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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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11 Buy Tiles

The cart took about more than an hour, to reach the stone quarry.

They passed from the edge of stone quarry village, then turn to a fork in the road, and after walking for about a quarter of an hour, they see a large field in front of the exposed loess.

The middle is broad and flat, one side is the entrance, another side was a big pile of well-made brick,and another two sides was seven large and small kiln entrance that was placed along the mountain, next to the kiln entrance was piles of yellow clay, brick mold, wood kiln fire, barrels, tubs, shovels, small carts and other objects. Five or six workers wore patches of brown were busy.

Seeing them come over, the owner, old villager Shi was smiling with both hands covered by the sleeves, greeted: "This brother, are you here to buy bricks or tiles ah?"

Li Da Mu then laughed: "My neighbor wants to repair their roof. They purposely come here to buy some tiles.

"Oh, this way please, please! Here we got good mud; the kiln is also great, bake out the best quality tiles. Not only is it durable, but the price is also fair ah!" old villager Shi smiled and led them to one side, where the pile of tiles was placed.

Lian Fang Zhou smiled: "We have three rooms; one and a half need to replace old tiles. I'm afraid the other one and a half have to change some. A total of two rooms should be enough! Should be a total of 50 square. Can you calculate how much we need?"

She shyly smiled as she spoke: "We do not have much money, and also embarrassed to bargain the price! Since you said the price is fine, then that's fine! When we build a new house in the future, we'll come here to patronize you!"

Lian Fang Zhou spoke very clearly, fluent words, like flowing water and as clear as noonday, making old villager Shi hearing it feel startled.

Old villager Shi can't help but narrowed his half-lidded eyes and looked at the girl in front of him. Fourteen years of age, slightly thin physique, wearing old and clean coarse red floral clothes. She had a clear thin face, a pair of pupils that are bright and piercing, compact little lips carrying a slight smile. Her hair combed into completely neat, ordinary rural girl style. The whole person reveals a spirit of vigor, making the people that meet her can't help but have a good feeling inside.

Old villager Shi couldn't help smile. Looking at Lian Fang Zhou, he said a few "good" word. He gave a thumbs up and smiled: "The girl is really clever and refreshingly smart. Oh, I don't know which family is so blessed, to have such a good daughter! It's settled, with your words, this old man hearing it feel comfortable. The price I'll give you is the lowest, and the things also give you the best!"

"Then many thank boss Shi!" Even Fang Zhou grinned as she nodded.

Since the past two days, Lian Ze became familiar with Lian Fang Zhou's tongue, so he didn't feel anything strange. However, Li Da Mu, like old villager Shi, was stunned!

Lian Fang Zhou's performance just now overturned his impression of her in his mind.

If it wasn't human or still that person, and the appearance didn't change, and also have Lian Ze by her side, he would be suspicious about whether the girl in front him was really Lian Fang Zhou?

Li Da Mu secretly sighed: it seems that Yang dissolving the engagement and Hua family's daughter-in-law creating a scene stimulated this girl to change dramatically!

"You're welcome," Old villager Shi smiled as he said. Suddenly was in a teasing mood. He then turned to Lian Fang Zhou again and grinned: "Little girl ah, my tiles are this big, if you can figure out how many pieces are needed, I will give you another two percent discount, how about it?"

Lian Fang Zhou eyes flashed, but still smiled: "How can I actually calculate that accurately, don't make fun of me."

Old villager Shi waved his hand, swept away that neither long or short beard of his and laughed:"I am not joking, I'm serious! Haha, in fact, it's not bad to be able to calculate. As long as the difference isn't too big, then you win!"

Seeing the interest in old villager Shi's eyes, Lian Fang Zhou thought for a moment before she nodded politely. She chuckled: "Since it's like that, then I'll give it a try. And if I'm not accurate, uncle you cannot laugh at me!

Old villager Shi Haha as he laughed: "I won't, I won't. Go count for us to see."

The workers who were working heard this looked at Lian Fang Zhou. Such a small young girl, to actually be able to count. They couldn't help but be curious. They have stopped whatever labor they were doing and gathered around to watch the spectacle and gossiped quietly.

Lian Fang Zhou took a tile, estimated with her finger. She determined the length and width of the good and computed the area. The floor had a thin layer of loess. She readily folded a small branch and squatted down to draw on the ground.

All the workers have never seen the Arabic numerals(i.e. 1234…). Seeing her on the ground, they could not help but wonder as if seeing something strange. One couldn't help but ask the old villager Shi: "Boss Shi, what is this little girl writing?

"That's right, what is that word? Really strange!"

"Ain't that right, never saw it before."

"I say, is this even a word? Why do I feel this is like the five cloud view of Master Zhang's painted character ah!

Everyone that heard this could not help start laughing.

Lian Ze saw them laughing at Lian Fang Zhou couldn't help but blush. He exclaimed: "Since my sister dares to try, then it'll work. What are you laughing at? What's so funny!"

Everyone heard this and laughed more loudly. While laughing, they also tease Lian Ze.

Old villager Shi coughed twice, then it stopped.

Lian Fang Zhou smiled, neither defending herself nor felt embarrassed. But she moved on like a flow of water as working on it.

In fact, this was elementary math. Just need two or three sentences of working out, and she finished calculating. She smiled as she reported a number. At the same time, she stood up conveniently erasing the numbers on the ground with her foot.

"That fast?" old villager Shi was stunned, everyone was also shocked.

Calculating without an abacus, but also so fast, was very frightening!

"Boss, is it right, is it right? " Everyone talked over each other, filled with impatient.

Old villager Shi stared: right or not right, how was he to know? He also needs to calculate before knowing!

Without waiting for his order, a worker had already speedily run to bring the abacus and handed it to him with both hands. Countless pairs of eyes watched him.

"Sister, did you count it accurately ah?" Lian Ze could not help whispering to Lian Fang Zhou. Li Da Mu was also concerned and looked over.

Neither fast nor slow, Lian Fang Zhou glanced at Boss Shi who was working on the abacus with the beads fly away. She beamed: "Wait til Boss Shi finishes counting then we will know it!

Her carefree look and gentle smile made the uneasy Lian Ze settle down straight away. Lian Ze blurted: "I believe that her sister must be right.

"Oh?" Lian Fang Zhou laughed, "Why?"

Lian Ze stubbornly said: "I do not know. Anyway, I just believe in my sister."

Lian Fang Zhou gave a satisfied nod and smiled: "Good brother."

"Amazing! Really amazing!" old villager Shi looked at the figures on the abacus, was shocked speechless.

"It is accurate!"

"No way! It's right!"

All the workers were also surprised.

Li Da Mu and Lian Ze's heart fell to the ground. The two of them looked at each other with a giant grin. They are happy for Lian Fang Zhou.

Someone could not help but said: "Boss, how about you count it again?"

Old villager Shi slapped back of that person's head; his eyes glared: "You doofus! What? You suspect that I count it wrong!"

"No no ..." The man's face turned red. He hurriedly denied, which attracted everyone laughter.

"What are you laughing at! What so funny! Still not hurrying to do work!" old villager Shi glared at everyone.

Everyone obediently answered, but could not help look at Lian Fang Zhou a few more times. They went away gossiping.

"Boss Shi, does what you have just said, still count?" Li Da Mu laughed.

"Of course! Of course, it counts" old villager Shi simply nodded, toward the Lian Fang Zhou. He put up a thumb: "Miss Lian is the most intelligent girl I have ever seen, really! But, Miss Lian, just now the drawing on the ground. What are those thing?"


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