The Myriad Hack System
34 Chapter 33: Pathetic Lega 18+
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The Myriad Hack System
Author :Arone
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34 Chapter 33: Pathetic Lega 18+

An hour after Yumina and Raizel's conversation, Yumina returned to the village with four carts and Raizel's pet human family. However, the family of five could not be more confused. Because there was nothing but a huge boulder in from of them.

"My lady, are we in the right place? I don't remember such a huge boulder being here." Nao asks.

"This thing could be a mini-mountain... how the hell did it even get here!" Jull was also astounded. But Yumina paid to heed to their queries and directly moved towards the boulder.

"Lady!" Vina exclaims worried the lady would hit upon the huge rock. But suddenly a creak opened on the surface of the rock, widening itself into a door big enough for the carts to enter. The group quickly followed behind Yumina, donning obvious shock on their faces.

*Pa Pa Pa...* (Multiple Goblins)


*Pa Pa Pa...*(Multiple Wolves)


The infernal sight of goblins and wolves mating in the open, their moans ringing loudly all around till the shield protecting the village. Vina and Lega-- faces turned red and they quickly covered their children's eyes. However, the euphemistic moaning still violated their ears.

"Isn't that what mom and dad do sometimes at night?" Jull and Nao, the twins asked innocently. Instantly both Lega and Vina reddened to the extreme, so ashamed that they wanted to run away right that moment.


"Let's go meet master, hurry" Lega says, both parents proactively pulled their children and rapidly advanced to Raizel's hut. They hastily enter the hut only have their eyes assaulted with another lewd scene.




None of the people inside the hut could take their eyes off Yumina, as she gracefully yet playfully tucked Raizel's rod in her mouth, teasing with every stroke of her lecherous red lips.

Jull, Nao, and Lega were mesmerized by the scene of Yumina's blowjob, while Vina and Lizy were looked dazedly at Raizel's rod. It was a huge, green, and ugly rod but for some reason, it charmed them.

[Human Tainted Witches, come here.]

Seeing the horny males in the hut, Raizel summons the tainted witches, who were on stand by in the village. Their orders were to leave for the human nation and open brothels there. But they couldn't just pop out of nowhere and remain undetected by the authorities.

Naturally, with their beauty and abilities, they would become famous in the red light areas. Then background checks of various parties would be inevitable. Thus, Raizel planned to make Lega's tribe their background to ease the suspicion on them and have a smoother path conquering the underworld of the nation.

Soon the four ladies entered the hut and appeared in front of the three horny males who were desperately trying to suppress their unsettled craving. But that only lasted till they saw the four beautiful witches. The three father and sons could no longer hold it in, their eyes reddened like hungry beasts and minds clouded with only the instinct of eroticism.

In no time they jumped at the witches, kissing them savagely and cast away every article of clothing on the witches. Moments later, they already entered the witches' caves, pounding barbarically.


The sounds of pounding snapped Vina and Lizy back to reality, only to see the males unsightly actions. But the thoughts of the mother and daughter were surprisingly different than the norm.

'They aren't even reacting to the pounds much less moan...there's no comparison between them and master at all. Master's tool is way too big.' The mother and daughter glanced at their family males and their master before thinking this. The mother and daughter couldn't help but feel wet between their legs.

'Come here'

Raizel's voice rings in Vina's mind. She desperately turns towards her husband hoping for him to save her from the moral dilemma but only to see him pounding the tainted witch while disregarding his wife and children.

Something clicked inside of Vina as she steadily made her way to Raizel, crouching down and dazedly watched Yumina suck his shaft. She instinctually yet gently held the base of the of it, mildly licking it alongside Yumina.

Lizy on the other hand just stood there watching her family drowning in lust. An ebbing feeling grasped her pussy with fluids flowing. Letting go of herself self she too soon found herself beside Raizel as his dirty green fingers played with her already erect nipples.

Suddenly Raizel pulled Lizy's head towards him and kissed her charry pink lips, his long tongue violated her mouth delivering bountiful saliva for her to taste. Yarning fazed her eyes as she proactively locked her arms around Raizel's neck, kissing him even harder.

"Uhahaa" Lega climaxed inside the tainted witch, rising his head coincidentally looking forward. Raizel's playful gaze along with the tinge of a smile at the end of his lips entered Lega's field of vision. Instantly something he felt something gripping his heart as he watched his precious daughter kissing a goblin.

Time seemed to slow down for Lega as all the happiness had towards owning the beauty under him went down the drain. But his misery didn't end there as he finally noticed his beloved virtuous wife, the wife who faithfully accompanied him for the last 25 years vigorously sucking on the huge goblin rod, relishing it like the most delicious food there is.

Before he could understand stand what was going on, he felt a sting in his nether region. Looking down only to find this male part boundlessly excited with its veins bulging so much it hurt slightly.

As he turned his gaze back to Raizel's position, he saw Vina discreetly eyeing him with a confident look as she struck out her tongue and continued to lick the base of Raizel's rod. The robe covering her breast came off with two cute aureolas rubbing on Raizel's thighs.

Her long red hair touching the ground, her face which was turned towards him, and her mischievous eyes taunting him somehow made Lega feel not only a heart crunching pain put also a weird feeling of excitement.

(To be continued)


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