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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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8 The two family’s relationship

The Li San Ge couple looked at each other, knowing they couldn’t hide it from her. So Li San Ge told her the truth.

He hadn't even finished speaking when Aunt Zhang full of anger said: "Mei Zi what were you doing?! Those four siblings are really pitiful, it’s fine that we can’t help them out, by why do you still want their stuff? These eggs, I don’t know how long it took them to save this much, what a pity, you… look at you! Oh, quickly return them!"

Mrs Qiao was very unwilling, her face sank. "Mother, what are you saying? What did I do wrong for you to talk to me like this! Our family helped them out so much and I just accepted some eggs, isn't this over the top? And it wasn't me who asked for it, it was Lian Fang Zhou herself who gifted it. I did say no need; she forcefully stuffed it into my hands. How did it become my fault? I don't understand why you help them that much, our family isn't like those rich noble families; I would return it. What did I do this for? I did it for the family. I didn't say I accept these eggs to hide it and secretly eat them.

Mrs Qiao felt aggrieved and her eyes reddened, she fiercely placed the basket on the ground, turned and ran inside the house.

Li San Ge saw that his mother was angered to the point that her expression changed to a look of anger; he immediately rush to say: "Mother, she’s immature, no need to stoop to her level! You really shouldn’t be so angry, In a moment I’ll get her to apologize to you! These eggs, let ah Juan return them the Lian sibling.

"Ah!" Aunt Zhang sighed again and said: "Mother isn’t angry with your wife; what she said is also not wrong, it’s only that our family is wrong! Later, please explain to her, let her understand the situation. San Ge, ah, that year your father helped someone lift some timber and broke his leg, he rested for nearly a year and couldn’t stand up and couldn’t work. How much did your Lian family’s aunt and uncle help us out? At that time we were poor and had no money to get medicine for your father; I went to their house to borrow some money. Afterwards I found out your Aunt Lian sold her own dowry to scrape for money, or else your father’s leg would have been crippled! You didn’t forget this right?"

"Mother!" Li San Ge said: "How could I forget? You and Father already told Ah Juan and I. I won't ever forget! Uncle Lian and Aunt Lian were good people, Now their family is in difficulty, it’s right that we should help out!"

"If you can think like this then it alright!" Aunt Zhang said relieved: "Being a person you must live with conscience, God is watching! There’s an old saying, a drop of water shall be returned with a burst of spring. (TLN:It means -Even if it was just a little help from others, you should return the favor with all you can when others are in need.) Actually, we can’t help them much, we can only give them a hand! Since it’s like this and we still accept their things, how can our heart's not feel terrible? Can't your parents still have some face!"

"Mother, you are right! I already know, you can be at ease! It's just that Mei'er doesn’t know about this family matter, once I tell her and she knows, it should be fine!" Li San Ge persuaded Aunt Zhang again for a while, and said: "I’ll tell Ah Juan to send the eggs back to Lian family!"

"It’s better that I go personally!" Aunt Zhang sighed: "If Ah Juan goes, I'm afraid she might not take them back! I need to talk to her, in the future to not be like this!"

Aunt Zhang said, then carried the basket of eggs to the Lian family.

When she arrived at Lian’s home, it was the time that the four siblings were having dinner.

Seeing the half pot of water with not much rice sweet potato porridge, Aunt Zhang couldn’t help feel but sad.

When the siblings saw Aunt Zhang, they hurriedly stood up to greet her; Lian Fang Zhou happily called "Aunt Zhang." Once she saw the basket of eggs, she understood what was the matter---

"Fang Zhou!" She didn’t have the time to open her mouth when she saw that Aunt Zhang's face sank and said, "What is the meaning of this, girl? Are you looking down on your aunt and uncle, is that it? When did our two families start being so aloof? If I am still your aunt, then you better put away these eggs. In the future, if you need help, just say so; you're not allowed to send gifts anymore! Or else, I’ll take these eggs and in the future, you won't need to step a foot through our house door!"

"..." for a moment Lian Fang Zhou couldn’t say anything, after a while she put on a forced smile: "Aunt, I---"

"Just say it! These eggs, will you take them or not!" Aunt Zhang glared at her.

Lian Fang Zhou’s mouth felt stiff, with a heavy heart.

What else could she say?

"Take, I’ll take it!" Lian Fang Zhou hurriedly nodded: "Aunt, you and Uncle Li are really good people, in the future, I will definitely repay you guys back!"

"Now it's fine!" Aunt Zhang’s face loosened up, and carefully put down the basket, smiling she said: "talk about future matters in the future. If there was a day you make a fortune, then I don’t mind you repaying us! Haha, OK, leave these eggs to eat them yourself, You siblings are still growing and should eat better! If there’s no more food, come tell aunt, aunt will help you think of something!"

Naturally, Lian Fang Zhou will not push such a big problem to someone else, but she didn't want to brush off Aunt Zhang’s kindness; so she nodded and smiled. "If there are any difficulties, I will find aunt!"

"Now that is right!" Ah, I will tell you, this is aunt's last time saying this, if you ever be aloof again, aunt will really be angry!" Once she got Lian Fang Zhou’s reply, Aunt Zhang then contently left.

"Aunt Zhang and the others are really good people!" Lian Ze said.

"Yes!" Lian Fang Zhou lightly sighed, her eyes seemed slightly heavy. Slowly she said: "Even though Aunt Zhang and the others are only neighbors, they treat us very well; some people are clearly blood-related, but can’t wait to force us into ruin! Ah Ze, tell me, towards these people who's conscience is being gnawed by dogs, should we be polite?"

Once Lian Ze heard these words, he felt like something is about to happen. His eyes narrowed and he said: "Sister, what are you thinking of doing?"

Lian Fang Zhou with a faint cold smile on her lips said: "You will know later! Okay, first, let's eat dinner!"

After tidying up dinner, Lian Fang Zhou then told Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che to obediently stay at home.

"We will make a trip to Uncle and Aunt’s home!"

"Go to their home? To do what?" Lian Ze stared blankly.

Lian Fang Zhou mischievously smiled: "Of course to go get what was originally ours. Or should it be gifting them money?"

"What is Sister saying----"

"Those over!" Lian Fang Zhou harrumphed: "How could we let them off lightly!"

Lian Ze eyes darkened, quietly he said: "Sister, let's just leave it! Uncle and Aunt won't return them to us!"

At the time when the three acres of paddy fields’ rice matured, Uncle and Aunt hurriedly harvested, they themselves thought they were kindly helping out. Who knew after the harvest, they only gave them three or four bagfuls, and the rest one thousand were privately pocketed.

Once Lian Ze thought about this matter, he felt both remorseful and guilty. What kind of people are Uncle and Aunt, it's not that he doesn't know. Why would he think that they were kind hearted!

It's not like he never asked, but once he opened his mouth, Aunt will then yell. This matter, it could only be left it at that.

However, Lian Fang Zhou has everything thought out and indifferently said: "they, however, may not have the choice to not give! Let’s go, when the time comes, don't say anything, I'll do the talking!"

You heartless people, not allowing me to vote. (TLN:I think it means that they don’t allow her to have a say in something.)

Seeing Lian Fang Zhou persistent to go, and that Lian Ze couldn’t persuade her, he was afraid that she'll be at a disadvantage, so he decided to go together with her.


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