There is only one you!
117 Make your presence known.
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There is only one you!
Author :Yuukiko
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117 Make your presence known.

Those two were glaring at each other with deadly gazes. Ira was caught up in the middle of them.

Without wasting another minute, Amar went offensive. He violently attacked Shiv with all his might.

General Dev was stopped by Shiv's order. He wanted to make sure Ira was safe. If possible, he wanted her to stay out of that fight.

Shiv unsheathed his sword as he was ready to take on his attack.

Both Shiv and Amar fought ruthlessly without any care in the world. The sound of their clicking swords echoed throughout the entire woods.

Ira was helplessly looking at them fighting intensely.

She never thought that Amar could make those kinds of expressions. For some reason, he always treated her very well. This fight between them made her understand the difference between them and Amar. Without her knowing she started treating him as a friend...
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Amar and Shiv were equally matched. Both were strong and unyielding.

The prefect rhythm of their fight was suddenly broken by a kid who happened to slip and fall near them.

The kid's presence distracted them both. But Amar took the chance and attacked Shiv who was currently defenceless.

"Damn!" Shiv couldn't dodge the attack. He was open. Amar couldn't care less. Even though he was in the intention of testing Shiv, he was just going too far.

The elder and the kid were both bewildered to see them fighting out of nowhere.

Ira and Dev rushed to aid Shiv.

The beautiful fan given by the elder was the only thing that Ira had in her hand.

Without much thought she jumped into their fight and beautifully blocked Amar's attack with that fan.


General Dev grabbed Amar from behind as he held him down.

She knew that fan was not something ordinary. After all it was heavier than a normal one. But never would she have thought that it could actually be used as a weapon!

She looked at the elder with a bewildered look on her eyes.

'So this is what you meant by it could be useful to me?'

The elder nodded his head as if he heard her mind words.

The elder patted her head as gently as he could and gave her a soft yet beautiful smile.

"Let me go! This is unfair! How could you have others help you in a fight?"

"Oh ho! Look at who is talking? Wasn't it you who took advantage of the distraction and attack him first?" Ira rebuked back at him with a cold and deadly stare.

But Amar just couldn't stop himself from talking back to her.

"Took advantage? Are you nuts, my lady? If one were to lose their concentration in a real battle, they would have to pay dearly!"

"Who are you calling 'Nuts'?"

Seeing them bickering at each other's words, Shiv pinched the space between his brows.

"Okay, okay, stop fighting you two. It was my fault. Let's leave it at that... Kid, are you alright?"

Shiv went and patted the head of the terrified kid as he spoke gently.

The kid was so terrified that he was on the verge of tears. He never saw people fight like that for real.

He weakly shook his head indicating an 'Yes' as he continued to cling to the elder.

Ira sighed as she walked towards the kid with a pouch full of candies that she brought earlier.

"Here. This is for you!" She handed over the pouch to the kid with a bright smile on her face. Anyone who saw that smile, couldn't help but feel relieved. Within a few seconds, the kid terrified look on the kid's face turned into a warm and beautiful smile.

He took the candies as he hummed his way back to the village.

"So, my dear child, care to explain what is happening?"

They were able to distract the kid but not the elder.

Ira had a guileful smile on her lips as she tried to change the subject.

"Wow! That was so cool grandpa! Your gift is the best!" She spoke as happily as ever as she continued to swing the fan in her hands.

"Yes, yes, I know that it could be a good weapon. But who are these people and why were they fighting?"

No matter how hard she tried to distract him, the elder continued to stick to the point. Both Shiv and Dev were strangers to him and he wanted to know why they were fighting.

Nobody could identify Shiv with the capital as he was always hidden by the king. He was considered unlucky due to his unique eyes.

He was rarely out in the public and when he does he would wear a mask to cover his face. So not many people knew him.

Ira tried to distract the elder's attention but Shiv stopped her.

Ira threw him questionable gazes which he completely ignored as he began to introduce himself.

"Please do not fret elder. I came here take Lady Ira back, I'm called as Shiv."

"Take her back? Why? She is my granddaughter. I will not send her anywhere."

The elder took Ira's hand into his as he acted like a mother chicken protecting her chicks.

Shiv and Dev were surprised by the elder's behavior.

"Grandpa, let me explain!"

"Shut up! You know nothing! Let's go home."

Ira tried to explain, but he wouldn't listen. He dragged her along with the kid, all the way back home leaving the three men behind.

The trio stood there with a dumb look on their face as an invincible crow flew above their heads.

Amar was the first one to break the silence.

"Prince, please don't take me wrong. I serve the master whom I see fit. Are you worthy enough for me to fight for?"

His question was something that no one dared to speak of. Of course Shiv can't take these people for granted. After all they are also fighting together with him, with their lives on the line. He understood the seriousness behind those words.

"Then tell me. Is there a way to make you my man?"

Both of them were serious. The atmosphere around them was tense. Amar let out a soft chuckle.

"There is... make your presence known to the king."


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