Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
19 Mrs Liu came to insult again part 1
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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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19 Mrs Liu came to insult again part 1

Lian Fang Zhou smiled a self-deprecating smile while berating herself: she thinks too highly of herself, actually wishing that a man would be willing to work hard for her, fight for her, give her everything …

For a nearly thirty-year-old person to still have such an unrealistic dream ah! Is it because she transmigrated to a really young body? Or is it because she wanted to become dependent on someone?

Pai (mentally spitting)! This great aunt can rely on herself, why need to rely on men? Having no man, one can still live very well!

Lian Fang Zhou poured the water out of the basin, dried her hands, and turned around to return to the house.

At noon they simply ate something. Then Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze went to the mountains to move stuff.

Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che were tired from the morning, so both stayed at home.

Lian Fang Qing’s precious mushrooms that were gathered were incredible. Once they returned, she and Lian Che gathered water and, one by one, scrubbed all the mushrooms clean. They wanted Lian Fang Zhou to promise to cook them tonight. They were content, facial features curved into smile.

Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze went back and forth four times before they finished. They were so tired that their back, legs, and arms ached.

Lian Fang Zhou wiped off the sweat on her forehead, rubbed her aching shoulder, and secretly sighed: farm work can be really laborious! With me and Ah Ze’s amount of labor, if we go according to plan – digging the soil to produce enough food to fill four people’s stomach, and also for Che-er to go to school, and in the future have enough for Ah Ze and Che’er to marry … Qing-er also needs a dowry … it is really too difficult! How should I, with the background of professional researcher in agriculture, feel ah! This year there’s no problem, but next year I need to change the working method …

Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze came home in the evening. Their two little siblings felt how tired they were, so they thoughtfully fetched water for them wash their hands and face and poured tea for them. Lian Fang Qing clenched her hands into small fists to pound her sister back (i.e. massage). Lian Che went to the kitchen to prepare the fire to cook …

Lian Fang Zhou was pleased. For the sake of this feeling they showed, she must let her family live a good life.

After a short break, Lian Fang Zhou cooked a half pot of water in the iron pot on the stove, slicing the ash-bag mushrooms one by one.

When the pot of water boiled, she placed the slices in, stirred for a while with chopsticks. After about three or four minutes, she drained mushrooms and placed them in a basin filled with water to float.

While doing this, she casually said to Lian Ze and Lian Fang Qing: "There are a variety of mushrooms in the mountains. Different types have different methods of cooking. Some can be directly fried or used in soup. Some need to be soaked overnight in cold water. Some need to be boiled, and some have to be salted over or else, ah, recklessly eating will lead to problems! Most villagers in village don’t know that, so when they see them they dare not pick them!"

Lian Fang Qing started clapping, full of worship smiled: "Sister is very awesome! Sister knows everything! From now on, we will pick a lot!"

Lian Ze also came to that realization and lightly nodded. Hearing what Lian Fang Zhou said, he subconsciously glanced at her. He did not question. He already said that no matter what his sister did, he unconditionally believed it! He fully believed that she have them in her heart!

The porridge was nearly done, and Lian Fang Zhou burned more firewood to make the side dishes.

The ash bag mushroom was done soaking and were drained. The garlic was cut into paste, the ginger cut into shreds and then chopped. A few dry chili peppers were brought out. Once the pan was hot, the ginger, garlic, and dried hot pepper were thrown in and sizzled in pan. Finally, Lian Fang Zhou stirred in the ash bag mushrooms.

Cooking over the fire, the natural wild mushrooms’ unique aroma quickly spread. With the accompanying smell of ginger, garlic, and dry chili flavor it became a very tantalizing scent.

Lian Fang Qing looked at the pan of stir fry mushroom. Upon thinking that they picked these themselves, a sense of pride spontaneously arose.

Once out of the pan, she rushed forward to help carry it. She exaggeratedly sniffed with her nose while smiling ‘til her face was blooming: "Really fragrant ah!"

Lian Ze glanced at that big bowl of oily mushroom. He felt rather distressed and whispered: "how can it not smell fragrant, putting in so much oil …"

Lian Fang Zhou was momentarily surprised, then her heart secretly felt ashamed and bad.

She comes from the modern time, so also had the modern habits. She cooked with more oil and did not feel anything was wrong! However, ignoring the fact that the price of oil in ancient times were expensive, their family cannot afford to eat only oily dishes at home ah!

"This, this is my fault! A moment of being careless!" Lian Fang Zhou wryly smiled. She thought of last night’s fried eggs. When she cooked, didn’t she also put in two tablespoons of oil!

Yesterday, presumably Lian Ze has tolerated and did not say anything. Tonight seeing that she done it again, he could not stand it.

According to her cooking habits, he was afraid that this half bottle of oil will run out after half a month. Long afterward did Lian Fang Zhou find out that a half bottle of oil could originally last for half a year!

"This oil is expensive; from now on I’ll put less in cooking!" Lian Fang Zhou smiled toward Lian Ze.

Lian Ze then smiled: "In fact, putting oil in or not is the same, can’t fill the stomach. Put two drops in is enough."

"Okay!" Lian Fang Zhou smiled as she nodded, feeling more and more guilty of her own ignorance.

After the four finished dinner, Lian Che diligently cleaned up the table and went to the kitchen. While Lian Fang Qing went to wash the dishes.

Lian Fang Zhou saw that a big pot of evening bath water was already boiled. Actually, she was tired and let the two little ones busy themselves while she sat in the main room to rest. Her mind was consciously wondering how they were going to live in the future days. It was a nice evening, but somehow some people just wanted to come and create trouble.

Outside sounded a sharp condemning yell. This yell, Lian Fang Zhou is very familiar with. This is the condemning yell she had hear when she just transmigrated. Hua Family’s daughter-in-law, Mrs. Liu came again.

It seems that the matter during the day was known by Hua Family’s people, who couldn’t endure the anger and sent their daughter-in-law over to scold.

"Obviously it was the Yang Family who provoke us and caused trouble. Despite that, she comes to our doorstep to curse! I’ll go chase her away!" Lian Ze angrily rushed off.

"It’s better that I go!" Lian Fang Zhou stopped him. Light footstep quickly went to the yard, filled a basin of cold water, and quickly walked outside. *Splash!* and it was poured toward the Mrs. Liu again.

And the differences from last time is that water was in a bigger basin and colder. Also, the splashing strength is also greater.

"AHH! Lian Fang Zhou, you, you—achoo!" Mrs Liu did not expect to get another splash of water out of nowhere. She was shocked as well as angry. She sneezed since she was soaking cold as well as anxious.

"What you! Are you addicted to insulting, you shrew? Having problems or not, you run to our home to go wild? You think this great aunt is easy to bully, right? Scram, otherwise I will splash you!" Lian Fang Zhou shouted as she menacingly stared at her.

"You, you, you seduced our family son-in-law, you’re shameless!" Mrs. Liu was embarrassed as she wiped off water on her face. She directed a glare at Lian Fang Zhou, and shouted: "Quickly come and see, ah, you quickly come look ah! Lian Family’s girl making a scene! She hit someone (TLN-she didn’t)! Shamelessly seduce men and walking sideway (running from responsibility. If you read Stunning Edge when Cliff was trying to make Claire his disciple, you’ll get it)! Come and see ah!"

"Mrs. Liu, you dare to talk nonsense again!" Lian Ze paled with anger.


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