The Demon Lords Adviser
9 Hardest Battle Yet! Second Half
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The Demon Lords Adviser
Author :Fishayfishay101
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9 Hardest Battle Yet! Second Half

I start thinking about how I can turn this situation around, I'm staring down 3 people who are already preparing to attack and to make matters worse these 3 people's levels shouldn't be lower than 90.

I decide to wait for them to attack first then I'll go after the archer while he dosen't have an arrow drawn, I'm hoping that I can kill the archer and get the skill he used to make that clone earlier.

After about 3 seconds of staring each other down the mage shoots a massive fireball at me which I ignore, I'm immune to fire thanks to [Flame Body].

I charge straight through the fireball which burns some of my clothes and head for the archer, The mage has an expression of shock, the archer sees this and looses his arrow at me while the warrior with the greatsword also starts rushing me.

I use harden on my left shoulder, the place the arrow will hit as well as using Iron wall to increase my endurance and [Flame Body] to hopefully disintegrate the arrow though the chances of that are pretty slim.

The arrow approaches rapidly and is soon hitting me luckily [Flame Body] softened the metal arrow enough that it couldn't penetrate Harden and Iron wall.

Now the problem is that the warrior is incoming fast, I immediately use Fire and Lightning magic along with poison breath at him while using Ice magic to freeze the ground between us.

Now that I have stalled the warrior and the mage is preparing her next spell, I need to kill the archer.

I charge at full speed while the archer starts retreating, I use Ice magic to freeze the archers feet temporarily then use Lightning magic to destroy what I'm sure is a body double.

Just as I thought that 'archer' fades away and the real one appears about 2 feet from me with a dagger already stabbing towards my heart.

I activate [Shapeshifter] and move my heart then use harden on the place he is stabbing, I then use [Flame Body] on my left hand and the place he is stabbing.

The archers stab connects and manages to stab pretty deep even through [Flame Body] and Harden but my heart is already not there so I don't take much damage.

I use the time when he is stabbing me to grab his neck and kill him with my already active [Flame Body].

"You have received the skill Illusion body" (Dull Voice)

Yes I got the skill I wanted, this can turn the tide!

I now start heading towards the mage who is almost done charging her spell, the warrior intercepts and swings his greatsword at me.

He ends up destroying my Illusion body while I have entered striking distance with the mage, I use magic edge and swing towards the mages neck killing her instantly!

"You have received the skill Mind magic"

I think about how to use my new skill while staring down the warrior who looks pretty enraged.

My plan was to capture 1 but I no longer have the confidence to do that so I will just kill him.

I get into the fool's guard and wait for him to attack.

He lunges and stabs at my chest just as I'd hoped, I activate Magic edge and swing my sword up parrying his blow then I swing down and split him in 2.

"You have received the skill Heavy strike" (Dull Voice)

I have no energy to be excited and just slump against a wall to rest for a bit.


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