The witch's rebirth
185 Raining Problems
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The witch's rebirth
Author :tip555
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185 Raining Problems

@@There are reasons I hate to jump. For one, each location you arrived is not a safe location and is always very random. People will be walking around and if you get caught there will be a fine by the council. The other is that you are unable to carry a cell phone, any electronic devices and sometimes clothing. Anything that is smaller and thinner, tend to break.

I've heard cases of a lady wearing the new nylon dress that disappeared when she arrived. It sounded mortifying so I tend to buy vintage. Oddly enough, things made during the 30s, 40s, 50s, and even 60s will almost always survive a jump.

The last jump of the day didn't end as well as I expected. But then I was lucky enough to nab two very valuable weapons so maybe my daily luck had just ran out.

It was raining hard. I was out on the road in front of a puddle. I was wet and I was off my mark destination by a couple of blocks.

If I ran I could still make it to this lunch meeting with Diana. It was an appointment that I had agree prior to my arrival and can not be canceled.

Curiously, after a thousand years I still remember this lunch meeting. It was where I made Benjamin for the first time. He as many was one of the more prominent suitors and he had a darker side than any of us had expected.

He was the reason why I lost aunt Belledona in my last life. He also was the reason I had cut ties with Diana. Contrary to popular knowledge, Diana had no blood relation to the seers. She was the daughter of my mother's sister. The one that is still lock in suspension by the council because of an unspeakable crime caused by her husband. I was the one who had the connection thanks to dear old dad who was the son of belledona's many times great cousin. Not that much people knew about me as I am a mix.



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