Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
45 There“s no husband, so where would the adulterer come from
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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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45 There“s no husband, so where would the adulterer come from

Lian Li was under the impression that Mrs. Qiao's pettiness was acting up, couldn't bear that Lian Xiao Man is now living peacefully, so she (Mrs. Q) went to nitpick her (3rd Aunt) matters. And this causes her (3rd Aunt) to run over to sob and fuss at their door.

Mrs. Qiao is this kind of character.

But he knows very well, right at this moment Mrs. Qiao's expression isn't like she is fibbing. And also there's no need for her to lie to his face.

So that means she is telling the truth.

Both of them were in a trance for a moment.

Mrs. Qiao stiffly spoke: "She came to our home entrance to cause a ruckus out of nowhere, while we had to accompany her, no?"

"This wretch!" Mrs. Qiao suffocated from anger, head feeling dizzy.

Lian Li was also muted by anger, on the inside he was extremely miserable: after half day of ruckus, the person being unreasonable is Lian Xiao Man! And the couple themselves don't even know why she came to make a scene at all! How can they not feel miserable?

"That little wretch! Does she even put you her elder brother in her eye, or me her Sister-in-law? I'll find her! I have to ask her why she came to our home and caused trouble out of the blue!" Blinded by anger Mrs. Qiao, wanted to rush out.

"Come back here!" Lian Li roughly caught her and coldly commented: "Haven't you had enough of creating a scene?"

"But how can I leave it like this?" Mrs. Qiao sharply cried out. She blamed the four slaps on her face on Third Aunt's shoulder.

Leave it be? Definitely not.

Let's not say, Mrs. Qiao, even Lian Li isn't willing too.

"Future days are long!" Lian Li spat out the four words through the gap of his teeth, then took large steps into the house.

Mrs. Qiao doesn't care about what future days are long; she only wants to go over now and make a scene. Return Third Aunt a few hard slaps.

But they have suffered a lot today, so not only is their whole body without energy, even their brain feel very chaotic. In addition to that, the second branch got that wretched lass, Lian Fang Zhou. So if she goes now, she'll definitely won't gain any benefit. All she could do was vilify a few words quietly and temporarily hold her anger and follow her husband inside.

The couple was angered so much by Third Aunt that their head was feeling faint. They ultimately didn't realize the oddness of their own house being light up-- no one home so how could they bare to light the candle?

After they enter the house, both of them lift their head and unexpectedly saw a Lian Fang Zhou with a cold face sitting in at the top middle. She had frightened them.

"You... why are you here!?" Mrs. Qiao questioned.

Lian Fang Zhou coldly laughed and suddenly stood up and picked up a teapot and fiercely flung at the floor. With a bang, it shattered to pieces.

As Mrs. Qiao gasped in shock, she continued to smash four cups one at a time. All turned to shattered pieces.

"I had it with you!" Mrs. Qiao saw that in a blink of an eye Lian Fang Zhou had smashed her teapot and four cups into smithereens, her heart tightly twist in pain. She screamed and jumped to strike Lian Fang Zhou.

It's just that her eyes were so focused on Lian Fang Zhou, that she overlooked Ah Jian who was at her side.

Naturally, Ah Jian immediately stood in front of Lian Fang Zhou. With just a light lift of his hand, he swatted Mrs. Qiao away like a fly. She staggered backward. After stumbling for few steps, she became stable again.

Only then did she notice Ah Jian. She gave him a vicious glare. When she met with Ah Jian's ever so calm gaze, her whole became as stiff as a board. She stood there, not daring to move a step.

"Lian Fang Zhou! You shameless girl! Not only did you raise an adulterer at home, you even brought the adulterer to hit your elders!" Mrs. Qiao redirected her glare at Lian Fang Zhou and viciously screeched.

Not a single hint of anger was on Lian Fang Zhou's face. Instead, she didn't lose one bit of her composure at all. She lightly smiled, and in an icy tone, she said: "Seems like Third Aunt's ruckus isn't enough. Tomorrow we need to go to the County town and have a good talk with cousin's Academy."

Startled, Mrs. Qiao swept her over her and Ah Jian. And then she raised her lips to a sneer: "Alright! Go on, talk then! I think it's better to talk about your matter first!"

Mrs. Qiao pointed at Ah Jian and smirked: "Let's talk about you lacking in woman's propriety first. To let an adulterer live at home!"

When she finished, Mrs. Qiao gave her a smug look, as if she caught Lian Fang Zhou's weak spot. Her heart immediately cried out in delight.

Not just her, Lian Li was also slightly smirking at the side: This time his woman has become astute.
Lian Fang Zhou paused for a bit and started to laugh mockingly. She steadily gazed at Mrs. Qiao and questioned: "Lacking in woman's virtue? Adulterer? I haven't married yet, so what woman's virtue? I have no husband, so what adulterer? Ah Jian is our family's farmhand. We have an indenture as proof. If you speak any more rubbish, we'll make a trip a trip to the county town!"

She coldly laughed and raised her brow and continued: "Ah Jian and I aren't married. If I marry him for real, then what? Who would say anything?"

Mrs. Qiao and Lian Li became tongue-tied. They were completely dumbfounded.

What Lian Fang Zhou said was right!

Hearing Lian Fang Zhou say this so brazenly, Ah Jian's heart slightly jumped. Out of nowhere, an inexplicable feeling sprouted. He couldn't help steal some quick glance at her. Inside he felt a bit happy.

However, Mrs. Qiao and Lian Li were furious. They didn't have the slightest clue what to do with her.

In the ordinary course of events, Mrs. Qiao and Lian Li should take their field as well as taking care of the four siblings after their parents passed away. Afterall, they were the only elders in Lian Family.
But Mrs. Qiao and Lian Li were a bit unwilling when they thought about the fact they would need to prepare dowry for their two nieces and help two nephews find a bride.

Even so, the second branch's few acres of land is very tempting. So they have their plans. They felt that those fours kids have fully grown up yet, what could they understand? After few years, they could use some trick and take over all of those lands. And also don't have to take care of them. Isn't that great?

So when the Village Junior Officer Zhang made an appearance to request them to take in and care for Lian Fang Zhou and the others as their uncle and aunt, they rejected no matter what. Firmly stating that the first branch and second branch has already separated, so the second branch got nothing to do with them. And also that even though their brother and sister-in-law is gone, they still have the house and field. Lian Fang Zhou is 15, and Lian Ze is 12. They aren't kids anymore. So why would they take them in? And they have to fund their son's study. They indeed don't the energy to do more...

This matter brewed for few days. No matter what Officer Zhang said, they were still not willing. In the end, Officer Zhang let it go.

Everyone in the village knows about this matter.

So if Mrs. Qiao and Lian Li want to take control of Lian Fang Zhou's marriage, it wouldn't be possible.
Third Aunt? She has already married off, so she can't intervene with her maternal family's matter.

So it's entirely possible for Lian Fang Zhou to choose her husband. She couldn't possibly let her young brother help her decide, right?

Lian Fang Zhou coldly glanced at the couple with disdainful, mocking gaze. She coldly said: "Ah Jian, let's go! We'll go to the County town tomorrow with Third Aunt!"

Lian Fang Zhou raised her foot to leave. Ah Jian briefly looked at them and then followed Lian Fang Zhou.

"Fang Zhou! My niece!" Lian Li distressingly thought he mustn't let Lian Fang Zhou make trouble at the County Academy and ruin his son's reputation.

Lian Fang Zhou dare to risk going, but he couldn't.

Lian Fang Zhou didn't bother with him. Her footsteps didn't halt at all; she kept on steadily walk away.

"NIECE! NIECE!" Lian Li became frantic. He hurried over and reached out to grab Lian Fang Zhou's arm.

But before he could touch Lian Fang Zhou, Ah Jian raised his hand at the right time and blocked his outstretched hand.

Ah Jian's movement seems very natural and very relaxed as if it didn't contain any strength. However, Lian Li, like Mrs. Qiao earlier, felt as if a powerful force ram over. He couldn't help stagger few steps away.


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