The Book Club
Chapter 6
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The Book Club
Author :KanyeInterruptedMe
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Chapter 6

6: In Which She Sees Double

“What's cracking, Mother Teresa?”

I felt a slap on the back of my head and turned around in my seat on the couch, glaring at Erin. “Are we back in high school now?”

Erin sniffed the air. “I smell...someone who hasn't gotten díck in a month.” She leaned over the back of the couch and sniffed me like an eager puppy. “The smell seems to be getting stronger...and stronger...”

I slapped her away, laughing. “What the hell is up with you?”

“Nell, I've come to pick you up, OK?”

“We just saw each other about half an hour ago, Er. If you wanted to go out, why didn’t you tell me then?”

She threw her handbag onto the couch and climbed over, plopping down beside me. “Because you practically went Usain Bolt out the office! It was quite good fun to watch, actually.”

I rolled my eyes at her exaggeration, turning down the volume of the Supernatural re-run I was in the middle of. “I had someone swinging by to have a peek at the apartment,” I explained to her. “You know, now that Prince is moving out.”

“Ah,” Erin said, grinning. "The Exodus of the Buck Fuddy. Catchy title, don’t you think?”

I forced a laugh out. Truthfully, it was Prince's idea for him to move out on the grounds that our relationship was becoming incredibly “unhealthy”. I couldn't disagree there. Despite Paige giving me the all-clear, I was still so deeply ashamed of what had happened. STDs had never even crossed my mind before I caught one from Prince of all people, someone I trusted with my life.

Adding insult to injury, I'd probably given it to Stephen. I hadn’t seen him in a little over a month, though, so I wasn’t too sure but there was no way I was going to go up to him and ask. Plaisir had become a no-go zone. I was probably on the restaurant’s persona non grata list. I didn’t blame Stephen. Or Stella.

“Seriously, why don't you move in with me, Er?” I asked for the billionth time, giving her my best version of puppy-dog eyes.

Strangely, she averted her eyes. “Janelle, you know how much I love my apartment. Besides, the rent is brilliant! You'd probably try to rob me.” Returning her eyes to me, she stuck her tongue out at me in the normal-Erin fashion, before glancing at her watch. "OK, get your sexy arse into the bedroom and change. We’re going to be late.”

“Late for what?” I almost didn’t want to know. Erin’s idea of excitement was a stratosphere above mine.

“Book club, sweetie. Twilight’s this week’s book.”


“I can't believe I let you drag me here,” I groaned as Erin, with all the strength she possessed in her petite body, pushed me through the doors of the library.

“You don’t have clam chowder anymore, OK? You’re free to fuck.”

I wrinkled my nose. “Clam chowder?”

“Chlamydia, babe.” She sighed. “Look, Bella. All you have to do is scope out a Jacob or Edward – or both – and have some fantastic supernatural séx. I bet Stephen won’t even be here.”

“Is that what you think I'm worried about?” Oh, Erin knew me too fúcking well.

Erin paused, giving me an irritated look. “You got an STD. Big deal. In fact, I’m shocked you didn’t catch one sooner. For all Prince’s good looks and sex appeal, he's probably riddled with all kinds of diseases.” She gave me a serious look, eyes wide. “Some of them probably haven’t even been discovered yet.”

I gave her a playful shove. "He doesn't sleep around as much as you think he does," I told her, still defending him after everything. He was still my friend, despite how unhealthy our friendship had become.
“Yeah – and Stars are Blind deserved a Grammy. Nell, this is supposed to be fun. And you did have fun the last time you came, right?"

I thought back to how Stephen had made me feel sexy, had made me come – and nodded.

“So this isn't a big deal, is it? And in case you're wondering, I brought the protection. No glove, no love, honey. Remember that.”

“I thought I heard voices!” Fiona's cheerful voice called from the top of the stairs leading downstairs. This time, she wore a brunette pixie-bob wig that made her eyes look bigger than normal. “I'm Alice Cullen,” she said, giving us a wink. She looked us over. "And don't tell me... Dark, angsty look - black everything... You're Bella.” She pointed at me then gazed at Erin. "Renesmee-gone-Jersey Shore?"

Erin threw her head back and laughed. “Hey, I'm supposed to be a kid. A sexy one, nonetheless.”

“No, no, I like it - and I'm sure all the paedo Jacobs will too.” Alice took our hands. “Stephenie Meyer's den of sin awaits us, ladies.”

“ Stephen here? Ritter,” I asked Fiona feebly. I hated sounding so pathetic but I couldn’t help it where this man was concerned. I was so embarrassed.

Fiona shook her head. “Hasn't been in a while, actually. The regulars miss him. Like me.”

“You've slept with him?” The sharpness in my tone made Erin send me a knowing look. I ignored it, and tried to ignore the spike of jealousy in my heart as well. Please say no… Please say…

“Of course.”

A stab of anger shot right through me, which was absolutely silly. For starters, Stephen never wanted to see me again. I didn’t even blame him, couldn’t blame him.

There seemed to be more people tonight and I turned to Erin to give her a dirty look. More people meant more eyes. Was I really ready to be such an exhibitionist? An exhibitionist and a voyeur. Filthy. Perverted. Sexy.

The repetitious sound of random people climaxing filled the air like a scratched CD, taking me back to my first evening at the book club. Someone different was reading - and this time, like Erin had pointed out, it was Twilight.

I couldn't stand the so-called 'saga'. Like most people, I'd gone out to my local bookstore and purchased one in an attempt to understand the hype. Years later, it was now in my bathroom as a stand for my potted plant on the floor.

However, seeing so many naked ‘werewolves’ and ‘vampires’ in one room was a fantasy I'd contemplated. Being with someone like Eric Northman or Damon Salvatore was every woman's dream. Raw animal prowess and sex appeal? Irresistible.

"Take your pick, babe," Erin whispered in my ear, her arm around my waist.

Thank God there's no Stephen, I thought with relief, after squinting in the dim light trying to spot him.

"I'm going with werewolf," I said, giggling at how silly I sounded to my own ears. "I think I need to be ripped apart after the ordeal I’ve been through."

"That's the spirit." Erin was suddenly whisked away from me by a tall, pale stranger - clearly a vamp.

"Are you Alice?" he asked, his voice slightly tinged with a strong Scottish accent.

"Depends on who's asking," she replied coyly.
"James. Victoria's out of town, so I feel the need to sleep with the enemy. Literally."

I walked away right then, nearly gagging at how cheesy the guy sounded. He’d obviously read the books or watched the movies. What a saddo of a grown man.

But Erin would eat him up. The fact that he was so into his ‘role’ would only turn her on.

Good for Er, I mused to myself, now feeling the first sweep of cold feet. What am I doing here without Stephen?

Despite our last mortifying encounter, a little part of me was hoping to bump into Stephen, if not to just apologise for accusing him of giving me "quot;clam chowder" and or for giving it to him as well. Just the thought of saying those words made my face heat up with humiliation.

“What are you doing standing in a corner alone?” a slightly accented voice asked in disbelief.

I realised that I’d zoned out and was currently staring at my shoes like a dolt. Looking up, I found myself staring at one of the most perfect olive-skinned men I'd ever seen. I felt like a complete teenager, tongue-tied and gaping.

"I'm supposed to be Carlisle but I guess no one's interested in an old doctor," he chuckled, leaning against the wall beside me. I placed his accent as French.

A French guy... Oh my. Isn't French the language of love?

"You're not old," I found myself saying. "Is that a wig?" I asked, gesturing at his mop of bone-straight silver hair.

He laughed, fingering one lock. "Prematurely grey, unfortunately."


"I'm Luc, by the way," he told me, sticking out his hand.

I took it. "Janelle."

"Pretty. Very pretty. So...I believe I asked you what you're doing here alone?" he prodded, giving me a slow smile. "I don't believe I've ever seen you around here."

"This is only my second time. Orgies? Not really my thing."

"It's only an orgy if you want it to be," Luc said quietly, just as Erin gave out a piercing scream (it was disgusting how I knew what kind of noises she made when she came).

"I've never - "

"Have you ever thought about a threesome?"

"A threesome?" I played with the word in my mouth.

"It's not an orgy. Much, much better than five men pouncing on you. But double the fun."

Mother Teresa, Erin's voice said in my head.

"Who would the third person be?" I asked, curious despite myself.

"Sorry I'm late," another deep voice said, approaching us. "Good thing your hair's like a lighthouse!"

"Janelle, this is my brother Paul," Luc said, slapping a hand on the giant’s back.

They were identical – tall, dark and incredibly handsome – save for their hair. While Luc’s was a gleaming white, Paul’s was the polar opposite: Raven-black. Their eyes – forest-green and long-lashed – looked at me with twin desire.

Sweet baby Suri, this is unreal!

Two very attractive, very big guys were looking at me like I was the last piece of chicken at a family reunion. Was it possible to get so aroused by simple predatory eye-fúcking?

Yes. Yes, it is.
"Janelle, you are beautiful." Paul was the first to speak, taking my hand in his and pecking the inside of my wrist.

"Th-thank you," I stammered out, feeling my face heat up. The feel of his lips against my skin made the tiny hairs on my arms stand up.

Luc looked at me knowingly. "So Janelle, ma petite... Are you interested?"

I glanced from brother to brother. "Just one question: Who's Paul supposed to be?"

He tilted his head to one side. "Emmett, of course. Can't you tell?" He gestured at his white wife beater, flexing his arms in an exaggerated fashion.

"I always imagined Emmett to have a big díck,” I said to myself, then couldn’t believe I’d said it aloud.

But Paul grinned. “Then I guess that really does make me Emmett.”


Luc kissed me first. It made sense, since he’d instigated this whole thing.

He was both gentle and needy, his hands roaming all over my body and cupping my buttocks. He pressed himself against me, his erection begging to be noticed. As quickly as he touched me, he suddenly disappeared and was replaced by his brother.

Paul was the opposite - animalistic and forceful. Parting my lips, I let his tongue dart inside and he bit down on my bottom lip. Hard. I let out a yelp of pain and he squeezed my arse in his hands, kneading it like dough. I found myself becoming wetter by the second, so excited by the obvious difference between the two.

Without warning, Paul pulled away and ripped my top over my head, discarding it on the carpet. Blood rushed to my skull, ringing in my ears. Luc came up behind me, unhooking my bra and cupping my breasts in his hands. He was gentle about it. Elongating my nípples between two fingers, he bent down and sucked on the delicate skin of my neck, grazing it gently with his teeth like a teasing vampire.

Paul’s fingers slipped into my leggings and underwear, searching for entry. The double combination of sensations was quickly becoming too much for me; I desperately needed release.

Leaning into Luc, I could once again feel the reassuring steel of his c0ck pressing against the small of my back and instantly wondered what it would feel like to have him balls-deep inside me while his brother played with my clít.

Paul was gently playing with my pussylips, toying with me, taunting me. I felt like screaming at him to stop the teasing when he suddenly shoved two fingers deep within my dripping heat. The shock of it sent me jumping and I couldn’t stop my scream of pleasure even if I wanted to. I was wet, so wet I thought I could hear the squelching sound his fingers made as he fúcked his fingers into me repeatedly.

Rocking back and forth against his hand, I could feel myself reaching the brink of a backbreaking climax. I was so close I could almost feel it. As Paul increased the pressure on my cl!t and Luc squeezed my breasts in his hands, a vision of Stephen flashed in front of my eyes. It wasn’t fair that he was creeping into my thoughts at such a profoundly séxual moment. Guilt shrouded me like a dirty blanket. I tried to shake it off.

Think about what’s happening now, Nell, I told myself, gripping Paul and finally, finally coming. As silently as I possibly could. My own musky scent filled the air, wafting up my nostrils. I sighed.

They both stopped what they were doing.

“I think you’re ready,” Luc whispered in my ear, his voice strangled.

Paul took my hand and led me to a desk. I briefly wondered if it was the same desk Stephen had fúcked me on the first time I’d come there.
“Undress,” the raven-haired brother commanded, standing beside his brother. Side by side, they looked both intimidating and absolutely godlike.

Uninhibited, I removed the last vestiges of my clothing. After all, everyone in that room was naked as well. I had just had an orgásm in front of them. It would've been foolish for me to turn prudish right then.

Standing still, the brothers’ eyes appreciatively swept over my body. Paul unbuckled his belt and whipped his c0ck out, just like that. My eyes widened at the sheer size of it.

Surely that’s illegal?

“Come here, Janelle,” he murmured, breaking out of character. He wrapped a fist around the thick base of his curved erection. “How flexible are you, sweet thing?”

“Ballet for ten years. I’d say pretty flexible,” I replied truthfully, unable to drag my eyes away from his erection.

“Then bend. Ninety degrees. And blow me.”

I swallowed. Had I ever engaged in anything this...dirty before? No. Never.

“Emmett doesn’t beat about the bush,” Luc growled into my ear. Then, he said more gently, “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. And I swear, we use protection.”

Music to my ears, I thought, laughing weakly. The last thing I wanted was to catch anything. Again.

Swallowing, I examined Paul’s c0ck critically. He was incredibly hard and it didn’t even look like his full size. It was difficult to imagine he could fit in anyone in that state, let alone my tiny mouth. Licking my lips, I did as he’d said and bent, taking his sheathed length in my hands with great difficulty. Paul’s hands gripped my arse, steadying me as I went to work.

Stroking along the shaft, I felt him grow harder, thicken between my hands. He gripped a clump of my hair and steadily began to rock inside my hand. Without waiting too long, I put him into my mouth, grazing the crown with my front teeth. He released a moan, trembling as he hit the back of my throat. For one crazy second, I wondered what he tasted like and wished he wasn’t wearing a cond0m.


I had worked out a rhythm when I suddenly felt it: Luc was about to enter me from behind.

I wasn’t really into anal, though Prince and I had once experimented once with a díldo up my arse. Hell, most of the guys I slept with were supposed to be ‘safe’. Anál was something out of a porno. And now here was this random guy dressed as Carlisle Cullen trying to do it with me.

Surprisingly, the sensation was explosive. Invasive, but…the way he played with my clít at the same time – Explosive.

Luc rubbed the tip of his c0ck against my pússy before running it against my anu$, back and forth, lubing the tiny, puckered hole. Then I felt it: A finger sliding right inside me. I made a strange noise of shock in my throat, the vibration in my mouth transferring to Paul's c0ck in my mouth and making him groan with uninhibited pleasure.

From what I could tell, Luc was using his middle finger, slicking it with my own juices and plunging it into my as$. The sensation was strange and for a minute, all I could do was concentrate on the fact that something was going into a hole that was meant for an exit. He added another finger, simply massaging my sphincter muscles for a long while, before easing another into me. Three fingers were up my arse, doing something so forbidden I should’ve protested. But I didn’t. He was thumbing my clít at the same time and it felt incredibly good.

I had neglected Paul and, unimpressed, he thrust into me violently, hitting the back of my throat again and nearly making me gag. At that exact moment, Luc began to enter me slowly; gently. I groaned from the fullness and painful sensation. He reached around and rubbed my clít and I inadvertently jerked back against him, causing his c0ck to fully penetrate me. Once he was settled deep inside, he began to pummel against me, shocking the living hell out of me.

Paul exploded inside my mouth just then, pulling at my hair painfully. I just about screamed the place down, begging them to fúck me to death, to make me cúm.

They did.

When it was over and Luc had pulled out, I realized that there was nothing I wanted more than to feel a díck as big as Paul’s obviously was inside me.

I told him, still recovering from my massive climax. He grinned, a smile playing across his lips.

“I think we can make that happen, Bella.”

Thank you, Stephenie Meyer, I thought gratefully as he led me back to the table.

All thoughts of Stephen had flown out the window.
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