Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
41 Don“t know whether to cry or laugh
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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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41 Don“t know whether to cry or laugh

Nothing could scare Third Aunt more than a talk of sending her back to her husband's family. Now at Lian Family, she felt more and more comfortable--even though from the start Lian Fang Zhou didn't allow her to be the head. So it's better to honestly admit her misdeeds!

In one day, Third Aunt really outdid herself. Cleaning the yard and chopping the firewoods was the guy's work. While she at it, she told him to husk the rice. Afterward hearing from Lian Fang Qing that the taro have yet to be harvested, she took him to the field. And she ordered him to dig them out, carry it back and even hang them on the beam of the corridor.

"WHAT!?" Lian Fang Zhou's eyes widen. "You actually told him to work in the field? How could you do that!"

"No. It wasn't me!" Third Aunt saw that Lian Fang Zhou was absolutely furious, she immediately became anxious. She rushed to explain. "He, he came to tell me that he wanted to go to the nearby mountains to pick some medicinal herbs for his wounds. So I thought he's going to the mountains, might as well let him... on the way...on the way..."

Lian Fang Zhou felt with Third Aunt, she really didn't know what to say! She stamped her feet as she angrily scold: "What good things you have done! He even said he's picking medicinal herbs for his wounds and you still made him do manual labour! Third Aunt, if it spreads out how we treat our saviour, what will people think of us then? And also, Qing'er and Che'er are still young. If they learn from this example, you'll ruin them! If something like that happens again, Third Aunt, we dare not let you stay."

Third Aunt was irritated that Lian Fang Zhou keeping using these words, but that was her weakness. So no matter how mad, she could only endure. Except for that threat, Lian Fan Zhou always treated her fairly. Way better than her husband's family.

So Third Aunt grudgingly answered: "I understand, I understand."

Lian Fang Zhou, still extremely annoyed, continued on: "You should sincerely mean it. Don't just agree with mouth! Didn't you want to go to the vegetable patch? Go on!"

"Yes," Third Aunt nodded. Then all of a sudden, she came closer to Lian Fang Zhou again.

"From what I see, why don't we let the guy stay. The guy got endless amount of energy. He's good at manual work and also honest and obedient--"

Seeing Lian Fang Zhou pointedly glare at her, she shrunk her neck and immediately dropped the subject: "I'm going to the veggie patch!"

"Really---" Lian Fang Zhou let out a long sigh. She swiftly washed her hands and face and patted dust off her before turning away from the house, to go to the village.

She was going to ask for some medicinal tincture for the guy. Originally she said she would get it for today but who knew that she completely forgot once she went out early this morning. Causing him to find some medicinal herbs by himself. And be conveniently exploited by Third Aunt--

Then again, she also have some fault in this too.

But unexpectedly this guy, who forgot he himself was, actually understood herbal medicine?

Very soon Lian Fang Zhou returned and entered the house with a vial of a medicinal tincture in hand.

The guy was sitting in the middle of the room talking with Lian Ze and the two little ones. The twins were curious about the events on that day when he rescued their family. The children kept asking questions.

Seeing Lian Fang Zhou enter, they stopped talking and greeted: "Sister!"

Lian Fang Zhou acknowledged them and continued: I have something to talk about with this uncle, you guys go back to your room."

The three of them agreed as they stood up. Lian Fang Qing cheekily winked at her sister. She giggled as she corrected: "It's not uncle. It's big brother!"

Lian Fang Zhou came to a stop. The lass has already entered her room with a laugh. She could only helplessly laugh.

Lian Fang Zhou tightened her grip on the vial and held it out to him. With a very apologetic smile, she said: "Originally I should have gotten the medicinal tincture in the morning. But it flew out of my mind. Here, take it and rub on your wounds."

The guy smiled: "That's very kind of you Eldest Miss! My wounds are really superficial. When Third Aunt asked me to help with digging taro, I happened to see some herbs I could use by the mountain side and picked some. When I came back, I ground them in the pestle and I smeared them on my skin. . I just need to apply it a few more times and it'll be better. There's really no need to trouble Eldest Miss."

Hearing this, Lian Fang Zhou gritted her teeth: Third Aunt actually lied to her face! She slyly reversed the order of events!

"Just take it! A tincture is more effective than raw herbs!" Not letting any room for discussion, Lian Fang Zhou placed the vial into his hand. Then with some embarrassment: "You saved us, so you're our benefactor. Just rest properly. If Third Aunt tells you to do any more work, you don't need to bother with her. I'm the head of this family, so don't mind her! And also, don't call me Eldest Miss. Call me... Miss Lian!"

Lian Fang Zhou suddenly remember Third Aunt mention letting him stay. She immediately felt a bit out of place and guilty and thought: The person in front of me is obviously our saviour. But was made into a servant by that unreliable Third Aunt.

Seeing the situation, the guy accept the vial and gave his thanks and kept speaking: "Miss, Miss Lian. Please don't blame Madam Third Aunt, she--"

"Madam Third Aunt!" Lian Fang Zhou was filled with rage. She immediately felt an impulse to teach Third Aunt a good lesson--so embarrassing!

"Our family don't have any Madam Third Aunt," Lian Fang Zhou done her best to make her expression pleasant. With a slight smile: "In future please don't use such way of addressing. If other people hear, they'll be bent double laughing. Just like we are doing, call her Third Aunt!" 

Afraid that Third Aunt would still say nonsense behind her back in future, with a stern face, she said: "Listen carefully, in this house, I make the decisions. It's enough if you just listen to me! If Third Aunt ever tell you to do something again, come discuss it with me first!"

The guy didn't care much about these title matters, so he agreed with no second thoughts. Then continuing the previous topic: "As a matter of fact, I really only have some superficial injuries. It's really not hard for me to work, so don't blame Third Aunt!"

With a sheepish grin, "Honestly speaking, it's a fact that you saved me. So it's only right that I work for you."

Lian Fang Zhou gave a gentle sigh: It's better to stop here, cause if we keep quarrelling about this matter, no telling when we'll reach an agreement.

"Then let's say we don't owe each other! So in future, let's not mention it, alright? Now relax while you nurse your injuries!" Lian Fang Zhou grinned and decided to go see how Third Aunt is doing with the dinner.

Though his injuries weren't serious, he's still not completely well. No matter what Lian Fang Zhou doesn't have the heart to tell him to leave.

"Miss Lian!" The guy called out to stop her. His voice sounded a bit desperate.

Lian Fang Zhou halted and turned around. "Is there something that concerns you? If you have any requests, don't hesitate to ask!"

Although he looked unusual, he did not seem to be a person that could use blackmail or tricks to gain an advantage. That's why Lian Fang Zhou said this completely straightforwardly and happily.

"No matter what request, Miss Lian will promise me?" The guy's eyes brightened up and he as he quickly followed up. This made Lian Fang Zhou felt like he was waiting for her to say these words.


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