Ultimate Legend Of Dragon Ball
42 Departure Of Goku!
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Ultimate Legend Of Dragon Ball
Author :Sagacious
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42 Departure Of Goku!

Later that night Bardock and Gine quietly jumped thru the night sky, leaping only a few dozen feet into the air, traveling effortlessly across the rugged terrain of Planet Vegeta as they made their way to the far side of the planet.

Breathing heavily, Bardock carried a white space pod which he had stolen from the city's port with his infant son Goku inside on his right shoulder. Despite being a older model it was reliable and would serve his purpose of carrying his youngest son Goku to safety. Still the stifling feeling of impending doom was growing stronger causing him to grow increasingly impatient as he began to speed up before landing.

Noticing the look of worry on his face affecting her son Goku inside the attack pod thru the porthole as they landed Gine calmingly said to him "Calm down Kakarrot." Then turned and asked Bardock "Hey, why can't we all escape somewhere together?"

"We can't Gine. They'll find us easily with their scouters." replied Bardock grimly as he continued to leap forward.

Finally they reached a suitable clearing to launched the attack pod safely. With a light "thump" Bardock set the attack pod on the ground gently then pressed a button on the exterior as he entered a series of coordinates into the pods navigation system.

"I've programmed the pod to head for a distant planet called Earth. The planet has plenty of food, but the race there has a low technological and combat level so he should be able to survive there. Also the resources their aren't worth much, so the Frieza Force probably won't attack it. It'll be the perfect place for him."

Staring into the attack pod thru the porthole with tearful eyes, Gine stifled the urge to cry as she looked at her young son Kakarrot warmly, her hands on the porthole directly atop Kakarrot's tiny hands inside the attack pod only separated by a few inches of see-thru material as she said reassuringly, "If Bardocks wrong we'll come get you as soon as we can!"

"Never forget, you mustn't look up at the moon for too long." reminded Bardock solemnly to his infant son.

"I'll tell Raditz of this too." followed Gine.

"Remember, you have to stay alive no matter what! And watch out for the Galactic Patrol!" Bardock repeated.

"See you later!" said sorrowfully Gine.

"Later..." solemnly said Bardock as he placed his hand atop his young infant sons.

Then with a low whirl the attack pod slowly lifted into the air, slowly rising several dozen feet before pausing briefly as it blazed with white light before blasting into space leaving a faint trail of sparkling white light in its wake.

As the attack pod blasted into space Gine ran forward a few feet as she looked up forlornly crying out desperately into the starlit midnight sky as she watched her little Saiyan son fly off into the unknown, "KAKARROT!!!"


As Broly watched the touching scene of Goku's parents sending their infant son away to safety he felt himself filled with respect for such Saiyan parents who had gone against the norm for a Saiyan by protecting their child despite him being a weak, low-class Saiyan infant. This showed the potential for Saiyans to actually care for others despite their being no benefits for themselves in such a relationship. As Goku's attack pod blasted off into space Broly internally waved goodbye, whispering to himself, "See you in a few years Kakarrot."

Retracting his Ki Sense into himself, Broly turned to the eager Jewel who had finished her final feast on this doom planet, and began to explain the future events and his plan to escape.

"Jewel, have you finished preparing the things I asked you for?" asked Broly.

"Yes, I have them all here. A set of custom Saiyan combat attire, a matching custom Jewel original arm cannon and I've made the modifications to both are arm computers and scouters that you asked for, theoretically we should now be able to detect signs of Power Levels in excess of one trillion."

"Excellent Jewel, as always pure perfection. I would expect nothing less from such a cute SUPER engineer like you Jewel." complimented Broly.

"C-c-cute,...ah, he said it again today." mumbled Jewel as her face turned crimson with a cloud of white steam radiating off of it.

Ignoring Jewel's typical bashful display whenever he complimented her he continued speaking. "Now I have some rather disturbing new Jewel, tomorrow morning, a couple of hours from now, Frieza will destroy the planet and all the Saiyans here along with it."

"WHAT! IMPOSSIBLE!" Jewel cried out in disbelief, snapping out of her daze with a look of shock and fear on her young beautiful face.

"I'm afraid not Jewel. The day I've hinted at for the past few years is now upon us and it is time for us to begin are grand adventure and we will start by escaping this planet without Frieza discovering the fact that he had failed to successfully kill us during the planets destruction alongside the other Saiyans." quickly said Broly with a vicious glint in his eye.

Taking a few deep breaths Jewel slowed her fearfully beating heart, calming herself down with the spiritual support of Broly's confident reassuring gaze, then calmly asked, "So what's you plan Broly?"

Flashing her a winsome grin he opened his eyes and said mischievously, "well, it start with us stealing something...."


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