lap. Whatever was going on here, I was puzzled as hell and Erin Thomas was certainly going to regret the day she’d crawled out of her mother’s vagína. I was trying to get my eyes adjusted to the dimness of the room.

And then I heard a man’s voice reading aloud: “I entered her from behind, squeezing the taut skin of her buttocks and driving myself even deeper, until…”
I completely blanked out after that part, but it was then that I noticed the other sounds in the library; sounds that weren’t normally associated with a library.

Somewhere in the dark, I heard moans of pleasure and the unmistakable yowl of a climax. Fiona suddenly breathed in my ear, “Erotica sets the mood, Janelle. Don’t you know? Words are stimulants; the images they create are stimulants. This is what we’re about.”

“So what’s this for?” I raised Jane Eyre up.

“Simply for role play. Your Mr. Rochester should be somewhere around here…” She trailed off; I could hear the smile in her voice. “I believe I’ve found your Jane, my good sir.”

“Thank you, Alice,” a very familiar voice said from behind me. I turned around in my seat.

The man who’d kissed me the other week stood there, towering over me in my seat. Stephen, that was his name. How on earth could I forget?

“You’ve abandoned the Hatter in a very compromising position,” he continued.

Fiona laughed. “I can take a hint, stud. Have fun, Janelle. I know you will,” she said, winking at me.

I got to my feet after she bounced off. “This is sick,” I said, my voice steely.

Stephen pushed the chair aside. “Why?”

“This is nothing short of an orgy!” I hissed. It was hard to ignore the moaning and heavy breathing in the background, not to mention the reader, who was currently describing how he ‘lapped up her juices and felt himself grow with need’.

“An orgy is just about the séx, the fúcking. This is an affair with literature, Jane.”

“Don’t. Don’t call me that. I’m not participating in this.” I made a move past him. As expected, his hands shot out to restrain me.

“What do you want from me?” I snarled, trying to get out of his clutches.

“Since we’re being so bold, I’ll tell you.” He pulled me into his arms and whispered into my ear, “Do you feel that? That’s because of you, woman. You’re a walking turn-on and I need to be inside you.”

I swallowed, realising how dry my throat suddenly was. “Get your díck away from me, you horny little bastard.”

He laughed softly in my ear. “If you say so.” Releasing me, he stood behind me and casually turned me in the direction of the reader. “That’s Patrick. He’s a lawyer. Out of all of us, he’s the best orator. You can just listen; you don’t have to participate, as you say.”

“I don’t want to listen.”
Just like that, Stephen let his hands graze against the front of the thin fabric of my top. I never wore a bra when I wore this blouse, so he might as well have been directly feeling up my boobs. I instinctively leaned back into him.

“Shít, Janelle… The things I could do to you,” he breathed in my ear, cupping one breast in his large hand.

“What things?” I found myself asking, panting with need. My breasts were a sensitive pair.

“I thought you said you didn’t want anything to do with this,” he teased, tweaking a nipple. “Why aren’t you wearing a bra? Never mind. This is much better.”


“Ssssh… Listen. This is the good part.” Stephen removed his hands from my chest and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Pleasuring her was my sole purpose on this earth. It was why I was created. I felt myself begin to come and held back. She would come first; she had to.

Her wails escalated as she grabbed at my skin, drawing blood. Tiny zings of pain shot through my shoulder blades but they were outweighed by the explosion of ecstasy I was experiencing. She was tighter than expected. I felt her clench around me, tighter than I thought was possible, until I couldn’t hold back any longer. My c0ck was ready to burst and she was responsible…”

Stephen’s own c0ck was hard against me. I could feel him growing through the small of my back.

I closed my eyes, seeing the image Patrick’s words were creating in my mind.

Hearing someone else read a ‘sexy book’ aloud was taboo, wasn’t it? No one even wanted other people to see the covers of their Mills & Boon. And here was this balding lawyer describing a séx scene in great detail with moans and wails as his soundtrack. It really hit me then: People were fúcking each other around me.

I was practically creaming my panties imagining the simultaneous slide and retreat of various c0cks, the simultaneous contracting and releasing of wet, hot cúnts...

And then I felt Stephen unbuttoning my jeans. I kept my eyes closed, my heart racing. His hands slipped into the lace underwear I’d casually thrown on, gently brushing against the folds of my pússy.

Thank fúck I shaved.

He shot a finger inside me, making me jump back against him. As quickly as he entered me, he quickly retreated.

“As wet as I’d thought,” he murmured into my ear. His finger returned to me and he slowly began to explore my slick channel, swirling the pad of his thumb around my quivering clítoris.

I bit my bottom lip, already excited. When he increased the pressure on my clít, a low moan escaped my lips. I felt him press himself against me, shoving another finger up my hungry cúnt. He picked up a furious pace, groaning into my ear, fúcking three digits into me – until I climaxed, gripping his arm for balance.

Mortified, I yanked his hand out of my pants, panting for air as I spun to face him.
“God, I want to be inside you right now,” he said huskily, and I watched him suck on his fingers, tasting my juices.

“There are people in here,” I breathed, in awe of what he was doing.

“So? They’re more interested in what – who – they’re doing. Come here, Janelle.” He stretched out his hands.

I did.

He pulled me into him, laying a gentle kiss on my lips. “Miss Eyre, you are incredibly sexy.”

Right. Role play. “For a blind guy, I can’t fathom how you’d know that, Mr. Rochester,” I said, unzipping his pants.

“Hey, this is before my crazy wife got my eyes burnt. I like living in sin.” He shrugged out of his jacket and threw it onto the carpet.

“Do I…have to get butt naked?”

“You don’t have to do anything, Janelle,” he said gently.

I glanced around me. Somewhere in there was Fiona, fúcking a guy who was probably dressed as the Mad Hatter. A year ago, Erin had been down here with Harry. I smiled, despite my annoyance with her. If she could do this, so could I.

“Get a condom,” I breathed, pulling my blouse off. The cool air hit my breasts and instantly made my nipples stand to attention.

“They didn’t have those back then.”
“Yeah – nor did they have birth control.”

“Touché, schoolteacher.” He whipped one out. “I was just kidding about that. I always use one. I don’t want you to think I’m a disease-riddled –”

I pressed my lips against his. “Shut up, before I have second thoughts.”

“We can’t have that now, can we?” he said.

“No, sir…” I squealed when he picked me up and set me on a desk. “Here?” I asked incredulously. “On the…desk?”

“You’re so sexy when you act innocent.”

I looked up at him. “Stephen… I don’t do this type of stuff. I –”

“I’m just going to make you feel good, Janelle,” he said gently, stroking the exposed skin of my stomach. “This is just fun. You’ll have fun.”

He punctuated his sentence by pulling my jeans and thong off in one tug. I tried to get comfortable, but the fact that I was going to have séx in a room full of other people having séx was right there in my face.

Stephen surprised me by lifting my leg in the air, forcing me to stay on my back. My breath caught when he kissed my ankle, one of the gentlest things I’d ever felt.

“Jane,” he said huskily, “do you know your two-times-tables?” He kissed his way up the inside of my thigh.


Oh. Right. I’m the au pair.

“Two,” I replied, breathing heavily.


“Shít,” I said when he kissed my bare pússy.

“Wrong answer.” He raised his head. “They didn’t have these back then, I believe.”

I tried to look at what he was referring to and gasped.

“Hell, no,” I said, throwing him a dirty look.

“Jane, are you being insubordinate?”

“Stephen – cut the crap.”

“It’s Mr. Rochester.”

“You’re not…putting that…inside me,” I breathed.

He flicked the button on. The sound sent shivers skating down my spine. “Don’t tell me you’ve never masturbated before, Jane. I will be very astonished if you say so.”

“I can’t do this.”

Stephen broke character and gave me a kind look. “OK. Cool. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

But fúck it. Live in the moment, right? That was Erin inside my head. You’re such a pússy!

I spread myself for him. “Be my guest.”

“Fúck,” he exhaled, setting the vibrator on the desk. “I can’t wait.” He tested his weight on the table.

You’re really doing this, Janelle.

I heard him unwrap the foil packet and relaxed, squeezing my eyes shut.

“Hey,” he said into my ear, hovering over me. He was keeping the bulk of his weight off me, propping himself up with his forearms. “I’m out of character.”

I opened my eyes. “I noticed. They didn’t say hey back then. Hay is for horses.”

“And I bet the Jane Eyres of that time were simple and boring,” he said, kissing my neck. “Which you, Janelle, are not.”

“No foreplay,” I whispered, arching my back to graze my painful nipples against the flat planes of his chest. “I can’t wait any longer.”

Stephen bit my neck gently. “You taste amazing.”

Seconds later, he pushed into me. I huffed out a sharp breath, the fullness of his c0ck so surreal I thought I was imagining it. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he began to pummel into me, not holding an inch back. Stephen might have been gentle at first but now, as the powerful need for release took over, he was rough and feral. The table creaked beneath us as he stroked into me, biting my shoulder. The pain was sweet and when his c0ck simultaneously hit my most sensitive spot, I arched my back and came, clawing at his back like a vixen.

Stephen was still hard inside me and when I climaxed again, he followed with a guttural groan, murmuring my name into my damp neck.

“Spent, I collapsed on top of her, hoping that she was sated as well,” Patrick read, turning the page. “There were few things that pleased me more than pleasing this goddess. I would eat her until the Apocalypse arrived. She would be my saviour.”
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