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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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36 Who he really is?

"That's right. Luckily we had this big brother today!" Lian Ze followed up.

Lian Fang Qing tilted her head and blinked as she asked: "From what Second Brother said, you beat up six bullies and chased them away all by yourself. Is that true?"

Lian Che remained silent but also tilted his head in curiosity as he sized him up.

Third Aunt jumped up and came over: "Since you can stand up, it means you're okay right?"

Third Aunt, with eyes glowing, stared hard at him. She stretched out her neck, with an expression saying ' I'll eat you if you don't answer'.

Startled, he opened his mouth and started stuttering. Under Third Aunt's eyes, he couldn't help but nod: " I'm al-already fine!"

"Then that's perfect!" Third Aunt clapped her hands and continued: "You saved us and we saved you.

Now we're equal right? We won't make it difficult for you, now that it's already dark. You can leave tomorrow morning then."

Third Aunt spoke out with great generosity.

"Oh! I'm very grateful to you-"

He hasn't finished yet when Lian Ze rushed to speak out: "This brother, there's no need to be polite. Even though you woke up, you're still not well and it is still hard for you to move around. How about staying a few more days?"

Lian Ze looked over at Lian Fang Zhou with a pleading expression as he spoke: "Sister, he got hurt because of us. We can't be so inconsiderate!"

Lian Ze wasn't usually like this, so Lian Fang Zhou felt that it was slightly strange. But it was because he rarely requests anything from Lian Fang Zhou, she couldn't refuse when she saw those eager eyes. So she nodded: "You're right!"

She smiled at the man and spoke warmly: "It's no problem to stay few more days at our place!"

"AH! I must say you guys---" Third Aunt unhappily cried out.

But she had yet to finish when Lian Fang Zhou lightly cleared her throat. Indifferently said: "Third Aunt do you need Ah Ze and I to send you back tomorrow?"

Immediately, Third Aunt shut up. She lightly harrumphed: "Then it's fine to let him stay a few days. Ah, I was thinking of what's best for you!"

And in a whisper, she muttered: "Know only how to threaten people with that. What's the point..."

Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze pretended not to hear anything.

Full of joy, Lian Ze pulled the man to sit with enthusiasm, then said: "I'll get the bowls!" And went to the kitchen.

Originally the rice was just enough. But now there's one more person joining, it became insufficient.

Lian Ze pushed his bowl toward the man: "Big Brother has this!"

Seeing this, Lian Fang Zhou gave half of her to Lian Ze. Grinned: "Alright, you guys eat first! If there's not enough, just wait a bit. I'm going to make some noodle!"

"Sis, I'll help with the fire!" Lian Che could see that the strange guest is very important to Second Brother, so he voluntarily put down his chopsticks and went to help with the stove.

"Serve you right!" Third Aunt muttered quietly. She picked some stir-fry pepper and meat for Lian Fang Qing: "Aren't you guys hungry? Well, I'm starving, so let's eat first!"

Tonight was stir-fry pepper and meat and fried cabbage. Good dishes like these were rare.

Lian Ze saw the man's eye lit up. Obviously, he was also hungry. After hesitating for a moment, he said: "Let's eat first!"

"Leave some for Sister and Third Brother!" Lian Fang Qing spoke out and grabbed the chopsticks to create a dividing line on the plate. So the few of them only ate one side.

Lian Fang Zhou recalled that man's condition in the day then made a large portion of noodles. She diced the chili pepper and garlic, slice three to four pieces of meat fat and heat them into the oil. She planned to infuse some chili oil on top.

Lian Che sat on a stool in front of the stove opening, watching the fire. The crackling fire shone on his face, both of hands cupping his cheeks and big eyes blinking at Lian Fang Zhou. Asking,"Sister, did that man really save you? Is he that powerful?"

Lian Che felt that it was unbelievable. Just by judging by his appearance, it didn't look like it.

"Mmhmm," Lian Fang Zhou nodded with a smile. As she chopped the vegetable, she calmly said: "If it wasn't for him, we would be in deep trouble today. All of our stuff and money would have been robbed. And when we come back, we got to pay back Uncle's Wang's donkey and cart!"

"AH!" Hearing this, Lian Che was a bit afraid. Then grinned: "Thankfully meet with a good samaritan! Third Aunt is too much, to want to drive him out. Hm, it's better if he keeps on staying here. No one will bully us anymore!"

What? Lian Fang Zhou was immediately stunned. This kid really dare say it. And look at that hopeful gaze.

Lian Fang Zhou laughed with a closed mouth. Shaking her head, not taking his words seriously. Feeling the firelight has dimmed a bit, she continued: "Make the fire stronger."

"OK," Lian Che answered. He bent down to add some firewood into the stove and not another word was said.

Making noodles didn't need much work, so soon Lian Fang Zhou brought an enormous bowl of soup noodle with greasy chili and garlic sauce spread on top. Hot steam carrying along fragrant smell filled everyone's nose.

Everyone's eyes couldn't help light up. It's known that with this household's current situation, it's hard to have even simple noodles once a year. Especially with meat, it was a real treat!

"Smell so good!" Lian Fang Qing took a deep breathe in.

Originally Third Aunt was already full, but seeing the large bowl of noodles and the smelling fragrant, her stomach immediately became hungry again. So she spoke out: "How could he finish that much? Here, give me a bowl!"

"Sister and Third Brother haven't eaten yet!" Lian Fang Qing's lips twitched.

Even though Lian Fang Zhou don't like Third Aunt acting like this, but she felt she was pitiful. However, she can't spoil her, or else she'll have gained an inch, want a foot behavior.

Lian Fang Zhou could only pretend to not hear her, smiling: " I purposely made a lot, so everyone can have some! Tomorrow, we'll make noodles for dinner, alright?"

"Alright! Alright!" Lian Fang Qing clapped as she rejoiced.

Third Aunt also laughed in delight: "Then make some more tomorrow!"

Lian Fang Zhou used the serving chopsticks to fill half a bowl for everybody, and what remained, she put in the bowl of the male guest. With a light smile, she said: "Here, eat it while it's hot!"

He paused at first, then received it with a sheepish smile. He cupped his fist: "Many thanks, Miss!"Then pulled the large bowl to his front and gracefully started eating.

"You’re welcome!" Lian Fang Zhou light smiled. This guy is really interesting.

Even though he is starving, he eats leisurely and with a nice style.

That's right, in the nice styles.

It's neither elegant nor rough. Even in tattered old clothes, the way he moves maintains a style and gives a comfortable feeling.

Lian Fang Zhou became dazed from looking, internally thinking: this man, I'm afraid he's not an ordinary person. It is not obvious because he met some hardships, but with that kind of skill, definitely not an ordinary person.

"Ke! Keke!" Third Aunt started coughing hard. Lian Fang Zhou turned to look at her and saw a pair of eyes pointedly stared at her.

At first, she paused, then she realized that in Third Aunt’s eyes, she stared at that man until she became dazed. And she was misunderstood. [ED: or not, the auntie also knows a thing or two.]

Lian Fang Zhou's face became hot and immediately felt embarrassed.


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