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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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44 The couple started fighting

On the inside, Third Aunt was secretly smirking while sobbing with her face in hands. And she kept on saying that sister-in-law is bullying her, a pitiful woman with a deceased husband and no home to return to as she cried so tragically.

Mrs. Qiao was jumping mad.

"Shut your mouth!" Suddenly Lian Li thought of something, he glared at Mrs. Qiao and bellowed. With no room for discussion, he raised his hand and gave her two big slap and scolded: "I really can't stand it anymore, are you treating me like a dead man? Because thinking of all these years of marriage, I endure and endure. In the hope that a family in harmony will prosper. While you, the more I let you be, the more ruckus you make! No matter what, Xiao Man is my little sister. You continuously insult her, do you even place me in your eyes?"

With just a few sentences, Lian Li push all the blame to Mrs. Qiao's shoulders. Including last time, that was Mrs. Qiao's idea.

"You...you!" Mrs. Qiao was stunned. She stared at Lian with wide eyes in disbelief. He slapped her! For that little bitch, he hit her in front of so many people.

Her two cheeks started to sting painfully, then she recovered her wits and yelled as she hysterically rushed at Lian Li: "I'll fight it out with you!"

At this moment, she is mad with fury inside. Her movement also carries a hint of unrestrained rage. With one charge, she caused Lian Li to crashed to the ground.

Deeply angered, Lian Li scolded her a dead bitch, can't even see the hint, useless!

Compare to a son's clean reputation and future, what does this little flesh suffering worth? Who told her to scold other and made a move and create a weakness? If he doesn't hit her as a show to calm Third Aunt's anger, then tomorrow she would go to the County with that dead girl, Lian Fang Zhou. Everything would over if it implicates son's reputation and future.

"You still dare retaliate!" In a very sorry state, Lian Li drag himself up from the ground. He seized Mrs. Qiao's arm and hollered: "See if I divorce you!"

While Lian Li scold and shout at her, he kept on giving her winks. But at this moment, Mrs. Qiao is entirely crazy, On top of that Lian Li was trying not let other see the hint. So Mrs. Qiao didn't see the not so obvious wink. She crazily screamed as well as sobbingly yelled as she continuously clawed and kicked.

Mrs. Qiao only knows that under everyone gaze, she has suffered her husband's merciless scolding and two slaps. Right now, she wants to slap him back for revenge viciously.

When Lian Li said divorce her, Mrs. Qiao's whole body was rooted to the spot. Inside she was frightened, then followed by more resentment: For him, she birthed a son, and for him, she diligently manages the family for so many years. Now he said he wants to divorce her!

"You heartless man! You... what have I done wrong for you to said such heartless words! Tomorrow I'll go reason with my son! I can't live anymore! Can't live anymore!" Sitting down, Mrs. Qiao slapped the ground as she wailed.

In this age, women are afraid of divorce the most. Especially Mrs. Qiao, whose age is very big. If she was divorced, first let's not mentioned she couldn't hold her head up, she also doesn't even have a place for shelter.

Even if she has her maternal family, just by looking at Third Aunt, you'll know it isn't easy to return to the maternal family. So what if she has brothers, there's also sisters-in-law! No one would be willing to give their food to take care of a married off daughter for free.

So when Lian Li said the word divorce, Mrs. Qiao was scared inside. Her courage was no longer like a while ago and also dare not hit Lian Li.

Everyone hearing Lian Li says this was startled. Everyone look at each other: Words like divorce isn't something lightly mentioned. They can't help also have some opinion about Lian Li. They were husband and wife for decades, and it makes people heart cold.

Lian Li's word was just a thoughtless threat. Now he carelessly said it; it's too late to take it back even if he wants to. Inside he became even more anxious and angry. He got a stomach full of resentment that he wish to vented at Mrs. Qiao: if she didn't make a scene, how would matters end up like this?
Hearing that she want to find their son to complain, Lian Li was so furious that he nearly passed out: She doesn't have her son's future in mind!?

In a sorry state, Lian Li stood there, fiercely glared at her, face completely red and the nose was taking a deep breath: This crazy woman is out of control! She attacked without restraint!
Immediately some women were coming forward to lift Mrs. Qiao up; all kindly coaxed her. There were also others prompt Lian Li.

Third Aunt saw the couple fighting, and she was overjoyed. She then went over to Mrs. Qiao and choked down on a sob: "Sister-in-law, quickly stand up! The ground is cold; it'll be bad if you got sick! It's probably a joke when Elder brother talks about divorce. Sister-in-law, no need to be afraid!"

She also sighed: "It's all because of me! It's all my fault! If it weren't because of me, Elder Brother wouldn't say this kind of word! Sister-in-law wouldn't be like this! Oh, let's leave it! One phrase Elder Brother said is right, a family in harmony will prosper!"

"That's right!"

"Your family's Third Aunt is right!"

Everyone seeing how understanding and reasonable Third Aunt was, all nodded and sighed.

Only, just Mrs. Qiao saw Third Aunt's corner of mouth flashed into a smirk very quickly and hearing her say these words, the hint of ridicule thicken.

She was immediately livid mad. With a whoosh, she suddenly stood up from the ground and pointed at Third Aunt and screamed: "You wretch, when did you get to have a say in my family matters!"

"Shut your mouth for me!" When Third Aunt spoke like that, Lian Li was relieved and want to say a few right words to let the matter pass. However, he never thought that before he could release a sigh of relief, Mrs. Qiao was causing trouble again.

Lian Li flared up, and it was worse than before. He went up with raise hand and smack Mrs. Qiao with two loud slaps. Pa! Pa! And admonish her: "Have you lost mind!? What nonsense are you speaking!"

After Mrs. Qiao screamed, those women, who came forward to lift her up and coax her, frowned. They silently shift back. This kind of person, who would be willing to stand by her side?

When Lian Li gave the two slaps, he gave a forceful wink. Finally, Mrs. Qiao saw it.

Stocked still for a second before Mrs. Qiao recovers her wits. She immediately understood what was happening and couldn't help feel regretful now. And then she hated Third Aunt even more.

At this time she no longer fought with Lian Li but the flame of anger and unhappiness inside didn't extinguish at all.

It's because she couldn't explode at Lian Li who have hit her, this made her even more upset.
Four crisp slaps! Not one bit of pretending! At this moment her two cheeks were hurt like needles pricked it.

Mrs. Qiao hated Third Aunt with all her soul. She stood there with head lowered and gritted teeth. She didn't move at all.

"If you dare say any more nonsense, I will not let you off!" Lian Li sternly berate Mrs. Qiao with few sentences and also turned to Third Aunt. With an apologetic smile, he said: "Xiao Man ah, I'm sorry. Your Sister-in-law is frank and outspoken. She handles matters crudely and doesn't use brain, so don't take offense! How about come live with us, take it as us compensating you..."

Lian Li was looking at Third Aunt with a face full of sincerity and expectant. Seeing this, Third Aunt felt her hair stood on end and got chill all over her body.

She subconsciously took a few steps back, and in a warm tone, she sighed: " Since Elder Brother said it like this, what else can I say? The sky is about to darkened, Elder Brother and Sister-in-law should return. I'm living comfortably at Fang Zhou's home, so no need to trouble Elder Brother and Sister-in-law."

Third Aunt said it politely and turned toward everyone and gave her thanks and left.

Everyone saw that she left, they also scattered.

Lian Li lightly breathed ou. He knew that Third Aunt wouldn't live at his place and just by looking at her face these days, you can see that she isn't living too bad. She likes to take advantage, so could she bear to leave?

"Let's return too!" Lian Li glare at Mrs. Qiao and heavily harrumphed.

Mrs. Qiao's face was swollen red and searing with pain. She vehemently spat at the ground and turned around to enter the yard.

"It's because you meddle too much! For no reason, why provoke her? She's living her life, how does it bother you!?"

Once enter the yard, Lian Li dropped his expression and berated Mrs. Qiao.

Mrs. Qiao halted then cried with injustice: "When did I provoke her? I wish for her not to cross our house door path when walking around from now on. I can't hide from her enough, so why would I provoke her?"

"You didn't?" Lian Li was surprised, then continued. "If you didn't provoke her, then why did she come over and make a scene?"


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